Thursday, April 30, 2020

In this Together

And of course, a dance around the Maypole!

Happy 100th Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is celebrating his 100th birthday at home with his family after his heroic fundraising efforts raised more than £30million for the NHS.

The World War Two veteran set out to walk 100 laps of his garden before his birthday today and set an initial target of  raising £1,000.

His fundraising efforts have since taken off and made him into a cult celebrity figure, and he has continued to walk laps of his garden and raise more money during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flypast of a Spitfire and a Hurricane arranged by the RAF flew over Capt Moore's home to mark his birthday, and he has been appointed as an honorary colonel.

He has received tributes from Her Majesty the Queen and the Prime Minister, as well as over 125,000 Birthday cards.  He also set a new Guinness World Record for the most amount of money ever raised by an individual doing a charity walk. 

Happy Birthday to a national hero.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Fur coat and no knickers

Imagine how shocked we were to discover a lack of ladies underwear for the Free Altamura bodies and clothing offered in London City.

Also, just imagine how we found out!   Well panic not!  Ladies no longer need to scurry around with a hand on their ha'penny fearing embarrassment from a gust of wind irreparably damaging their reputation.

The lovely people at No Shot, have made these wonderful undies especially for Altamura, complete with a colour change HUD, so your collars and cuffs can always match.  And they are available in the Freebie Megastore as a Free Gift.

Thank you No Shot for saving our dignity.

 Collect them here:

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Substation and Worlds End today

Today at 11am SL time (7pm UK) join us all in the Substation for more retro sounds from Bailey and Coffee, and then 2 hours later, join sun kissed Katty on the beach for music and  cash for questions quizzes!

Here are a few pictures from last night's Adele concert..

Friday, April 24, 2020

Adele Show on Saturday

Adele is a British singer, songwriter and musician who shot to fame after posting a demo of herself on MySpace (remember that?).

In 2009 she hit the big time with 19, her debut album. The success of this was quickly surpassed with her follow up album, 21, which earned her six grammy awards and Album of The Year.

To critical acclaim she released her album 25 in 2015 which to date is now her best selling collection. Adele has a place in the rich list with an estimated net worth exceeding $100m.

Come and enjoy a night of Adele in Concert as the London City Players perform their tribute act.

Party starts 12pm SLT (8pm UK) with the show an hour later at 1pm SLT.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Queen's Birthday

Happy 94th Birthday to Her Majesty, The Queen.

The Queen's Birthday celebrations, including the gun salute have been cancelled as she continues to isolate in Windsor Castle with her husband of 72 years, Prince Philip.

Wishing The Queen a very Happy Birthday.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Substation today

It's Substation today at 11am SL (7pm UK) with top drag act Bailey & Coffee, followed by Katty and her Worlds End Crew on the beach at 1pm SL (9pm UK).

Last night's Drinkathon with Mavis Cock was a marvellous experience for those who can remember it!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Seekers on Saturday

We're having a sing-a-long party with Mavis Cock (who later became Judith Durham).

The Seekers are an Australian up-tempo folk/pop quartet, formed in 1962.

They were the first Australian pop group to achieve major chart and sales success in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The group had Top 10 hits in the 1960s with I'll Never Find Another You, A World of Our Own, Morningtown Ride and Georgy Girl.   The Carnival Is Over is still one of the top 50 best-selling singles of all time in the UK.

Reformed in the late 1990's, The Seekers were still regularly performing until 2015.  However due to the ill health of lead singer Judith Durham, the band has just ended their farewell tours.  Last year a new show on Broadway called Georgy Girl and telling the musical story of the band has reignited interest in the group.

Enjoy The Seekers in London City on Saturday.   Party starts at 12pm SL time (8pm UK) with the show an hour later.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Last names are back!

Ten years ago, when you created a Second Life account, you chose your first name and then selected a Last name from a drop down menu, but this abruptly halted in 2010 when all new accounts were given the surname of Resident.

Ever since then the community in Second Life have been asking for the return of Last Names, but since Second Life was designed in a way that your name could never be changed, it was a herculean task to re-code all aspects of the grid to permit a surname of Resident to be changed to something else.

But now, if you have a premium account, for the one-off cost of $39.99 + Vat (if applicable) you can, at last change both your First and Last name!  Head to your dashboard to make any changes.

The actual list of available last names you can choose will change on a regular basis.  I asked if I was unhappy with my new selection, could I ever return to my original Last name and I was told that I could.  Additionally you can change your First name only and retain your original Last Name.

For a lot more information about this, see the labs blog here

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter.  Join us in London City for fun, merriment and mirth.  Please bring a bottle.
Substation is open today at 12pm SL time and Worlds End on the road at 1pm.

From last nights Revival show, left to right, Tammy Faye Bakker, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Vestal Goodman, Jan Crouch, Happy Harold Goodman.

Friday, April 10, 2020

The Jebus Revival, Saturday in London City

Jan Couch     -      Tammy Faye Bakker     -      Vestal Goodman

This weekend in London City, we're holding a "Revival".  A toe-tapping high tempo, deep south, Gospel concert, starring our versions of Jan Crouch and Tammy Faye Bakker as hosts, with Vestal Goodman (known as Vestal Virgin) as the lead performer in our show.

