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Friday, August 07, 2015

EDGE dancebar

Prime Rump for your delight at EDGE

Edge the Gay Dancebar for men has settled in to its new home in London City West.

Being in an adult region, clothing is entirely optional and if you want to have a great night out with some beefy fit guys, look no further than this all male bar, playing club, house and trance music.

Today at 10am SLT (6pm UK) head over to Edge for a great set by our newest DJ on the block, DJ DirtyB

Edge is open at this regular time, Sunday through Friday.

Visit here:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

London City West - Attractions

With new places and features being added every day.  Visit London City West, the new region for adults.

Have you visited?

For a list of all Landmarks, click the Destinations tab at the top of grab a list in-world here:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

London City West - Preview Party

Come and see all that the Red Light West End has to offer.    London City West is now Open-ish!

Preview Party today at 12pm SL  (8pm UK)

We're not entirely finished building, but you will certainly get a good flavour of what is happening here!

Monday, July 13, 2015

London City West - Red Light

Whilst not entirely completed, London City Red Light has a green light and is good to go.

Over the next couple of days we will install all the 'adventure' equipment, The Crown will open its doors and you will be able to explore all the adult features that this region has to offer.

We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to have London City Red Light completed by this weekend.   No need to wait until then, drop by and see our progress.

Stores are now available to rent for the introductory and wonderfully low price of 200L per week for 25 prims!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

West End makes a come back

Remember Victoria, our West End region?   We're redeveloping it and bringing it back.  More soon...
New content and great experiences to find and explore.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Voice chat in World's End Pub, London City West End.

The Worlds End Pub in London City West End is open every evening from 11pm SL (7pm UK) and has friendly people chatting using voice.

Open Mic Cabaret every Wednesday.

Worlds End Pub, London City ~ Find your voice!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A London Community

Sunday in Mainland London turned out to be a day when everyone got to know each other a little better. 

It began outside the Curzon Cinema with a well attended race on our rezzer mopeds.  This time the track was a little more tricky as there was a ramp to jump.   Given than the bikes tend to topple over, our racers had to know when to throttle back and when to apply some welly!

Congratulations to Loulou for winning the first race and Yazoo for winning the second.  Such skill!

It just so happened that after the races were over, the Star and Garter pub was opening and with lots of people standing in the street, someone thought the best way to get everyone over to the pub was by coach.. so we travelled in style...

The coach arriving in the Pub!
And in the pub we stayed, for hours and hours.  With rain running down the windows and a terrible storm outside,  25 of us sitting there, chatting and laughing about various things from 8pm in the evening UK until gone midnight.  Every so often another person would wander in and tell us their story of how they came to be in Second Life and what they want to achieve here.

As the evening progressed, we had a pub quiz to name the celebrity from some particularly unflattering, but amusing pictures, then watched some films, including a Sherlock Homes  movie, "Dressed To Kill" and Arthur Askey in a comedy horror, "The Ghost Train".   When I say watch, we actually picked them to pieces, but it was extremely good fun.

This was pretty much an impromptu evening and made a real change from parties, as a group of people shared an evening in the pub, really talking with each other and getting to know one another that little bit more.

Although the clubs were open everywhere else in Mainland London, this group stayed put and carried on chatting and putting the world to rights.

Pulling the pints: The Lovely Fanny.
We eventually decided to put our tired bones to bed, but felt enormously satisfied in knowing that Mainland London has an established community of people who want to be involved with the day to day activities here, but more importantly, want to be involved with each other.

A special mention to Revanche, Scarlett and Heather, who all started their Second Live's here in Mainland London, then gradually started helping over the weeks and have now become team members helping to put on shows, club and sim events.  

We are so proud of the community that has formed around these sims and feel enormously honoured that so many people are now involved in helping Mainland London go from strength to strength.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Bank Holiday Continues....

Today, the famous Moped Race returns to Mainland London, but with a twist..  this time you're expected to jump ramps and through a flaming ring of fire.... and still stay upright.   All that for just a measly 250L, but hey its the taking part that counts, right?   Race starts at 11am PDT.  Meet at the Starting Point about 5 minutes before.

This evening we're going to be a bit sophisticated and have a cosy night in the boozer with  Quiz Night at the Star & Garter in West End, playing Name That Tune and Name the (crusty) Celebrity from 12pm Noon PDT.

Saturday was another mad day in Mainland London with 3 popular parties in one at Regent's Park.

We had an exclusive as BONEY M performed here for the first time anywhere in the grid to a packed house of people remembering their tunes from the 1970's.    Congratulations to Revanche and Tayla for a stunning show and thank you to Billy for creating a magnificent stage for the event.

See all the concert pictures on our facebook page.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

London Gets Bigger

The Soho region of Mainland London has just doubled in size!

