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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend in Review - 16-18 September

Wow...that was such a great weekend in London City that I am a day late with my posting - the Soho beer has just worn off...

As always our weekend started with a warm up at Bar Soho and then we headed on over to Madame Lala's London Revue for a live concert by BG Singer.  He has a good rapport with the audience and an impressive song selection that kept us all entertained.

BG Singer at Lala's
Saturday's party in Regent's Park saw the return of camp favourites Boney M, which always gives us the chance to dress up in gaudy outfits and big hair.  The audience were resplendent in their afros - I have lived in places that were smaller than some of the hairdos that were waving about on the dancefloor all evening!

Boney M in glorious technicolour!
The audience had been backcombing their hair for most of the day...
On Sunday at Comptons we were treated to an evening of live music.  Phiona Ember was up first followed by Maximillion Kleene.  It was Phiona's second show at Comptons and she proved to be a great success once again with her warm vocals and humour.

Phiona Ember and the audience of mad hatters!
Maximillion was performing his first concert at Comptons and was a hit with the audience.  He has an easygoing style and a fantastic range of songs in his repertoire.

Maximillion and his cow tipping jar!
This coming Saturday we have the return of ABBA to the park.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend in Review - 27-29 August

A day late with my post this week as it was a holiday here yesterday and the party kept going in London City!

We started the weekend as we always do with an event at Bar Soho, but things quickly moved on as Madame Lala's London Revue Bar had a special event - a live performance by BG Singer, who treated the enthusiastic patrons to a fantastic set.

BG Singer - and audience
On Saturday we had a brand new show as part of the Party in the Park - a concert featuring a selection of divas.  It was billed as a massive stage and a massive show; of course, the unspoken part was massive egos!  Carole King, Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan and Celine Dion all stormed the stage at various points of the show with big voices, big hair and big personalities.

The divas all shared a dressing room without incident - although eye contact seemed rare...
Sunday proved to be a totally strange day, unlike any I have witnessed since arriving in London City.  The party at Comptons pub had a Spanish/Mexican theme -  think sombreros and a dancing cactus..  We had a new performer, a fantastic live singer by the name of Phiona Ember, who wowed the crowd with her vocal talents.  The evening then took a bizarre twist as Comptons very own pub landlady, Fanny Craidic, gave us a 'treat' in the form of a cooking demonstration.  No one was entirely sure what was being made and thankfully the kitchen sink overflowed and helped to douse the flames from the cooker...

Phiona Ember and some of the revellers at Comptons
Fanny gets in to party mood and sparks a fire during the cookery demonstration

The weekend was brought to a rapturous close by another Party in the Park with a concert by the amazing Amy MacDonald and a selection of hardcore tunes from DJ Ruby.

Amy and the band
Party goers in Regent's Park
 How can we top such a fantastic weekend?  Not easy, but we intend to try.  On Friday we have Father Time at Madame Lala's, Mapoo Little in Regent's Park on Saturday and Britt McMahon as Leonard Cohen at Comptons pub on Sunday!