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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Spotlight On Style: Spazio Piaggio

Lurking around the streets of London City for something for today's blog, I came across Spazio Piaggio.  It is a lovely little shop packed to the gunnels with men's mesh and non-mesh outfits.

The outfit pictured above is called F35.  It comes with a soft cotton t-shirt with a subtle pattern across the chest and (prim) sleeves, a pair of faded grey jeans with a belt and prim cuffs. soft canvas shoes and a set of dog tags to complete the casual look.

Spazio Piaggio can be found here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spotlight On Style: Lonsdale London

Selling Lonsdale merchandise - t-shirts, vests, all-in-ones, boxing gloves, headbands, shoes, towels, silk boxing shorts and neck chains - is the Lonsdale London shop on London City Victoria.  Outfits and accessories for men and women.

The pic above shows the Short Jumpsuit in white, which is in a soft luxury fabric with the Lonsdale logo on the top left.  I added the Lonsdale Trainers also in white to complete the look.

You can find Lonsdale London here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Spotlight On Style: Lovely

As I slipped out of the back door of Bar Soho on my way to forage for fashion tidbits, I spied a new stop - Lovely.  Immediately drawn to the colourful logo with it's crown topping (fit for a queen), I was impressed by the fun and flirty dress, french maid costumes and lingerie.

The dress shown above is Aurora Belle in yellow and lilac.  The skirt comes in two lengths and has additional capri pants.  Light and floaty with pastel stripes, the dress is on trend for Spring/Summer 2013 and comes in a range of soft colours.

Lovely can be found here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spotlight On Style: Rett

Yes kiddies, auntie Bailey is back from an extended Christmas and New Year break with the Spotlight on Style.  This week the spotlight falls on Rett.

Rett's in the north east corner of London City Soho is situated across the road from Bar Soho.  It features a range of lady's outfits and dresses, which are all reasonably priced - many only L$100.  A free outfit can be found by the door of the stop.

The dress shown is the Princess Diana Famous Gown.  It features an asymmetric skirt, strapless top, sleeves, train, stockings, a thong and a handbag.  Simple, elegant and effortless for a classy night out in Second Life.

Rett can be found here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Blow-Up

Blow-Up located in London City Soho features a range of provocative clothing and accessories.  The fun and flirty fashions are complimented by jewellery, glasses and lollipops amongst other items.

The Santa Girl outfit comes complete with top, skirt, panties, garters, socks, collar, gloves, boots and hat.  The skirt, top and gloves are in a rich red velvet and come with white fur trim.  The black patent leather boots also have white fur trim.  The garters are accessorised with a bow, bells and holly.  The skirt belt has various Christmas bits hanging from it.  As if all that isn't enough, a hand held candy cane, mouth candy cane and bottle of champagne are also included to get you in to the festive mood.

Blow-Up can be found here.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Thati Miles Fashion

Located on London City 3: Victoria is Thati Miles Fashion store.  It features a range of fun and flirty dresses for the woman who is not afraid to flaunt what she has to offer without showing too much.

The picture shows Rachel in red.  The dress also comes in blue and black.  The delicately patterned fabric is accented with gently sparkling gold highlights both top and bottom.  The neckline and back both feature a ring and strap detailing.  The strap detail on the front helps to accentuate the bust and is guaranteed to focus the eye of admirers!

The dress does not come with shoes or accessories, but is still reasonably priced as the texturing is very good and creates an eye catching look.  Ideal for the Christmas party season and beyond.

Thati Miles Fashion can be found here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Delphi's Designs

I have chosen something for the men out there this week again.  I paid a visit to Delphi's Designs, which has three shops spread across London City.  It stocks a range of male and female clothing including outfits, accessories and tattoos.

I chose the Grax II outfit which comes with black leather pants and a top layer containing a red and grey argyle pattern sweater over an untucked white shirt.  Both the pants and jumper come with prim cuffs and the outfit is nicely textured.  The outfit is reasonably price and is transfer so you can buy it for the man in your life if not for yourself - well Christmas is approaching!

