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Friday, August 05, 2016

London (City) Riots remembered 5 years on

Five years ago, London rioted, causing the single biggest loss of property and possessions since the blitz.  For those of us living close to the capital it was three nights of terror, which went as quickly as it came.   Here is a vintage (and somewhat clonky) video from 2011 in London City, created at the same time surrounding areas were under siege by hooligans looting and burning towns.  We clearly remember turning our lights out and staying logged into Second Life and other social media as trouble crept towards our RL district.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Comptons Never Looked So Good

The SL Enquirer has run a story about London City today.   Read it Here!

Also in the news today...

The Community in London City was shocked to the core today as Comptons combusted!

In a bizarre twist of fate it is rumoured that the fire was caused by a cheap plasma telly acquired only last night!

Luckily, London City Builder and part time Firefigher Billy managed to lay his hands on an unfeasibly long hose to douse melting barmaid Fanny.

The blaze is under control and Comptons will open tonight as usual.  Sorry if the beer is a bit on the warm side.

Fanny - A Barmaid worth saving!