Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucy Has True Grit

To celebrate the UK release of True Grit, a film originally starring John Wayne in 1969 as Marshall Rooster Cogburn, The Curzon Cinema in Soho is showing a classic episode of The Lucy Show.

Starring Lucille Ball and Guest Starring John Wayne, this is a 'must see' for any fans of The Duke and features some terrific comedy performed by both.

Although nominated for many Oscars throughout his career spanning 122 films,  True Grit earned John Wayne his only Academy Award for Best Leading Actor at the age of 62.

To see When Lucy Met John Wayne, visit The Curzon Cinema

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real Life Mainland London Merchandise

Mainland London launches its initial Real Life product line with these 2 designs now available on Mugs and on T-Shirts.  See Cafepress Mainland London Store

Saturday: Barry Manilow at Madame Lala's

This coming Saturday, 19th February at 4pm SLT (Midnight UK) the legend that is BARRY MANILOW will be performing in Revue at Madame Lala's, West End, Mainland London.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star & Garter Pub is Hiring

Mainland London has three distinct venues for visitors to the sims.

Bar Soho is a nightclub playing current commercial club music and is open 7 nights a week from 1pm SLT.  Bar Soho is our most established venue and runs a nightly themed event with prize.

Madame Lala's is open on Saturdays from 4pm SLT and playing show tunes, with a weekly Revue from a famous act.  Lala's is a popular hang out for other performers and is open right through the small hours.

Star & Garter is a new pub, replacing the Drunken Duck.  This public house trades like any real life pub, with people hanging out, quizzes, music, games machines and regular themed nights.  The pub opens from 11am SLT each day to coincide with residents in the UK arriving home from work.  The pub is open until at least 1pm SLT when Bar Soho opens.

Star & Garter is currently seeking Barmen, Barmaids and Management staff who can work on a regular basis for 2 hours a day from 11am SLT, three times per week.  For more information, visit the pub inworld.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Is Here - So Is The Hunt!

Love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is here!

In the real world, many see it as a way for greedy shops to cash-in and make huge fortunes selling you things you would not buy at any other time of the year.

The beauty of Second Life is the many Valentines Hunts throughout the grid where you can collect FREE prizes just by hunting down a hidden object.

Here in Mainland London, as featured in Destination Guide "Valentines Hunts", we are running the Valentines Flower Power Hunt, which starts in Bar Soho.  Go to the bar and click the little heart shaped vase on the counter to collect your first prize.  Then visit all our merchants and have a look around in the stores on sim.  30 stores also have hidden vases with spectacular gifts from the store owners, made specially for this hunt.

There are also many additional items hidden around the sims, particular in Regents Park.  Its amazing what prizes can be won by clicking the most innocuous looking objects.

This evening, why not pop to Bar Soho for a night of soul and lurve?

For those of you who want to get away from it, we have a romance free zone in Star & Garter pub this evening playing sounds of the 80s, no love guaranteed.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and thank you for choosing to share it with us here in Mainland London.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bette Does Lala's

At 4pm SLT (Midnight UK) on Saturday, Madame Lala put out her signature message, "Bonsoir, Guten Abend and Good Evening from MADAME LALA's Club Extraordinaire", announcing that Bette Midler was going to be arriving shortly.

Guests arrived immediately to dance and listen to some high class camp Show Tune sounds until the Revue began.  Bette's show was the usual combination of wonderful songs and hilarity and she performed superbly.

As an additional "treat" for guests, Madame Lala herself took to the stage after the Revue to show off her lovely new frock and to entertain us with her own version of "Sing Me And Old Fashioned Song".  What a voice... or maybe by that point, we had all imbibed a little too much weekend cheer.

With a new Revue each week, Madame Lala's in West End looks set to become a key venue in Mainland London.

Friday, February 11, 2011

SATURDAY ~ Bette Midler at Madame Lala's

On SATURDAY at 4pm SLT (Midnight UK)
WEST END, Mainland London.
Don't miss it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Star & Garter: Opening Night, 11am SLT Thursday

London's newest Pub opens its doors tonight for the first time.

The Star & Garter is a traditional pub in the WEST END sim of Mainland London, with features and quizzes throughout the week.

Join us at 11am SLT (7pm UK) for the 'Name The Celebrity Quiz'.  Will you be able to identify famous faces from photo's of how they look now?