In America, selling God is a multi-billion dollar, tax free business, raking in wealth for its televangelists, unimaginable even by the most famous of performers.

Each week millions of people tune into crying preachers who offer everything from cures for terminal illnesses to guarantees of making you as rich as them, so long as you send them your hard earned cash on a regular basis.

The premise being that God is a bit strapped for cash and that a mighty oak will grow from the acorn you plant.

Perpetually embroiled in scandals of racketeering, prostitution and embezzlement, it is also a cut throat business with each ministry condemning other ministries and producing evidence on each other,  as they compete for the prize fund of your money.

Kenneth Copeland     -     Benny Hinn     -     Robert Tilton

Top of the tree is Kenneth Copeland, with a tax free estimated worth of over a billion dollars, a fleet of private jets and his own airport, all used for spreading the word of the ministry... and holidays.

Every so often things go wrong, as it did in 1987 for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, who were the original Satellite Televangelists. Jim was found guilty of mail fraud and sent to prison for 47 years, but paroled just 5 years later. His mistake was to oversell time-share stays at Heritage USA, a city he had built to spread the good word.

Since the Bakkers mistakes, other televangelists have stopped offering tangible assets and instead offer to use their own hot line direct to God (who speaks to them constantly) to get you the things you want.  Since this cannot be measured, its all perfectly legal and profitable in the extreme!

However, with such extreme stakes involved, the production value of the shows produced by each ministry is paralleled only by Walt Disney studios.

Our Revival concert highlights the very best of the glitz and glamour you can expect as your sins are melted away.  It is tongue in cheek, has a free bar with hard liquor, the occasional hooker for our preachers and lots of crying.

We are not poking fun at people's beliefs, we are however aiming to lambaste the highest paying entertainment job in the world.

Starts 12pm SL (8pm UK) with 'The Hungry Goodmans' on stage from 1pm SL time.


Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Safe at Home this Easter

This Easter weekend could be a long  and tough one, but thank heavens for this virtual world to take the edge of our collective solitude.

As a community we will make the best of this situation and enjoy Easter as much as we possibly can.

Through the long weekend we hope you will come and enjoy various parties, the Bible Bashing tongue in cheek concert, the Easter egg hunt, egg and spoon race and a certain dubious race we hold each year that raises the odd eyebrow or two.

Shopping for groceries isn't easy either, but since you're already grabbing a chicken, you might as well grab a bottle of wine or some beers, so we can get inebriated in style.

Last weekend's Drinkathon was a dress rehearsal.  This weekend it's the real thing.  So start limbering up!

Instead of being stuck at home, consider this.. you are safe at home!

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Singularity Release 1.8.9

Singularity 1.8.9: Animesh, Bento, BoM, VMM and Experiences.

This brand new release of Singularity is all bells and whistles, and is fully up to date, with Bento, Animesh, Bakes on Mesh, Viewer Managed Marketplace, and Experience management.

This is the most comprehensive update to the popular Singularity viewer ever, bringing it on par with other popular viewers and often excelling against the top viewers thanks to its streamlined light, fast and thoughtful coding.

To get the new release head here:

However if you enjoy receiving much more frequent updates, or you are already running the Beta version, feel free to stay with the nightly builds which are currently on par with the official release, but will by their very nature soon surpass it.
The nightly builds are available here:

If you would like to support the Singularity Project, there is merchandise and a donation vendor to show your love at London City, the Official Singularity Shop

Substation today!

It's Substation today at 11am SL (7pm UK) with top drag act Bailey & Coffee, followed by Katty and her Worlds End Crew on the beach at 1pm SL (9pm UK).

Last night's Drinkathon with Blondie was a marvellous experience for those who can remember it!

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Drinkathon Declared!

Breaking News...

London City will be holding a Drinkathon at tonight's party which starts at 12pm SL time (8pm UK).

The rules are simple, have a chug every time your beloved DJ messes up, gets confused or crashes the intro on a record.

Please drink responsibly blah blah blah, and see you at the Party!

Friday, April 03, 2020

Blondie on Saturday

Forty years ago, waitress Debbie Harry, who had been performing part-time in a folk band, formed Blondie with her friend Chris Stein.

In 1976 they released their first album Blondie and from then on became a huge success in Australia, England and America.

Although the bulk of their hits were in a relatively short timespan from 1978 to 1981, their most successful release, Maria was not until the band reformed, many years later in 1999.

Now regularly touring again, you can enjoy the hits once more at The Blondie Tribute Concert, this Saturday in London City.  The party begins at  12pm SL (8pm UK) with the show an hour later at 1pm SL.

Concert Area:

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April Fools free zone

We had a great April fools planned for this year, before the world went tits-up.   We had intended to land you on a region sized flat green grass in the sky via a forced landing point to make it look like London City had moved.

However, after talking it through with our team, we decided that any joke that involves deception at the moment is probably in poor taste.

So instead, we hope you enjoy firing yourself out of the cannon we have placed in the hub area in London City.   If you aim it correctly, you can fire your avatar over 2 regions distance!  Enjoy.

PS: We'll get you good and proper next year!