Although we have added land to the West End district on a regular basis, Soho was starting to feel really cramped.

Whilst having all shops in both regions rented is great, it also meant that clients who wanted store space were unable to open their brand here as we had nothing available for them to rent.

Here in Mainland London, we were always keen to avoid the mistakes of others; ghost towns with whole sims of land, empty shops, no footfall and little to no following.   We started off small and have added land as it has been required.   However we didn't add it quick enough for Soho and we just plain ran out of room!

Today we have remedied that, by adding another half sim to the Soho district of Mainland London.

This will enable us to expand Regent's Park, add more stores, an amphitheatre, housing and better facilities for those who visit us on a regular basis.

Building work has already begun and we hope to have this additional land up and running by the month end.

Thank you for making Mainland London such a tremendous success.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Regent's Park - Your Second Life Destination!

Mainland London is proud to announce that Regent's Park has been added to the Second Life Destination Guide under New Resident Resources!

New residents visiting Mainland London's Regent's Park will find friendly helpful staff to show you the ropes, an excellent experiences for new residents, freebie shops including full avatars, clothing and accessories readily on hand. There are also two nightclubs, a bar, a park and a cinema. Explore this friendly and helpful community.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your London Events This Weekend

Bar Soho 1pm SLT: Freaky Friday with Tayla Tigerfish.

Madame Lala's 2pm SLT: DJ Plastique Munro, Ruby Babylon Stand-up, Neil Diamond in Revue.

Bar Soho: DJ Rolday, Best In Multicoloured.

Madame Lala's: Ruby Babylon & The Barbettes, Main Event:  BARRY WHITE.

Bar Soho: DJ Rolday playing new tunes and Best Of The Eighties.

Starting Monday 14th March, a whole week of Irish Theme Nights, starting in The Star & Garter pub with DJ Plas.  Party in the Park on St Patricks Day Evening on Thursday and Red Nose Day on Friday.

For up to the minute news, information and photo's of events, please see our group on facebook.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Barry White to play Madame Lala's London Revue on Saturday!

The Walrus of Love, BARRY WHITE will be performing in Revue at Madame Lala's, West End, Mainland London this Saturday, 12 March.

Doors open at 3pm SLT (11pm UK) with show tunes and a stand up routine from Ruby Babylon ahead of the main Show: Barry White, on stage at 4pm SLT (Midnight UK).

Did you miss Neil Diamond a couple of weeks ago, or were you unable to get in to the full Sim?
We're pleased to announce that Neil Diamond will be reprising his show this coming Friday, 11 March at Madame Lala's from 3pm SLT.  This is also the wonderful DJ Plas' first show at Lala's and not to be missed!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Weekend Starts Here

Get your weekend off to an early start tonight with us in Mainland London, then stagger into work tomorrow. Go on, you know you can make it through Friday, its just one more day!

Best in Formal Wear at Bar Soho from 1pm SLT.

Tayla and Billy's Rez Day Party at The Star & Garter in West End from 1pm SLT.

Barry Manilow (Reprise) at Madame Lala from 3pm SLT

Sexy Saturday with DJ Rolday at Bar Soho.

Shirley Bassey - The Main Event at Madame Lala's from 3pm SLT (with Special Guest Ruby Babylon).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Neil Fills Lala's

On Saturday night a crowd packed Madame Lala's London Revue to capacity throughout the evening, long before the star turn, Neil Diamond even arrived.  People were standing on the neighbouring Soho sim to catch a glance of this legendary entertainer.

To a house packed to the rafters, Neil Diamond sang his most famous of show stopping songs whilst the revellers danced into the small hours.

As if that wasn't enough, Madame Lala introduced a brand new resident entertainer, the larger than life Ruby Babylon and told everyone to be sure to come next week to see Ruby performing stand-up.  Lala then went on to sing her latest song from the forthcoming album and was accompanied by her famous Barbette staff as she wowed the crowd with her rendition of Blanket On The Ground.

This fabulous night was pure joy for the Mainland London crew who watched both sims fill to bursting point and stay that way for the whole evening. 

Thank you for everyone who attended and for those who were not able to get into the sims, don't worry, Neil has said he will do an encore performance again soon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonder No Longer - Support Tickets

Although you can always contact the team in-world for support, we have added an extra layer to our support coverage via this blog for when you are unable to be inworld for whatever reason.
Just click the Resources tab on the top menu to submit a support ticket for any issues within Mainland London.  A member of our team will answer the same day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Neil Diamond at Madame Lala's on Saturday 26th February

We are thrilled to announce that Neil Diamond will be appearing at Madame Lala's London Revue in the West End, this coming Saturday 26th February at 4pm SLT (Midnight UK).
Doors open at 3pm, so be sure to arrive early!