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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Destination added to London City Portals

The following locations have been added to the third party Portal Destination in London City.  Walk through the portal to arrive at these destinations.

"That's Italy" located on the MIC region has been added to the destination Portal. This intriguing build lets you explore ancient ruins and scavenge from old cargo vessels listing at sea from the comfort of your hovercraft.

Prim Hearts Funfair and Amusements located at Prim Hearts.  Rollercoaster, log plume, ferris wheels, octopus and other funfair amusements.
Old Time Radio at Wyrd, is a 1940s sitting room parlour playing war time radio programmes in a setting of that era with new re-broadcast shows each week.

Enjoy these destinations.  To submit a destination please click the Support Ticket option on this blog and state that it is a destination you would like to recommend.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

London City Presents: Second Life Featured Destinations

London City now has Featured Destination Portals to offer residents the opportunity of visiting other recommended destinations in Second Life.

The Featured Destination Portals, will be used for events and stunning locations both inside and outside of the estate.

We are seeking well designed locations that enrich the Second Life experience with concepts that differ from those in London City.

So if you know of a location that everyone in Second Life should visit, please submit your suggestion using the Support Ticket option at the top of this page (or add a comment to this story) and be sure to include the Slurl of the destination and a brief summary of the region.

Today we have added the destinations: "Whimsy", a picturesque 6 region estate, "Kaboom" home of the Robot Sanatorium and "Another Somewhere", a landscaped and beautifully created habitat full of places to explore and "Camp Kawabata", a woodland area with canoes, log cabins and campfires and "Planetarium", a fully animated virtual encounter with the stars in our solar system. 

The destination in the portal changes every 30 seconds, so step through the portal when your chosen location is shown and be teleported instantly to explore a brand new location.


"Another Somewhere"
"Camp Kawabata"
London City - Connecting Second Life Communities

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Destination Portals

Each London City region now has teleport portals connecting to the estate.  You can move around quickly and directly to a location just by walking into a portal.  We also have a "Featured Destination" portal too for guest destinations and favourites.

Get started here..