This fiendish quiz pays anything from 5 Linden to 50 Linden per correct answer depending on level of difficulty.   
Star & Garter: 1980's tunes, good company, proper english beer. Chilled and fun!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New User Experience: Calling The Park Greeter Within

Mainland London REGENTS PARK requires HELP from those who will try their best to ensure NEW RESIDENTS receive the SUPPORT they need to in order to PROGRESS and learn the SKILLS to assist them in this virtual environment, whilst maintaining a FUN and INFORMATIVE ATMOSPHERE ensuring that MAINLAND LONDON remains at the heart of NEW USER EXPERIENCE.

Some visitors will use the service as a drop-in centre for information and catch-up and require little assistance. Our main thrust of tuition will be to offer support to those who would benefit from a more step-by-step tutorial until FULLY PROFICIENT.  We will be tolerant and patient above all other qualities.

For this role, you need to be immensely patient, fun, friendly, spontaneous, level-headed, knowledgeable and be able to juggle these skills and competencies to impart vital information.

If you are someone who thrives on challenges and possess a sense of humour which allows you to smile at irony and not be wound up by the classroom clown, then this could be a mutually beneficial relationship with you and Mainland London.

Please get in touch with Torric Rodas, or click one of the recruitment boards in Regents Park for more information.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bar Soho: Themed Every Night

Tuesday night was a Pirate Theme Night in Bar Soho with the regular excellent sounds of DJ Plastique Munro.
Join us in Bar Soho, open 7 nights a week from 1pm SLT (9pm UK) As featured in the Second Life Destination Guide > Pub and Club Hotspots.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Madame Lala: Proud Of Opening

Opening Night at Madame Lala's, West End.  Mainland London.

At Midnight UK (4pm SLT) Madame Lala's Revue Club opened to critical acclaim to a mass of brand new faces as well as regulars in the Mainland London Comminity.

A hush came over the audience as the presence of Lala herself was felt as she walked seductively into the brand new Nightclub and simply said "Hello, I am Madame Lala, enjoy the carabet".

The night got off to a great start with everyone dancing and singing along to West End and Broadway show tunes, whilst chatting and flirting with the scantily dressed Bar Staff, known as "Barbettes".

At 1am UK (5pm SLT) the deminutive form of Judy Garland dressed in her trademark black leggings and bright oriental style jacket, took to the stage and sang for her supper and how how hard she sang.  Belting numbers like Putting On The Ritz, to demonstrating her tenderness and refrain whilst singing "The Man Who Got Away"

Judy enjoyed a wonderfully warm reception by the audience and afterwards had a couple of bottles of Gin with her adoring fans then slipped away into the night.

The audience continues to party well into the night and were still going strong at 4am when Madame Lala packed up for the night.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Regent And Lala Are Set For Big Night

The top brass of Mainland London, namely Regent and newcomer Manager, Lala are all set for Saturday's big event, the Grand Opening of Mainland London's third venue, Madame Lala's.

Madame Lala's is a Showbiz Revue venue, playing show tunes and where new and emerging acts are invited to perfom in a nightly revue act of about 30 minutes. Additionally many well known stars who don't wish to do full sets are invited to do a "turn" on the stage and perform to their peers.

Opening on Saturday and in Revue is Judy Garland singing her most famous songs.

Madame Lala opens on Saturday at Midnight UK time, which is 4pm SLT.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Madame Lala's in West End!

MADAME LALA - REVUE based in West End, Mainland London.
Written by Torric Rodas

Madame Lala's is based upon, Madame Jojo's 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1 - circa 1986-1990.

In the lates 1980's, Revue Bar owner, Paul Raymond opened Madame Jojo's, named after its Filipino manager, female impersonator Jojo.

By the early nineties, Paul Raymond and its Manager, Joho, had parted company, but the name lives on to this day.

Madame Lala's is based upon the era of 1986 to 1990, when Jojo's was a "Club Extraordinare" with a nightly Revue act ranging from live singers to amusing cheap budget shows featuring the staff of the club.

There was nothing dirty going on in the club, everything was innuendo, but tasteful.

The bar was staffed with what was then termed as gender-benders. Male staff wearing leotards, Fishnets, High heels and lots of make-up. It was not permitted to wear a wig, nor a dress as this was considered drag. Drag was only ever performed by hired female impersonators during some shows.

The staff were known as Barbettes. Their job was to ensure you had a great evening. They would approach tables of people with silver platters in hand and deliver drinks as ordered or an expensive but small prawn cocktail. They would sometimes sit with lone gentlemen and keep him company for a while after delivering drinks. The gentleman would usually tip the Barbette into a glass filled with tens and twenties on their platter. The interaction between staff and clientele was always professional. Phone number were never exchanged, nor did staff ever arrange to meet a client outside of the club.