Delphi's Designs can be found in London City 3 - Victoria here and in London City 1 - Soho and Regent's Park here and here.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Spotlight On Style: devicious

Located in a corner of London City - Soho and Regent's Park just off the main hub stands the building that houses the devicious store.

devicious with the slogan of 'The best choice for the rockstar in you' features a variety of leather and latex outfits and dresses, some with suede and denim embellishments.  A lot are available in a range of colours within the pack allowing you to mix and match the look you want.  The outfits come with matching shoes or boots included to complete the look.

The Insidious outfit in the pic is in four colours - black, red, dark pink, cream, which all come in the one pack.  It comes with a top, pants and matching boots (with an alpha texture).  It is latex with a subtle printed design and cutouts that enhance the contours of the body and show off your skin to maximum effect without revealing everything.

devicious can be found here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spotlight On Style: B&V Fashion Style

Located around the corner from Juiced themed nightclub on London City 3 - Victoria, I came across the B&V Fashion Style shop.  Despite the eye-catching logo the shop has a plain and simple shop design and layout which puts the focus firmly on the merchandise.  The lines include women's outfits, dresses, lingerie, some ladies footwear, male outfits, jeans and jackets.  Some items in the store use the traditional methods of clothing construction, some use mesh.  All items retail at under L$100, so even those on a budget can treat themselves.

The dress in the pic is Elegance in black.  It is a simple and something every woman needs in her wardrobe - a little black dress.  This dress has added interested in a delicate pattern across the main body of the garment.  The dress comes supplied on jacket and shirt layers for the top and the pants layer for the bottom.  A modifiable prim skirt is also included - along with a posing animation to allow you to adjust the prim skirt.

B&V Fashion Style can be found here.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Subversion

In this week's offering of Spotlight on Style, we are giving a nod to the impending festive season with an outfit for men from Subversion.

Subversion is a menswear retailer for the adventurous man.  The store features outfits, separates, surfwear, accessories and footwear.

Subversion Chrimbo Sweater Outfit in cream
The Chrimbo Sweater Outfit is available in a range of colours and is shown in the picture in the cream colourway.  The outfit comes on all clothing layers and comprises of a white shirt, a cream patterned sweater with snowflake  reindeer and tree motifs, cream striped jeans with snow flake design and ripped knees, a set of heavy strapped boots and a hat knitted from one of the colours of yarn in the sweater.  The sweater comes in tucked and untucked options and there are choices for plain white motifs or coloured ones.  There are two options for rolled up prim sleeves - one with the shirt as well as the sweater showing, the other with the sweater only.  The shirt has a prim collar and the boots come in two variations - one with alpha layer and the other without.

Subversion can be found here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Kitties Lair

This week the style spotlight travels across London City to London Victoria and lands upon Kitties Lair.  The store features dresses, outfits, separates, swimwear, underwear and accessories including boots and shoes.  The shop is located a short walk from Juiced nightclub, where a DX Exchange ATM terminal is located in case you need to top up your L$s so you can splurge in the shop!

As the clocks change and the autumn weather continues to cool down, I found an outfit to help keep me warm on those strolls through the London City parks.  The outfit features a smart sweater with a chunky knit design and sculpted cuffs and polo neck collar, jeans in two lengths (the short ones with sculpted cuffs), black tights, leg warmers and a pair of ankle boots.  The ankle boots have button, zip and toe cap detailing.

Kitties Lair can be found here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Halloween Special - Death Row Designs

Just to the east of Bar Soho is a shop with a dark and forbidding look.  The black and green decor with a hint of blood seeping out on the pavement houses Death Row Designs.  Inside is a small shop packed with treasures for those who like gore, grunge, distressed and battered looks.

