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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Frame Rate drops update

For associated stories see the blog entries for September 14, and September 4

The bug first appeared after the 31st August update for Windows 10 Anniversary edition. However Microsoft said the problem was due to code inside the NVIDIA and AMD drivers.

Early reports say that the frame rate issue may have been resolved, at least for NVIDIA graphics users thanks to a driver update released today from NVIDIA, version 373.06

Of course it is too early to say for sure, so please keep and eye on the Linden Lab Jira BUG-37795

Overnight many more people have indicated that this issue has finally been resolved and AMD have now also released a new driver to fix this problem.  AMD 16.10.1.    So if you have been suffering the frame rate issue, updating your graphics drivers to the latest release would seem to be the solution.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Frame rate drops update

We have updated our story about the OpenGL problems causing sudden frame rate drops in Second Life, because this issue now spreads from KB3176938 released on 31st August, to KB3189866 which was released yesterday.

KB3189866 is a cumulative patch, so if you removed KB3176938 is adds the code your computer is 'missing', back into the system.

The update is towards the bottom of the story here: Frame Rate drops story