For the most part, the club was a well to do, expensive but classy night out, particularly for straight middle aged or married men who could in effect talk to a feminine guy and then claim afterwards that they had thought it was a woman. It was also an extremely popular with ladies who could enjoy a night out without being hassled. Open way into the small hours, it was a favourite haunt for many top celebrities appearing in West End shows, who would be given VIP entry and complimentary drinks whilst they sat and unwound after their performances and watched the Revue show of the night, usually at 1am... and usually the same show 6 nights a week for 12 weeks.

Whilst it is true that rent boys would come into the club, it was discouraged. If anyone was openly touting for a pick-up they were ejected from the club. However, anyone buying drinks for anyone else and spending money, were encouraged to stay.

Madame Lala in West End is based on this era of Madame Jojo's complete with Barbette staff. It is an accurate portrayal of the nightclub at this time, including the decor. Any topless acts are purely for the glamour of entertainment and no sexual act is to be inferred nor implied. Our staff will conduct themselves professionally at all times.

This is an occasional club. Open for Revue, small bands, stand-up and other cozy entertainment intended for open minded, non judgmental adults of all persuasions.

(c)2011 Mainland London, Torric Rodas ~ All rights reserved.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Piccadilly Circus Sign

There is a huge sign in real life London known as the "Piccadilly Circus Sign". This advertising sign has long been a mecca for the "Big Boys" in industry.

What virtual London Sim would be complete without this historic landmark? Here at Mainland London, we have recreated the Piccadilly Sign with all the care and detail of all our buildings.

Featured prominantly, the sign welcomes visitors to Mainland London in a way no other can, we hope you will come by and see this wonderful peice of real world recreated for the virtual world.

First Valentines Hunt Gift Revealed!

With the Flower Power Hunt and Festival quickly approaching we can now reveal the first gift!

This Valentines Day Top Hat is a one of a kind creation and will only be available as a hunt gift. It features a sculpted Cupid Teddy, swirling hearts AND can be worn with your OWN hair!

Look for this, and many MANY more free hunt gifts durring the Mainland London Flower Power Hunt and Festival, Feb 1-28, 2011!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mainland London Building Course

Mainland London is proud to announce the arrival of our official builing course!

Led by expert builder Billy Arentire, these courses will cover all aspects of building 3 D objects in a virtual environment. We will cover the creation of basic shapes and texturing and progress to the more complex creation of entire buildings.

One of the projects lined up is the creation of your very own London building! Weather it's a shop or a home, we will help you in replicating any of real life London's famous buildings.

The Mainland London Building Course is a fun and exciting way to interact both with the virtual world of Second Life and those who have chosen to play in this environment. For further information please visit us in world at Mainland London

First Hunt Location Announced!

In an earlier story we told you about the Mainland London Flower Power Valentines Hunt and Festival. We can now reveal the starting location of the hunt, and it's our very own Bar Soho!

What better place to start a hunt than the local bar, where you can wet your whistle and pick up your first free hunt item! A long standing hot spot for Mainland London, Bar Soho is proud to host the Flower Power Valentines Hunt. In addition to being the starting location for the hunt, Bar Soho will also feature several events durring the month of February aimed towards lovers and the love lorn.

For additional information, including participating hunt locations and hints, please click the link at the top of this page called Mainland London Hunts - or - click here to go to the page.

The New User Experience

Mainland London is proud to announce the opening of the New User Experience in Regent's Park. Already a new resident friendly area, Regent's Park has been expanded to encompass many of the elements missing in most independently run New User Experience areas.

Those who are new to Second Life will find more than a dozen information boards geared towards Viewer 2 and detail some of the more in-depth facilities of the viewer. This information is invaluable for a more immersive experience and enables both new and existing players to enjoy a deeper and more fulfilling Second Life.

Here in Mainland London we believe in giving those new to Second Life a leg up. Instead of just giving them a hand out, the New User Experience in Regent's Park is interactive. New residents can win excellent quality gifts at the Lucky Boards in the Cafe. These boards contain such gifts as complete avatars that include a new shape, skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories for a brand new look. You can also win much needed gadgets like the Radar HUD that not only tells you who is nearby, but also allows you to fly to new heights in Second Life. Sports cars, bicycles and clothes are just a few of the items available.

