Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Abranimation Motion Capture - Mainstore in London City

Real Life Motion Capture Company Awesome Dog Limited  the creators of the Second Life leading animation brand Abranimations,  original Mocap dances and animation overrides, has opened its Mainstore in London City.

This major brand has been in-world for 9 years and uses the very latest capture techniques and technologies where multiple cameras track the movements of real life dancers and performers and  digitally encode them into virtual world animations.

If you check your inventory for Abranimations, the chances are you will find items ranging from toys, games, accessories, avatars, gadgets, dances and AO's from your travels around the grid, made by this famous company.  You can now add to your collection of the best animations by visiting them in London City.

CEO Abramelin Wolfe explained that, "Originally we lived near London and it is a very special place for both Wildcat and myself and seeing and feeling the buzz in London City, we knew we wanted to be here and that it felt right for our business.  I especially like the little touches, like the Woolworths building behind our store in London City2."

Talking about the latest innovations from their company he explained, "We have recently set up a brand new studio and we are working really hard with new fluid and exceptionally realistic animations which can already be seen in our in-world stores".

Abramelin has also made a fantastic free accessory for London City visitors, a union jack style Mesh Avatar to go with some dances and mime animations.  "We made a special Brit one to give away free here".

Abranimations is located in the Hippodrome building in London City2.   All animations have a poseball in the shop which you can sit on to dance and try before you buy.  What's more in this massive stores there are many other products on offer, including club games, stunt bikes, guns, a butt animator and an hilarious fish slapper!

Abranimations recently featured on the Drax files where Abramelin explains some of the company history and demonstrates the extraordinary lengths they go to in their studio to ensure the perfect detailed dances that we all enjoy in Second Life.

Visit the London City mainstore here:

A second store in London City will promote other products on offer and will be located to the east of Bar Soho here

Abranimation is a registered trademark of Awesome Dog Limited

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