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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend in Review - February 24th to 26th

Well that's another weekend of insanity over with...although that one was even more insane than usual.

Things usually start off with our Bar Soho and Madame Lala's London Revue combo, but there was an early start as a variety of old codgers took to a specially erected (stop giggling) stage in the Hub.  Rolf Harris, the Seekers, Demis Roussos and Peter, Paul and Mary all made appearances during the course of the afternoon.  These were accompanied by various toga, sixties and hippy contests set up to terrify...erm...I mean...thrill the assembled crowd.

We then had a Best in Patriotic contest at Bar Soho - with yours truly in a dress far shorter than I would usually wear - and Best in Glamour at Madame Lala's establishment.

The big news on Saturday was a combination of the big concert - Kylie! - and the Lezbo roadshow for a Best in Punk contest.  The concert featured possibly the biggest stage set to ever be erected (I told you to stop giggling) in Regent's Park.

Some of the party-goers in Regent's Park and Kylie and the band (as insets)
On Sunday we had our usual weekend wind down at Comptons where the contest was for the Worst Dressed.  This seem far harder to pick than anyone would have imagine from the state of a lot of people in SL...

The final blast of the weekend went as always to Lezbo with a Best in Baggies/Rave contest.  I am not saying things were bright but I think I have lost some colour recognition in at least one eye.

Speaking of eyes, it is time I rested mine!  Be good (and if you can't be good, be careful - or have an alibi).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend in Review - February 17th to 19th

Oooh kiddies, auntie Bailey's feet are throbbing from all that dancing this weekend.

On Friday we ended the week on a high with a Best in Leather/Latex contest at Bar Soho.  Our new Dj, Snakey, took to the decks and provided us with a couple of hours of great music.  We then headed on down the road to Madame Lala's London Revue for an Emmylou Harris tribute concert, which was absolutely fantastic.

It's Emmylou Harris!  Well actually it is an avatar doing a tribute.
On Saturday the concert area Regent's Park was converted to give it a country feel for a special tribute concert featuring none other than Dolly Parton.  Dolly's musical talents overshadow many of her contemporaries and her chest overshadowed the dancers in the park.

Dolly and the London City crew in support
The Dolly Parton fan club take to the dance floor...yeehaw!
For entertainment on a Sunday we usually head to Comptons pub, but we had a change and returned to Regent's Park for a Seekers tribute concert to bring our folk fest to an end.  With a Best in Sixties contest, we were not short on colour or (hideous) patterns!

The Seekers on stage in the Park
Immediately after the Seekers, we headed across town to Lezbo for a Wacky Outfit contest.  I don't think I have words to describe dancing horses, cupcakes, turkeys, etc. so I will show you a pic instead!

Erm...the punters in Lezbo
Okay, I am off to soak my feet...have a great week and don't forget to visit London City frequently for all your shopping and partying needs!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend in Review - January 6th to 8th

Yes, it's me again, auntie Bailey the crazy spinster of London City with the weekend review so hang on to your hairnets and let's do this.

Our weekend kicked off in London City as they always do with a Best In contest at Bar Soho.  Friday's contest was Best in Slogan T-Shirt so no photos have survived the censor's knife as everyone always wears things with rude slogans.  Even a shy, retiring maiden aunt like me is force in to something provocative.

After our stint at Bar Soho ended, we trudged off down the street like some bizarre protest march to Madame Lala's London Revue, where we were treated to the musical stylings of Judith Durham and The Seekers.  I am sure I was not the only one who regarded this with more than a little trepidation but it turned out to be a fantastic musical tour through some classic songs that had the patrons dancing in the aisles...or maybe that was the alcohol.

Judith Durham and the (not very) New Seekers on stage at Madame Lala's
On Saturday we had our big event in Regent's Park with a new addition to the list of tribute concerts.  London City favourite Britt McMahon brought us Blondie - ably assisted by some of the lovely ladies of the London City staff (who were all transformed in to men to be Debbie Harry's band).  Despite many complaints (from the staff who were forced to wear sensible, i.e. ugly, male shoes), the concert was a huge hit with numbers on the sim peaking at 102.

The Blondie crew
Obligatory crowd shot

You may have guessed the contest theme was Best in White
Sunday brought us a sense of deja vu as Judith and The Seekers did an encore performance at Comptons.

The Comptons party goers
Stay tuned to this channel for further announcements from London City!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Jobs, Money and Free Homes

Happy New Year!

Everywhere we look, everyone is sending blogs about what they hope to do in the New Year, so we thought to do the opposite.

We hope all the new things coming up this year will be a pleasant surprise. Beyond that, we will announce designs and projects as they happen.

In truth, it's not that Billy and I don't want to show our hand, although admittedly there is always that.. but because London City has grown in every which way we look and continues to do so at a phenomenal rate and we work on the solutions you need today.

We are consumer led, so we continue to look at ways to resolve and enhance the requirements of this ever expanding community.   We put things in that you request and we test them and we take them out if they don't perform well.  We like to experiment... it keeps you on your toes lol.

So rather than list all the things we hope to do over the next year, let us deal with the wants and needs of right now and the projects we have completed today after our first full day back on Second Life since the holidays.

The Job Centre

London City already offers many ways for people to earn money and find work, but as in real life, there are far more people looking for work, than jobs being offered.

To help residents into gainful employment, we are proud to announce the opening of the Job Centre in Whitehall, (Victoria) London City3.

The Job Centre  has a number of help cards available for those seeking work for the first time, offering practical advice and help.

Once inside, you will see adboards from employers with target specific advertisements seeking that extra special employee.   Residents are also invited to Job Club, a group that will offer leads on which places are currently hiring and also receive notices from potential employers.

The Job Centre in London City3 will become the key destination that London City uses for advertising job opportunities within our estate (in and out of world) and we hope that it will also be of tremendous use to other businesses in Second Life looking to recruit employees who have grown up here in London City, been through our advanced induction programme and are now seeking honest, genuine and fair employment in this big wide second world.

Free London Homes

We now offer free accomodation to all residents at Free London Homes, The Plaza Hotel, (West End) London City2.

A resident can Set Home in the hotel foyer, chill-out in the reception with other new residents and even catch the odd free linden as rolls across the arrivals desk.

Rooms become available for occupancy ten minutes after a resident "checks-out".  Rental is free, just walk in and touch the door.  Each room is available to the tenant for as long as they wish and is equipped with a bed, chest of drawers, mirror and posing stand.

It is the intention of the hotel to offer a level of privacy for newer residents whilst they design their shape, image and accessories in addition to having a place to call home.

Great Places

We have rolled out Great Places, a product aimed at promoting fantastic, well built regions with great communities.   It is our hope that the residents who enjoy London City, will visit these destinations for an additional layer of enjoyment.

Part of being proud of any business is the belief that your product is strong enough and that your clients will return because you offer something that others do not.  In offering this free service to other communities, we have the trust that the London City community will find this a useful addition to places to visit and not a solution to coming here <lol>.

London City, often copied, never duplicated.