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Friday, January 31, 2020

Brexit: UK Independence Day

Whether or not you wanted Brexit, it is upon us as the United Kingdom ceases to be a member of the European Union  today at 11pm GMT.  Even if this was not your choice, you surely do not  want our nation to fail at it's own independence.

Come and celebrate as we all pull together for the hopes of a better, stronger Britain and commemorate this momentous occasion.

DJ Bailey is bringing Madame Lala's on the road today at 1pm SL (9pm UK) in the main Hub, with the theme of being Patriotic.

Enjoy the Big Ben Bongs as the UK leaves the bloc at 3pm SL, 11pm UK.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Landslide for Tories

A victory for democracy as Tories take 364 seats compared to Labours 203, sending a clear mandate to Boris Johnson to "Get Brexit Done".

The results of the election saw the Conservative Party in a landslide victory as Jeremy Corbyn stepped down as Labour leader while Jo Swinson also stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Going going gone

Theresa May ends her premiership as she began it.. with the UK still hopelessly entwined with the European Union.

The Prime Minister has just announced, she will step down on Friday 7th June.  She can expect an amazing send-off as American President Donald Trump will be in the UK on a state visit from June 3rd to June 5th.   We are sure he will have some kind words to say, and won't make the "L" for loser sign at her at all!

Good bye Theresa.  So long and thanks for all the fish.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

EU Election - Great Britain is a lion, led by donkeys.

The Brexit Party - The likely winners of EU Election and our only chance to actually leave.

Our embarrassing Prime Minister  has U-turned on absolutely everything.  We must not put up with this a moment longer.

Three years after voting to leave the European Union, our government has failed to deliver on their promise.

Thursday's European Election of MEP's, would not involve the British people, if our government had honoured their pledge.

You will recall Mrs May saying 108 times that Britain is leaving the EU on 29th March, but we did not.  Then we were definitely leaving in May, in June and October.  Strong'n'stable Theresa, then told us, No deal is better than a bad deal, and this too was quickly forgotten as she capitulated for the umpteenth time, and removed our most critically important bargaining chip from the table.

Just go!
Next, the Prime Minister threatened us with either her lacklustre deal, or no Brexit.  Her deal was essentially staying in the EU without ever having a say on how things were run.  Her final and most desperate betrayal was yesterday, when she declared that MP's would get to vote on a second referendum if they support the rehash of her insane treaty. A treaty akin to a surrender from a country that has fought and lost a war.

Can anyone believe a word she says?  There is only one more possible U-turn she can make, and that would be to revoke Article 50.   Do we seriously believe her, when she says that will not happen?

Thursday is our chance to send a clear message to the Government, for more of the same flimflam that has dogged our country for so long, or to give them a bloodied nose for ignoring the results of the largest ever democratic vote in the UK.

The only good thing to come out of this EU election tomorrow is that its boiled down to a polar vote.

If you still want to remain, you need to vote Liberal Democrats.
To tell them you still want to leave, vote for The Brexit Party.

European Elections, Thursday 23rd May.  Polling from 7am to 10pm.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Let My People Go

Today, the 29th March, was to be the day that Britain would officially exit from the European Union.

But after almost three years of fruitless negotiations between our government and the EU, we are still no closer to finding a way out of the treaty. The EU has now decided on our behalf that our new exit date will be 12th April instead of  our chosen date.  They can do this because international law supersedes national law.

Presumably these three extra weeks of further wrangle and uncertainty will make all the difference, but for whom?

Today the Prime Minster, once again presented her exit deal for a vote, but it was defeated yet again by 286 to 344 votes.

Although the default is to leave the EU on the 12th April with no-deal, the house has rejected this, and also rejected eight other exit strategies.  Additionally it has rejected, No-Brexit and a second referendum.

The EU has just declared an impromptu summit on 10th April, no doubt to extend the date we are leaving again.   It seems the EU has the intention of never letting Britain leave, and that our Parliament is supporting this.

In fact, it seems that the only people who want to leave the European Union, are us, the Electorate, where 52% of us voted in favour of leaving.

London City had planned a host of activities around this momentous Brexit occasion, including a carnival focusing on the  positives of taking back our sovereignty, but alas, the EU is not releasing their grip just yet,  and so therefore our celebratory festivities are currently on hold.

If we do ever manage to leave, we will resurrect these planned festivities, that we had hoped to bring you this weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


The EU referendum was the largest ever democratic vote in the UK, with 33 million people taking part and 17 million (52%) voting to leave the EU.

With just 9 days to go before we are due to leave the EU, this week Brexit is sounding more like Bremain.  Politicians on both sides of the house, are doing everything they can to overturn the will of the people they represent and to thwart Brexit once and for all.

You can make your voice heard by flying the flag of your choice, "Leave means Leave", or opt for the Tony Blair approach of "Stop Brexit", regardless of how the people voted!

They are available just outside the Freebie Megastore here:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What sort of Remain do you want?