The store features a range of items including:-

  • Mouth accessories
  • Belts, leg and arm straps
  • Armor
  • Unusual piercings
  • Avatar appearance items such as eyes and horns
  • Male and female outfits
  • Male and female boots

Everything is reasonably priced; some outfits cost a mere L$99 with others ranging up to L$399 for 'fantasy' costumes such as Undead Snow White, Undead Tink (Tinkerbell) and Undead Alice (Alice in Wonderland), which would make excellent choices for the Halloween season that is now upon us.  The urban decay look of the items is perfect for roleplay in such areas.

Undead Snow White complete outfit with eyes.
Skin and hair are models own.
These boots come with the Undead Snow White outfit.

The Undead Snow White outfit comes with top and pants clothing layers, eyes and prim parts - collar, hair bow, sleeves and boots (with an alpha layer for the feet).  A poisoned apple with a pose built in is also included for dramatic effect!  The prim skirt is grimy and bloodied and has a torn hem.  The boots have excellent detail for stitching, buckles and laces.

Steampunk outfit

The Steampunk outfit comes with top, corset, gloves, pants and stockings on clothing layers and prim parts for the hat, bracelet, collar, vest, sleeves and multi layered skirt in different patterns.  The hat and bracelet, which attaches to the upper arm, feature a chain link and cog detail.  The outfit is in subtle autumn hues of green, brown and copper.  Footwear is not included, but as the outfit is priced at a mere L$99, you can always treat yourself to boots in store!

Death Row Designs can be found here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Toritire

This week the Spotlight On Style falls upon a London City shop supplying something that can provide the foundation for a male outfit - underwear.  Toritire features a range of (mainly) underwear for men - boxers, briefs, jocks, tanks, hats and some saucy little outfits.

Toritire Box Cut Stripe Boxers
The boxers pictured above come in a range of colours (both plains and stripes) in store.  The pair on the left are in pink; the ones on the right are in black and are available as a freebie, so you can try out the quality before shopping for some more colourful well fitting underwear in the range for those cold winter nights in front of a roaring fire with someone special (or someone totally random if that works for you).  The underwear is on both lower clothing layers and features an additional prim bulge to help you standout!

Toritire can be found here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spotlight On Style: K-Code

Another Wednesday and another spotlight on a shop in London City.  This week's featured store is K-Code, which offers women's outfits, jackets, trousers, suits and boots.  The clothing is stylish, fun and affordable.

K-Code Cappuccino Glamour complete outfit 
The Cappuccino Glamour outfit in the pic comes with jacket and glitch pants, plus stockings and the boots shown in the inset.  The dress has a prim flexi skirt and additional prim belt/ruffles and sleeves.  Other colours are available in store.  The soft shades are flattering for a range of skin colours and the cappuccino is a great colour for autumn/fall.

K-Code can be found here in London City - Regent's Park and Soho and here in London City - Victoria.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Nilsy

This week the fashion spotlight turns on Nilsy's store in London City.  The store features a range of fun and sexy dresses and outfits ideal for the woman who isn't afraid to show off her provocative, flirtatious side.

Nilsy Paiette Zebra Dress shown with transparent and solid options, and low-cut back
The Paiette Zabra Dress comes in solid and transparent options and features a sweetheart neckline and plunging back that manages to be alluring while covering your modesty.  The sparkling fabric accentuates the shape of the body and the zebra stripe guides the eye beautifully showing off your curves.

Check out Nilsy in London City here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spotlight On Style:Snowpaws

Hello and welcome to a new addition to the London City blog.  For anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Bailey and I am manager and DJ in a couple of London City venues.  Starting this week I will be wandering the shops in London City and checking out the wares available.

My first 'Spotlight On Style' is shone on Snowpaws.  Owned by Carrie Snowpaw, the name Snowpaws is synonymous with glamour and her dresses are instantly recognisable.  Gowns are affordably priced and feature layers and detailing that create an impact.

Snowpaws Radieux gown in ruby with insets showing detailing at the chest and waist.
The gown is shown in ruby and comes with optional flower detailing at on the bodice and at the waist.  The gown itself is made up of a bodice with skirt and prim skirt attachments in a diaphanous fabric to give volume and impact.

Check out Snowpaws in London City here.