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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Firestorm: New Release

The eagerly anticipated update for the popular Third Party viewer, Firestorm is now available.

This is a significant release, bringing the viewer in-line with the latest code available from the Lab and includes numerous fixes and enhancements to Firestorm's previous versions.

The viewer now offers full support for Experience Keys, which means users will now see the full permissions request dialogue instead of the truncated version that non Experience Key viewers currently display.

London City was an early closed-beta tester of Linden Lab's Creator Tools, see our stories for more information about Experience keys:   London City Advanced Creator Tools     Creator Tools Portals and Creator Tools in Singularity

Firstorm also now fully supports Viewer-Managed Marketplace.

Visit the Firestorm Viewer page to download the updated product.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

London City content using Advanced Creator Tools Beta - Update

London City Weather Experience 
London City is part of the Linden Lab closed Beta for Advanced Creator Tools.
This is an update of content located in the estate using Experience Keys.  
Automatic Dance Floor
Animates an avatar upon entering a night club and allows them to cycle through dance via collision or by touching a board.  Animation ends when they exit the club.

Located at:
Blog Story:
Featured Destination Portals
A Teleport portal system that works on collision.  Each portal cycles its destination every minute and displays a hover text in the centre to say where the destination is and on which region.    This is also used to teleport agents to picturesque locations outside of the estate (with the consent of the owners of the featured locations).
Also offers a link back to the original point of TP with an offset of 5m to prevent the agent from landing on top of the portal triggering an unwanted teleport.
Located at:
Blog Story:
Regent's Bitter
Demonstration item.   A beer bottle that attaches and can be drunk whilst playing a sound.   This is an item intended to show Experience Tools Proof of Concept only and is an early example.
Located at:
Blog Story:
Other Projects

Treasure Hunt Hud
We are working on a HUD device to offer clues to locations of prizes.  When at item is found, clues to the next location will be delivered in a thin, non invasive ticker-tape strap at the bottom of the screen for 10 seconds.  This will be available by end of September.

Auto Brolly!

We're in the final stages of Automatic Umbrellas, triggered by the Weather Experience. This adds an additional layer of fun and realism.  No more getting drenched every time it rains.  Opt in to the experience and get a random coloured brolly to keep your avatar dry for the duration of the shower!

This and more, very soon.

London City - Original and Innovative Inventions

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Automatic Dance Floor in Bar Soho

Check out the fully automated dance floor in Bar Soho taking advantage of the new Advanced Creator Experience Tools.

Walk into the club to immediately start dancing.  Click the panel by the DJ booth to change your dance or stop dancing.

We're enjoying making these cutting edge gadgets for you and look forward to your feedback and suggestions for other Experience creations.

Visit Bar Soho and try it out

Saturday, August 16, 2014

London City Presents: Second Life Featured Destinations

London City now has Featured Destination Portals to offer residents the opportunity of visiting other recommended destinations in Second Life.

The Featured Destination Portals, will be used for events and stunning locations both inside and outside of the estate.

We are seeking well designed locations that enrich the Second Life experience with concepts that differ from those in London City.

So if you know of a location that everyone in Second Life should visit, please submit your suggestion using the Support Ticket option at the top of this page (or add a comment to this story) and be sure to include the Slurl of the destination and a brief summary of the region.

Today we have added the destinations: "Whimsy", a picturesque 6 region estate, "Kaboom" home of the Robot Sanatorium and "Another Somewhere", a landscaped and beautifully created habitat full of places to explore and "Camp Kawabata", a woodland area with canoes, log cabins and campfires and "Planetarium", a fully animated virtual encounter with the stars in our solar system. 

The destination in the portal changes every 30 seconds, so step through the portal when your chosen location is shown and be teleported instantly to explore a brand new location.


"Another Somewhere"
"Camp Kawabata"
London City - Connecting Second Life Communities

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Advanced Creator Tools > Singularity Viewer

Experience Editor in Singularity
London City is working closely with our friends from the Singularity Viewer Development team on Linden Labs Experience Tools, to bring the Experience Permissions system to you as quickly as possible and to ensure that third party viewers can handle the new Experiences correctly and as efficiently as possible.

An initial Singularity Experience Editor (early development and not yet available publicly) is already functional and it will not be long until the full experience package is available to everyone.

For transparency, we would like to make everyone aware that from time to time, Singularity Dev will need to rez objects containing the Experience Keys, but only scripts created by us and only in the London City2 region.  All our scripts are safe.  Singularity developers working with us will be clearly listed within our content creators tab within the Experience tools search option.

London City - Innovative and original content creators

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Regent's Bitter - Advanced Creator Tools

As proof of concept for Advanced Creator Experience Tools, there is a bottle of beer in the main hub of London City which you can drink automatically.

If you have already used one of the teleport portals in the estate, the permissions you granted were remembered and by clicking the bottle it will automatically attach it to your avatar and animate you. 

To dispose of the item, right click it and detach it (a relog also detaches the object) because it is temporary inventory only.

At no time does this become a part of your inventory.  This is to allow everyone to enjoy a multitude of various forthcoming experiences without ever adding clutter to your precious inventory folders.

If you have not granted Experience tool permissions to London City, clicking the beer bottle will ask for them and remember them.  You will need to touch the bottle a second time for it to attach as the first click serves to enrol you in Experience tools..

This permission is then remembered, so you can click the bottle again for another drink whenever you want one, but you can also use the portals without need to click yes on dialog boxes. 

One key fits all! So to enrol for all experiences in London City by using any of the new features.

We are a Beta Tester for Experience Tools by Linden Lab.  All our experiences are safe, programmed by me and Billy Arentire. We do not use third party scripters for Experiences and it is impossible for Experience Tools to access account information, money or personal information.    So get started today - click something!

Regent's Bitter - Enjoy it!

Get yours here:

Friday, August 08, 2014

London City Enters Advanced Creator Tools Project Beta

London City is proud to have been invited to join the closed beta for the Linden Lab Experience Keys/Advanced Creator Tools Project.  We are one of the first estates in the grid to have been accorded this honour.

Experience keys will enable us to offer you a more seamless and immersive experience when visiting London City and they have now gone live throughout London City.

For example, on themed nights we can offer you inventory to wear for the time that you are visiting, without cluttering your inventory.  An item can be offered to you which attaches during your visit and automatically detaches when you leave the estate without ever become part of your inventory.

During a cash hunt, we can offer you a Hud that gives clues to locations of treasure, which detaches and self cleans as soon as you are finished with it, or the contest ends.  In short, no more having to accept an item and wear it in a special location, this can all be done automatically in the wink of an eye.

Our initial offering is a portal system, similar to those that new residents encounter when they first join Second Life.  Our portals can teleport you directly to an event or location anywhere, just by you walking through them, no cumbersome permission requests over and over, just say yes once and the permission is remembered whenever you visit, unless you decide to opt out again via the Me > Experiences menu which will be appearing on all viewers very soon.

Initially you will not even require an Experience enabled viewer to take advantage of this great new feature.  Your existing viewer can handle these permissions for you.

Try out our first Portal in London City(1). On the first time you use it, it will ask permissions, but remember them from that point.   Once in London City3, use the portal there, to return. 

We hope you enjoy this and other Advanced Creator offerings coming very soon.

London City - The Most Popular Destination in Second Life