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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year in Review: July to December

July started with a whole weekend of parties and concerts to celebrate London LGBT pride. Dolly, Bette, Cher and Shirley all performed.

London City celebrates its 2nd Birthday, another party and then the Olympics begin, with concerts, parties and events. Linden Lab puts us on the splash and login screens. 

Our wonderful team excels itself but is a little frazzled by the end of the month having staged three major events, each spanning multiple days, plus the regular events.

August and the pace is relentless.  The Olympics are in full swing and the concerts continue. We fill in a simple form on the internet and become as official as others who are making out that the olympic committee has 'chosen' them.

Our fledgling sim, London City3 becomes self sufficient as a Homestead and pays for its own upgrade to a full Adult rated region. 
The entire region is rebuilt

Lezbo closes its doors for the last time and Juiced club opens.   The London Adult hub becomes and official LL new user destination.

The Nottinghill Carnival is held and is a wonderful success.  The last Bank Holiday of the year before Christmas has performers, Adevina Citron, Bob Marley, Donna Summer and regulars, Boney M.

We perform our most ambitious show to date, War of The Worlds and it goes down a storm.

In September, building work continues.  The London Dungeons in London City3 opens, sharing a horrible history with its visitors.   Disco Spectacular in London City becomes an Editors Pick, Juiced becomes the only club in London City to have a different themed interior every night and the temporary hub in London City3 is replaced by a bespoke building featuring Little Ben and the Pegoda.

October starts with the usual flurry of activity to get the regions ready for the Halloween Season, which runs for a month inSL!   We release our direct Teleporting HUD which allows visitors to teleport directly to a London destination with one click.

DX Exchange relocates its UK Headquarters exclusively to London City and begins sponsoring our events as a part of our new partnership.

In November, London City3 paid for its sister region, the fourth sim in London City, named London Adult.  This brand new region will be developed in 2013 and will offer an entirely new and complimentary level of entertainment to that found in LC3.

And here we are in December 2012 at Christmas, with shows from Rolf Harris, Adevina Citron, Demis Roussos, The Proms and Andy Williams.

London City is not the oldest London in Second Life by any means, but it is the most successful. 
It is also the most popular destination in all of Second Life.

To be honest, the theme of being London is not what makes it a runaway success.  This is evident by looking around at similar named and largely deserted estates.  London City is popular due to innovative creations, often copied by others, fun events often crashed by others and a dedicated and skilled team who graft at their hobby and get a real kick out of being the best.

Thank you to you for making it what it is.  A vibrant, diverse and enjoyable community.

Thank you for being a part of London City.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Year in Review: January to June

January saw the opening of the Job Centre in London City 3, a place for residents to look for work and also claim benefits.

First and last concerts by Blondie and Peter, Paul & Mary!

The Worlds End Pub in London City2 opened with CoffeeQueen68 as manager.  It will soon be her first anniversary.
The opening of the Lyons Tea House in London City.

In February we held our first ever job fayre, finding work for new residents. Our Gridwide unique visitors stat dips.. After 4 months at the number 1 slot we fall 2 places to number 3.
Coco in Pixels does some stunning photographs for us to use in our new advertising campaign

Take That and Adele performed for the first time.

In March, Regent's Park got a total makeover to accomodate new residents now being born directly into London City.  London City wins back its crown of number 1 destination in Second Life.

The Dubliners take to the stage for St. Patricks day.

Building classes begin in the London City Sandbox with RubyJones.
Vanessa Blaylock holds Dance Anywhere an event with hundreds of participants all dancing by Trafalgar Square.

April the 1st gets off to a bizarre start as some joker sets the landing zone 50 meters above the ground and watches the residents splat on landing.

The old Comptons pub is demolished and rebuilt to feature both the pub and an underground club called The London Substation, featuring music of the 50's and 60's and managed by Roy Geddins.

London City is asked by Linden Lab to become an official Pathfinder Beta region.  The regions high traffic makes it an ideal testing ground for this new technology.

We hold and exploding easter egg hunt.  When the eggs are clicked, you either win money or get blown up.  The contraversial crucifix race takes place. The London City marathon is run and London hasn't see so many runners since the lootings.

The Plaza Hotel, free homes for everyone opens.   The New User Experience opens in Comptons.
John Denver performs his first and last concert.

In May we hold the Mayoral Elections with Boris winning 43% of the vote.  DX Exchange moves into London City.  A tribute is held for Robin Gibb, Engelbert gets robbed at the Eurovision, but luckily we have Brotherhood of Man performing to keep the crowd energized!

In June, London City celebrates the Queens Diamond Jubilee, packing the bank holiday with concerts, simulcast broadcasts, competitions and sponsored events.  In just three days, over 18,000 visitors pass through the estate and our Youtube advert starts trending.

We also celebrate SL9B, Glen Campbell makes his one and only appearance in concert and Mika performs his first and last show.

Madame Lala's club get a complete makeover and we perform the Proms for her madge.

July to December to follow in the next story