Several days a week visitors to the New User Experience in Regent's Park can take part in a game of skill known as the Cash Canon! If you're unfamiliar with the game you should drop by the park and have a go, it’s a riot!

If all this isn't enough, new residents can also get personal assistance with any and all aspect of Second Life. We have many experienced Second Life residents on hand who are ready and willing to help in a friendly and outgoing manner. These residents are here to assist new players on their journey through Second Life and impart the knowledge they have gained over the years in an effort to enrich fledgling players and get them off to a good start.

We are seeking bright, fun and friendly people to work in Regents Park as 'Park Greeters'. Each day more than 100 new residents land here for the first time. Many need help. If you are willing to share some of your time and experience, please notecard Torric Rodas or Billy Arentire for details. Knowledge of Viewer 2 essential. This post suits experienced residents.

Sunday Night Spectacular

Sunday night in Ⓜainland London saw party goers flock from all over Second Life. People would go from venue to venue and as soon as someone left, three or four more would arrive... and so it continued until 3am UK time, when having imbibed just slightly too much, I had to admit defeat and stumble off to bed. Am sure I am not the one who suffered this morning. Thanks everyone for coming. It was another splendid weekend at Ⓜainland London and boy does this community know how to party... and how its growing. 300 new members this week alone!

Visit Ⓜainland London in world: on Facebook "Mainland London" group, on Twitter @MainlandLondon and on the blog

Written by Torric Rodas

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mainland London Valentines Hunt

As featured in the Second Life Destination Guide and Second Life Sandbox Newsletter:



Mainland London will be holding a 28 day Flower Power Valentines Festival including a hunt across West End, Regents Park and Soho districts. A fun time with terrific hunt prizes for all, in the beautiful romantic locations of Regents Park and BAR SOHO club in Soho.

Click the special spring time flowers in red heart shaped vases for unique gifts for you and your friends provided by many top merchants in Second Life.

Each gift will contain a clue to the next location. There are 40 to collect. For those who get stuck, additional tips will be posted on our blog and help is available in our chat group London Soho Entertainment.

In addition to the hunt, we will be running a Valentines Festival. Stay tuned to this blog for a complete list of scheduled events!

Monday, January 17, 2011

IN CORPORE Grand Opening Party

IN CORPORE, in West End London, had it's Grand Opening Party on Saturday and the whole of Mainland London turned up for this momentus event!

DJ Plastique Monroe got the joint jumping and Owner/creator Sara Zuta was on hand along with Drunken Duck Pub manager Tarah Soulstar to welcome the party goers.

Over L$1000 was given away in cash and prizes and everyone who attended was given a free gift. The nights contest "Best Dressed Avatar" drew in loads of people all dressed in their finest. As amazing as everyone looked, there could be only one winner and that winner was our own PC Scizm!

The fashions at IN CORPORE are both classic and timeless with particular attention to detail. Sara's shop caters to both men and women and has quickly become one of the top fashion boutiques.

Be sure to come by IN CORPORE in Mainland London's West End and treat yourself to something amazing!

Monday, January 10, 2011

SACHI SL Photo Gallery comes to Mainland London West End!

Looking for a photographer to shoot your profile picture? Wanting to have a modeling portfolio? Or just simply wanting to be shot by a photographer?

Are you also torn between which photographer to approach?

Well here's a piece of good news.

SACHI SL Photo Gallery comes to Mainland London West End!

The gallery houses SL photography works by Zachary Zufreur and would help you make the right decision!

Also being featured at the gallery, is Zach's first ever SL Photo collection - "Timeless Spiral".

Friday, January 07, 2011

Mainland London Camden Opens!

Camden is Mainland London's first strictly residential district. This brand new area features real life recreations of homes found in Camden and a small version of Russell Square. Residents cane choose from several home styles and each comes complete with group controlled radio changer, front door and drapes that can be closed for privacy. Each home also features a unique built in kitchen, 2 full floors and a third floor loft area.

As always, interior retexturing is available so you can make your Camden home truely your own and reflect your personal style and taste. Come visit us in Second Life's Mainland London and join our rapidly growing community!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Spring in Regent's Park

Shake off the winter blue and enjoy a lovely Spring day in Mainland London's Regent's Park. The daffodils, baptista, and yes even the Queen Roses have made a triumphant return to the park! Butterflies float gently on a warm spring breeze as the sun breaks through the mighty oaks, which are also in full spring glory!