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Monday, July 27, 2015

Nikotin - For smokers who want to Vape

Even those with a forty a day habit are giving it a go.

It was once unthinkable that anything could come close to making a dent the cravings of the hardened smoker for their delicious cigarettes.

The NHS tried issuing free patches, lozenges, nasal sprays and none of these alternatives made much of a difference.

Then the e-cigarette came along and was quickly eclipsed by vaping devices.   Take a look in any high street and you will notice that for every 4 or 5 smokers you seen enjoying their smoke, you will see a trendy person with a vape.

Could it be that soon, smoking of cigarettes will become so highly unfashionable that those of us who still love a toke, move over to Vaping?

Nikotin in London City is the first brand in SL to exploit this new trend amongst smokers, offering various paraphernalia and gadgets to accessorise your Second Life avatar and equip it for vaping.

Check out their store here: