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Monday, June 08, 2015

Red hot action at THE CROWN. (12pm SL / 8pm UK)

The reimagining of the original Crown is complete and the doors have opened!

Earlier in the year when the Crown moved from London City Victoria to London City Soho it occupied the Comptons building and more or less took on its persona, but visitors missed the spectacle of tits'n'ass, so manager Ruby Jones has gone about fixing this.

The new Crown recaptures its original intent, a place where sexy swingers, singles and those in love with the beauty of bare flesh can come and meet other like minds and party the night away.

Adding a brand new feature, the outside pool area, it the opportunity to get some sun on your skin, whilst drinking in a heady atmosphere in a chilled and relaxing environment.

The sexy music is carefully chosen to add to the experience and just like before, everyone is welcome, gay, straight or in between, it doesn't matter, just have an open mind and be tollerant.   You can relax in the pool, dance on the poles or if you are more of an exhibitionist, we're sure you will find a way to display your very best assets.

The Crown is open daily at 12pm SL (8pm UK).  Come on over and bare as much as you dare.