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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Signature Mesh Body shop opens in London City

In addition to Altamura mesh bodies which are already available in London City, we welcome Signature to the family, as they set up store in the new Body Shoppe, located just outside of the London City Gateway.

This one stop shop, will in time highlight the very best mesh bodies from various designers for you to compare side by side, before committing yourself to a style and shape that suits you.

You can visit the Body Shoppe here

Signature co-owner Raph Dirval, setting up the Alice and Gianni Bodies.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Exclusive: Free Altamura Mesh bodies

There was excitement today in London City,  as Altamura announced a collaborative project to offer free mesh Bento Bodies in the Freebie Megastore.

The Jenny (female) and Robert (male) avatar come complete with mesh head, and are carefully designed to still support standard avatar mesh clothes.

Jenny and Robert are exclusive gifts, available only in London City.

Just touch the vendor and click "Deliver" to receive your free Bento body.  Wear the item to unpack and everything you need will be placed in your inventory in a folder named "Altamura".

Collect this gift at the Freebie Megastore, located here:

With additional bodies, soon to be available in Freebie Megastore, be sure to make a Landmark and visit regularly, or join the group.