Friday, February 18, 2011

Madame Lala's Makes Destination Guide!

Madame Lala's London Revue

Madame Lala's LGBT club features a nightly revue with live singers, tribute acts and other amusing shows. Between acts, the club plays songs from West End musicals. Madame Lala oversees the events, while her staff (known as The Barbettes) keep the customers entertained.
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With Madame Lala's showing on the splash screen of the destination guide, Miss Judy Garland decided an encore performance was in order. As show time approached the cue at the door had begun to stretch down the pavement towards Soho, the crowds energy and enthusiasm was contageous and the Barbettes - along with Madame Lala - sprang into action.

The night began with a selection of show tunes as well as a few fun and quirky songs. Some of Second Life's most noteable residents were on hand including MANDY Veleeva, PC Skizm and Tegan Emerald. "Miss Mandy Veleeva is an amazing clothes designer and her frock was nothing less than exquisit." Noted Madame Lala

Madame continued by commenting "Mr Barry Manilow has agreed a revue of his most popular numbers today at 4pm SLT. Madame had the opportunity to work with Mr Barry Manilow some time back but was unable to attend as I was being fitted for a new frock."

Tonights show will be nothing less than spectacular and we are expecting Standing Room Only for this one of a kind revue at Mainland London's very own Madame Lala's London Revue!

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