Okay chaps, we're going out on a limb here, posting an event for March in London City.

We're so sure (not), that the UK will be leaving the European Union as scheduled on 29th March, that we're holding a Brexit Party.

Be sure to write this in your diary, it is bound to happen!

The defeat of Mrs May Brexit deal by 432 to 202, might be the biggest government defeat in modern times, but we predict, good ole Mrs May will get past this piffling annoyance, and pull a rabbit out of her hat.  By this time on Friday the worlds problems will be solved!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

UK General Election: When's Voting Gonna Open?

It's general election time again, as Britain goes to the polls, for the third time in 3 years ...

Only a couple of weeks ago, it was an absolute certainty that it would be a landslide for Theresa May. But the game has changed significantly and this could now be an upset for the Tories of a Donald Trump magnitude, when Hillary Clinton was assured of winning the race to the White House.

The choices are simple:

Conservative, offering nothing in their manifesto and in fact taking some things away because at the time of the Manifesto they were absolutely sure they were going to win... but Wooden-top, Ms May will take us out of the EU quickly, or so she says. However with a reduced majority, that is not much of a mandate is it?

Labour, not a chance of winning.. or so everyone thought until a few weeks ago; so their manifesto offers free this and that, a cash giveaway bonanza, tax the working to pay for the bone idle. Not a prayer of winning, so the promises they made, make no odds that there is no cash to do any of this.  Will take us out of EU in a slow protracted way a bit like an unpleasant break-up with an old girl friend.  And yet, now they might win after all!  So start thinking about if you want your free cash. Tens or twentys?

Liberal, will keep us in the EU no matter how bad they treat us and will have another referendum.. or as many as it takes until people change their minds, but will sell out all their principals if it is a hung parliament.  Anything to get back into Number 10.

SNP.  We tuned out from Nicola Sturgeon's screeching long ago. But they have have lost a lot of popularity where Labour has gained.

Results start pouring in around midnight, with a clear winner before 2am UK time.  Come to the hub for a political debate.  Have your say but keep yourself nice!  ... but first Get out and vote.  Voting is open from 7am to 10pm.

Good luck on whoever you choose, they're all a bit naff this time around!

Monday, April 24, 2017

London City votes for Hard Brexit

Last week the Prime Minister called for an early election in June in attempt to secure a mandate from the people to perform a quick exit from the EU.

We asked you if you preferred to go through the full negotiating period (a soft exit) with certain non-negotiable agreements in place, or you fancied taking your chances with a swift (hard) exit from the UK.

65% voted for a hard Brexit, whilst 17% voted for a soft Brexit and 17% were unsure.

Thanks for taking part.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Soft or Hard Brexit?

Decisions, decisions...

Theresa May has called a General Election in the UK for 8th June.  The third time in three years that the whole country has been to the polls.

It seems likely she will win and increase her majority in the Commons, and this gives her the mandate to push-on with a swift exit from the European Union instead of a long good bye.

The problem is this.  Do we hang around like an old scorned lover, in a broken down relationship trying to get the pots and pans in settlement, or do we just pack our things and sling our hook?

As things stand, a Soft Brexit means we keep paying in to the EU after we leave and continue to permit free movement of people in exchange for access to what used to be "the common market".

Or, do we just leave, stop paying the EU and regain control of our borders?  We would have to strike up our own trade deals and forge new friendships and renew acquaintances with the Commonwealth countries.   USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (who we are currently prohibited from trading with under EU law) have all indicated that they would like to strike up trade routes with the UK.

As always, this poll is just for fun.. So which option would you choose?  

Vote for a Soft or Hard Brexit here:

Friday, June 24, 2016

What a day!

Goodness.  What a day!


A very happy Friday to you all.   For the first time all month in RL London, the sun is shining, it is a scorcher of a day and a new dawn for Britain has just begun.

If you fancy popping by London City today, predictably, people are gathering to discuss what happens next...   Join us.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Eurovision, The usual result

Why do we put ourselves through it?

Our song this year was not bad at all.

Probably not good enough to win, but surely a great deal better than many others.  And yet, as usual in recent years, we came twenty-third out of twenty-six.   We're beginning to think that some of the other countries don't much care for us.

But spare a thought for poor Australia, the clear winner by hundreds of points, right until the very end, when a bizarre new voting system cut in for the very first time, suddenly awarding over 400 extra points to the Ukraine, catapulting them at the last moment to the winners of the 61st Eurovision song contest.

As long as we can see it for what it is, a political barometer that pays little attention to the talents of its entrants, and laugh it off at the end of the show as we always do, and appreciate it for all its splendor and gaudiness, then long may it  reign.

Talking politics, Britain goes to the polls next month to vote In or Out of Europe.
Now is as good a time as any, to resurrect the voting booth, which is just for fun.. and asks you, should the UK stay in Europe or Leave?
Visit the voting booth in London City to have your say.