Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami Aid with Linden Bear

Tsunami Touch Board in Regents Park
We have placed an in-world link to the Linden Lab Market Place for purchasing a Linden Bear to help raise funds for the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.   Clicking the sign in-world, will take you directly to the Linden Lab site.

The bears are available for 300, 1000 and 3000 Lindens.  The money is collected by Linden Lab and forwarded to the American Red Cross.

Although people will hold fund raisers, to avoid scams, we recommend you only donate in-world money via the official Linden Lab site and certainly not via tip jars!

There is no Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal at the time of this article being written, but it is extremely likely that one will be put in place within a couple of days.  Donating to a DEC appeal is the very best way to be assured that anything you donate will go directly to the cause.  Whenever there is a DEC appeal, all charitable organisations and many High Street banks will take your donations and pay 100% of them to DEC.   For a list of participants, click the link above.

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