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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bright Canopy - Run SL in your Web Browser

After a spluttering initial launch and having ironed out some problems, Bright Canopy, the service that lets you stream Second Life via a web browser, offering a new lease of life for slower computers and superior streaming for android devices is available again from Wednesday 23rd September.

Bright Canopy says:

Bright Canopy has been down now for almost one month. We have done our best to be transparent and communicative during the downtime. We have been working with Frame on a new pricing plan that will allow us to offer the service immediately. We will continue working on options that will improve our costs on the back-end and allow more  flexibility in the future.

The service will be charged at US$17 per month for 20 hours service, additional charging at $0.02 per minute.

For information, head to their site here:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bright Canopy an alternative to SL Go

With only 250 signatures on the petition to save SL Go, one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the market for a Second Life streaming service is far too niche to be of interest to developers.

Bright Canopy think otherwise and held their first meeting with Second Life residents on 25th April to explained that this service should be similar to SL Go, but will be web browser based, initially using Chrome.  So, if a device or PC can run Chrome then in theory it should be able to use this service as an alternative to SL Go, which ends tomorrow.

Bright Canopy is in closed beta right now, but will be a premium service accepting payment via credit card or Bitcoin, with plans to add Paypal and Linden Dollars after launch.

The service still seems to be a way off from launching, but appears to be the most likely successor to SL Go.

For information about Bright Canopy, see the notes from the in-world meeting here

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Twisted Media Solutions

Real life company Twisted Media has moved into London City.

Twisted Media excel in professional quality broadcast streams that are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

They offer SHOUTcast and IceCast2 streams with facilities that other streaming services can only dream of providing.

Free with each stream comes 1GB storage space for Auto DJ.  This allows you to upload around 350 MP3 music and jingle tracks to your space on their central server and have the Auto DJ play these songs automatically to your listeners when no live DJ is currently streaming, keeping your station on-air 24 hours per day.

Other features include Intro Ads, so when someone first presses play, a station Ident is played before the stream comes in.  These intros can be up to 30 seconds in length.   If you don't have an advert or jingle, the folks at Twisted Media will make you one for a small fee.

There is no set up fee and the first month is FREE!   After that you pay just 470L per month for 150 listeners at 128kbps.

Astonishing value!   Check out the store today