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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Male Accessories in London City3

Going back just three of four years, finding clothing, accessories and other male bits was hard as it appeared that nearly all content was aimed at female avatars.

It's good to see that times have changed radically and that some emerging brands of a few years back are now key players in male apparel.

The London City estate now has a huge collection of male oriented stores and today we feature just some of the stores in the region London City3 tailored specifically towards the male shopper.

Check out the fabulous male skins, clothing and accessories available in just one street of London City Victoria.

Roby's sells photo real skins, shapes, eyes, hair and muscles!
Skins and Shapes: Roby Style

Clothing fashion from smart and formal to sexy and scanty
Fashion: Peckers

Sexy look clothing for men, including mesh avatars with big muscles and appliers.
Muscles, Skins and Avis: RGDW

The most essential bit of kit for your avarar is available from VAWs with 3 stores in the estate
Essential Tackle: VAW

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Delphi's Designs

I have chosen something for the men out there this week again.  I paid a visit to Delphi's Designs, which has three shops spread across London City.  It stocks a range of male and female clothing including outfits, accessories and tattoos.

I chose the Grax II outfit which comes with black leather pants and a top layer containing a red and grey argyle pattern sweater over an untucked white shirt.  Both the pants and jumper come with prim cuffs and the outfit is nicely textured.  The outfit is reasonably price and is transfer so you can buy it for the man in your life if not for yourself - well Christmas is approaching!

Delphi's Designs can be found in London City 3 - Victoria here and in London City 1 - Soho and Regent's Park here and here.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Subversion

In this week's offering of Spotlight on Style, we are giving a nod to the impending festive season with an outfit for men from Subversion.

Subversion is a menswear retailer for the adventurous man.  The store features outfits, separates, surfwear, accessories and footwear.

Subversion Chrimbo Sweater Outfit in cream
The Chrimbo Sweater Outfit is available in a range of colours and is shown in the picture in the cream colourway.  The outfit comes on all clothing layers and comprises of a white shirt, a cream patterned sweater with snowflake  reindeer and tree motifs, cream striped jeans with snow flake design and ripped knees, a set of heavy strapped boots and a hat knitted from one of the colours of yarn in the sweater.  The sweater comes in tucked and untucked options and there are choices for plain white motifs or coloured ones.  There are two options for rolled up prim sleeves - one with the shirt as well as the sweater showing, the other with the sweater only.  The shirt has a prim collar and the boots come in two variations - one with alpha layer and the other without.

Subversion can be found here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Toritire

This week the Spotlight On Style falls upon a London City shop supplying something that can provide the foundation for a male outfit - underwear.  Toritire features a range of (mainly) underwear for men - boxers, briefs, jocks, tanks, hats and some saucy little outfits.

Toritire Box Cut Stripe Boxers
The boxers pictured above come in a range of colours (both plains and stripes) in store.  The pair on the left are in pink; the ones on the right are in black and are available as a freebie, so you can try out the quality before shopping for some more colourful well fitting underwear in the range for those cold winter nights in front of a roaring fire with someone special (or someone totally random if that works for you).  The underwear is on both lower clothing layers and features an additional prim bulge to help you standout!

Toritire can be found here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

R. Merlins - Fashion for Men

Ever noticed how small the selection is for quality male clothing in Second Life?

London City is thrilled to welcome R. Merlins, Mens Retailers to the Cannon Street Station in London City 1.

Selling the very best Hoorenbeek creations, exclusively for male clients, this store is bound to be very popular with the guys on the grid.

You can visit R. Merlins here: