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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Drive your own vehicles around London City

New roads have been laid leading from the sandbox to the top of the London City Hub area.
You can now rez vehicles in Belgravia Square and drive them out through any of the London City regions.

We ask that you stick to the roads and keep them away from areas for pedestrians.  But have fun and show us your wheels!

If you would like an invitation to the Belgravia Sandbox and you fit the criteria, please drop an IM in-world to Torric Rodas or Billy Arentire and we'll send an invitation to the group.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

HMC Motors of Mainland London

We are pleased to announce that HMC Motors now has a branch in Mainland London, West End, just next to the Star & Garter Pub.

HMC offers a full and comprehensive range of vehicles from cars, vans, trucks and limousines to helecopters, yacht's and jetski's!

HMC Autlander, a vehicle with superb features

Each product comes with a truly astounding configurable click menu which will allows you to set every aspect of the vehicles performance and appearance.

Creator, Tiberius Haifisch has put many long hours into each product, ensuring realism and ease of use within Second Life.

Travel between clubs in Mainland London easily on an HMC Bus!

Another great feature is that everything is copyable.  You never need to worry about losing your original in a sim crash and in fact you can even set your vehicle to stay in the same sim and not cross borders!

Perhaps the most amazing thing is the price.  Quality vehicles are available to suit everyone's budget.

Visit HMC in Mainland London today and test drive a selection of vehicles.