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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RGDW for Men - Christmas Range

Check out the super range of men's Christmas outfits at RGDW in London City3.
RGDW specialises in sexy full mesh muscle avatar bodies, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Visit the store here:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Male Accessories in London City3

Going back just three of four years, finding clothing, accessories and other male bits was hard as it appeared that nearly all content was aimed at female avatars.

It's good to see that times have changed radically and that some emerging brands of a few years back are now key players in male apparel.

The London City estate now has a huge collection of male oriented stores and today we feature just some of the stores in the region London City3 tailored specifically towards the male shopper.

Check out the fabulous male skins, clothing and accessories available in just one street of London City Victoria.

Roby's sells photo real skins, shapes, eyes, hair and muscles!
Skins and Shapes: Roby Style

Clothing fashion from smart and formal to sexy and scanty
Fashion: Peckers

Sexy look clothing for men, including mesh avatars with big muscles and appliers.
Muscles, Skins and Avis: RGDW

The most essential bit of kit for your avarar is available from VAWs with 3 stores in the estate
Essential Tackle: VAW

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mesh Avatars from RGDW

RGDW Men in London City3 (Victoria) has rolled out its brand new line of mesh avatars for men.

The clothing store which specialises in muscle clothing with sculpt attachments has added mesh shapes to their range.

So if you fancy enhancing your finest assets, this is the place to visit, where you can try the mesh shapes in Demo mode for 1 Linden and just 249 Lindens for the full product.

Visit the store here