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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Windows 10 Spring update

After a lengthy download and ninety minutes later, I am now the proud owner of Windows 10 update version 1803.

I don't believe it offers me anything new that I will want to dive into, but I am grateful to have my operating system back relatively in one piece.

After umpteen restarts, Windows is finally ready.  I am treated like a new user who has freshly installed it for the first time and it asks me about permissions to track my location, my files, my videos and my microphone etc.  The usual nosy stuff that that many of us like to avoid.

I clicked "no" to all the privacy permissions, but thought it would be prudent to review my previous privacy settings again and make sure they had been honoured.

Alas, many of the privacy options I had previously disabled have been miraculously re-enabled.

So my tip to you is, once installation has completed, go through all the options on the left hand side of the Privacy menu and turn off the things you do not want.   Do not assume your privacy settings have been carried forward.

As for the operating system itself.  Pretty much the same as it was.  Just more junk under the hood.

One more thing..  For good measure, if you have System Restore enabled, it turns it off!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Windows 10 Fall Update

Today is the day of the first major
upgrade for Windows 10, called "The Fall Update"

With 110 million machines already running Windows 10, the update will trickle through over the next couple of days.

Most noticeable differences being coloured title bars instead of the plain white ones, built in Skype and improvements to the Edge Browser.

Some welcome cosmetic changes include the ability to disable the Windows logo and User profiles displayed at start-up. Also, for those who use Cortana, it will now work without a Microsoft account.

See more here at The Verge

Hopefully everything will go smoothly, else it will be forever dubbed the Fail Update.  Have fun!