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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Safe at Home this Easter

This Easter weekend could be a long  and tough one, but thank heavens for this virtual world to take the edge of our collective solitude.

As a community we will make the best of this situation and enjoy Easter as much as we possibly can.

Through the long weekend we hope you will come and enjoy various parties, the Bible Bashing tongue in cheek concert, the Easter egg hunt, egg and spoon race and a certain dubious race we hold each year that raises the odd eyebrow or two.

Shopping for groceries isn't easy either, but since you're already grabbing a chicken, you might as well grab a bottle of wine or some beers, so we can get inebriated in style.

Last weekend's Drinkathon was a dress rehearsal.  This weekend it's the real thing.  So start limbering up!

Instead of being stuck at home, consider this.. you are safe at home!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Covenant Update

The London City Covenant has been updated. The full covenant is displayed here .

For those already familiar with the covenant, the only change in this revision is the following information has been added since its last amendment in October 2019:

We are living in unsettled times, where the virtual community, more than ever, has come together for companionship during forced isolation from the real world. 

We very much hope that you will find London City a great place to come and chat, chill-out and enjoy some pleasant company and conversations. 

We do not wish to curtail anyone's enjoyment and we fully realise that there is a certain kind of 'gallows humour' that some people will adopt by way of a coping strategy. 

However, we expect our patrons to act responsibly and thoughtfully as each one of us will inevitably need to adapt to a changing world and circumstances. 

Whilst Coronavirus is in no way a taboo subject, we have decided that we will not host deliberately offensive residents or potentially distressing COVID-19 based avatars, or those wearing attachments that make people cough and claim to have infected them. We view this as "broadly offensive content or conduct" and will issue one warning only to remove the attachment. Those failing to comply will have their access to the estate revoked. 

Let's keep London City in Second Life fun for everyone, at this time when we all need to use its resources, and look to each other to lift our spirits.