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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Halloween in London

In case you didn't see it at the time, here is the original London City Dungeon from 2014.
This year, ride the ghost train in London City. It's still under construction, but will be ready for the big day.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

London Dungeon and Ghost Train Ride

10 Crypts featuring the horrible history of Britain.  The train will take you on a tour of Jack The Ripper, The Black Death, Boiling in oil, Highgate Cemetery and other horrors of a bygone age that put the Great in Britain.

Enjoy the video and please visit the Experience.

Visit The London City Dungeon Ghost Train Ride

London City - The Most Popular Destination in Second Life

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The London Dungeon

London City proudly presents our Halloween exhibit: The London City Dungeon with Ghost Train ride.

Ten Crypts of horrible history, including Jack The Ripper, and The Black Death, Beak Doctors, Haunting and Witchcraft from turn of the century London.

Ride the Ghost Train to visit all ten catacombs:

1.    Whitechapel, outside The Ten Bells
2.    Traitors Gate
3.    Bleeding Heart Yard
4.    The Beak Doctor – cures all ills
5.    You stand accused
6.    Crime and Punishment
7.    Graveyard of the Guilty
8.    The Black Death
9.    The Gallows
10.  Highgate Cemetery

Visit The London Dungeon: