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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tres Blonde - A new name on the block

We all enjoy it when a new content creator comes to SL.  Tres Blonde Fashion is brand new to Second Life.

It is the creation of Sofie88, who has begun designing her own mesh clothing for women, and is now selling her creations grid wide.

With more content added each week, this may well be the next emerging brand in Second Life.

Visit her shop here:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shop Til you Drop - hunting Freebies

Are you a bargain hunter? Many of us in Second Life love a bargain, from the new resident, through to the oldy who just enjoys their freebies... and here in London City we have it all!

In London City Victoria sim lies the Freebies Mega Store which is packed out with the best freebies for all.. from ladies club wear to lingerie.. and gents suits, jeans and Tshirts it really has something for everyone.

The bargains however do not stop there! London has an amazing array of stores, and many of those also have some free items, so it is well worth having a wander and seeing what you can find.

At the time of writing on wandering the Victoria sim we also found the following:-
  • Moooon offering free Gestures including one saying "I Love London"
  • Western Rodeo offering outfits and a free rodeo pig and turkey!!
  • RGDW for Men - free gift
  • Creations by Alva has a vendor out packed with Dollarbies
This changes all the time so be sure to keep coming back time and time again.  Wether you are a shopaholic in need of a fix, or a merchant wanting some space to sell your goods to the London lovers... this is the place to be !

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

Had enough of this perpetual winter and the snow in springtime?

So have we.  London City has rolled the Summer forward and invites you to immerse yourself in the sunshine and balmy days of an early Summer here in Second Life's favourite destination.

Time to start shopping for your summer range of clothing, shorts, swim wear and sunglasses.  Look no further than the merchants of London City.  With 135 stores full of the best product from Second Life's top merchants, London City is the centre of the universe for shopping!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping in London City - A sim bursting with content.

Every single one of our sixty-five stores is now rented to the very best merchants in Second Life, offering a truly diverse shopping experience, with massive and varied content, all in the one region.

No matter what you want, the chances are that it is here in London City, Soho.  

Visit and enjoy a wonderous shopping expedition!

If you are a merchant looking to set up store in London City, all you need to do is click a Property Billboard to be kept instantly uptodate with rentals as they become available, or contact us and we will let you know, just as soon as there is space available.

Click the networked Property Board for an instant uptodate listing of available buildings or to make a reservation.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Here in London City, we were astonished when 73 people turned up for the ABBA concert night. 

We had always been aware that the limit of 40 avatars on our old Mainland sims meant that often some people had to wait forever to get in, but we hadn't realised it had become so much of a problem.  Hopefully that is all at an end now, as London City supports 100 avatars at the same time.  This is particularly good news as 397 individual people visited London City on Saturday alone.

We are thrilled to announce that every one of our 65 stores on sim is now rented to the top merchants in Second Life.  This means that potentially London City has everything you will ever need in Second Life in the one region.

For those London themed parties, check the latest merchant to join London City, the fabulous London Girl store, selling Union Jack styled boots, dresses, leotards, t-shirts and much more!

To style your home with a British flavour, why not visit The Brit Shop which sells, Beds, Fridges, Rugs, Phone Box Shower,  Posters and other accessories for your home.

Which ever street you wander down, you will find it teeming with life and vibrant stores, selling the very best products available in Second Life.

This all adds up to making London City/Mainland London your preferred choice for London in Second Life.