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Saturday, April 13, 2019

London City North - Home Rentals

Check out the remodelled London City North!

New for Spring 2019 London City North has a brand new feel, with open areas, parkland and trees and private parcels for you to build/rez your own home in the heart of the City.

As always, residential rentals in London City come with totally configurable land privacy that you can set yourself.

Typically a parcel measuring 36 x 36 metres, supporting 326 prims costs 649L per week, although smaller sized parcels/prim counts are available.

As a Private land tenant in London City you can:
Change media settings
Deed objects to group (media)
Eject and Freeze Residents
Eject members from Group
Manage Allowed and Banned Residents list
Set Home to Here
Return non group objects
Return objects owned/deeded to group
Set privacy (see and chat with others)
Set land to public or private access

For a real-time list and a teleport link, of all available property in the London City estate see

Sunday, July 30, 2017

London City North - Botox

The residential region, London City North has had a bit of a make-over.   The lake now extends to the west, connecting the waterways to London City West and the Seaside.

London City's version of Percy Thrower, (Ernie), has been out busily re-planting summer shrubs, tidying up some of the gardens and setting up bird boxes and feeding tables to bring more wildlife to the area.

Take a wander around London City North and enjoy the improvements.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Churchill Arms

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10am SL time (6pm UK), be sure to head over to The Churchill Arms in London City North, where Jon Temple is now in residence.

Jon will be playing a fun mix of old and new party songs to get your spirits on a high before you head off to the clubs.

The Churchill Arms specializes in Live Ales and Jon is on hand to recommend the finest offerings from Newton & Ridley.

Slurl to The Churchill Arms:

Monday, June 29, 2015

Build your own Home in London City

If you regularly visit London City and enjoy the community atmosphere, you may like the convenience of being able to build or rez your own home within a stones-throw of the centre of all the action in Second Life.

Check out the example show home here:     This complete build, including furnishings uses 171 prims, the parcel supports 244, prims leaving you enough for a car and garage or whatever else you decide to build.

London City West - offers secluded parcels for maximum privacy

London City offers land plots where you can build or rez your own buildings and set home.  If you are not a builder, there are literally thousands of suitable houses available to purchase and rez.

You might be concerned about uninvited guests, but this is no problem at all because all parcels are highly configurable and offer total privacy and security. If you decide to set your land to 'private', only you and your guests can enter your parcel.  If you configure 'see and chat' no one else can see you inside your parcel.  If you set voice to the parcel channel, no one outside your parcel can hear you!

Of course you might be a party person and like strangers dropping by.  You can set your parcel to public access and the world and his wife can visit.    If the world visiting is great but his wife annoys you, put her on the ban list.  Everything is configurable.

Each parcel comes with an impressive level of configurability to control your media, access and privacy.

The 'About Land' setting allows each tenant to configure:
Media/Music stream  settings
Deed Objects such as tv and radio changers
Eject and Freeze Residents
Eject from Group
Control Allowed and Banned Residents list
Set Home to Here
Return deeded objects
Set privacy (see & chat with others)
Set land to public or private access.

Parcel size and Prim amounts are available in 3 flavours and rentals start from 400L per week:

28 x 28 meters with 148 prims
36 x 36 meters with 244 prims
36 x 44 meters with 327 prims

London City North - located closest to the main hub for people who enjoy a party.

London City West:

London City North:

To see a list of available rentals and for more information on parcel settings, please click the rentals tab at the top of the page.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Living in London City

London City North is taking shape with some beautiful buildings, thanks to those who have chosen to set up home in London City's latest region.

It is amazing to think that within a stones throw of the hustle and bustle of the enormously busy central region, London City, that such wonders exist.

Just four of the twelve parcels are still available, so if you haven't already staked your claim, get on over to the London City North today.

All parcels are totally configurable for privacy, ban lists, adding and removing guests, deeding to group, stream changing etc etc.

And all located within a hop skip and a jump of London City!

London City - The Most Popular Destination in Second Life

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Build/Rez your own home in London City North

As building work nears completion, early birds can set their home up now in North London.

Plots available:
36 x 48 meters with 326 prims
36 x 36 meters with 244 prims
28 x 28 meters with 148 prims

Your land is totally configurable, because as a land tenant you get the following perms for maximum configurability:

Change Media settings
Change Voice settings
Eject/Freeze Residents
Eject from Group
Control Allowed/Banned Residents list
Set Home to Here
Deed to group
Return deeded objects
Return group objects
Set privacy (see & chat with others)
Set land to public/private access/sell passes

Visit London City North

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Funfair in town

The Gypsies heard about some empty land as we develop London City North and arrived today dragging their fairground behind them.

Enjoy the Fair, its in town for a couple of days only:

Sunday, March 08, 2015

London City North

At the end of January we blogged about the redevelopment of London City by adding a region at a time as each phase was completed. 

The following week we launched the leafy suburb, London City West, with land plots for those want to build their own home in London City.

Today we are pleased to let you know that our latest region, London City North has arrived at the hub end of London City and development for this North London style region has begun.

London City North will feature some of the historical treasures from the North part of town, expand Regent's Park, the shopping area and offer plots and homes for residents.

Admiring the view of London City from London City North.
London City - The most popular destination in Second Life