Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surely Bassey?

Dame Shirley Bassey will play Mainland London on Saturday 5th March at 4pm SLT.  Not to be missed!

Neil Fills Lala's

On Saturday night a crowd packed Madame Lala's London Revue to capacity throughout the evening, long before the star turn, Neil Diamond even arrived.  People were standing on the neighbouring Soho sim to catch a glance of this legendary entertainer.

To a house packed to the rafters, Neil Diamond sang his most famous of show stopping songs whilst the revellers danced into the small hours.

As if that wasn't enough, Madame Lala introduced a brand new resident entertainer, the larger than life Ruby Babylon and told everyone to be sure to come next week to see Ruby performing stand-up.  Lala then went on to sing her latest song from the forthcoming album and was accompanied by her famous Barbette staff as she wowed the crowd with her rendition of Blanket On The Ground.

This fabulous night was pure joy for the Mainland London crew who watched both sims fill to bursting point and stay that way for the whole evening. 

Thank you for everyone who attended and for those who were not able to get into the sims, don't worry, Neil has said he will do an encore performance again soon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonder No Longer - Support Tickets

Although you can always contact the team in-world for support, we have added an extra layer to our support coverage via this blog for when you are unable to be inworld for whatever reason.
Just click the Resources tab on the top menu to submit a support ticket for any issues within Mainland London.  A member of our team will answer the same day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Neil Diamond at Madame Lala's on Saturday 26th February

We are thrilled to announce that Neil Diamond will be appearing at Madame Lala's London Revue in the West End, this coming Saturday 26th February at 4pm SLT (Midnight UK).
Doors open at 3pm, so be sure to arrive early!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Did You Do This Weekend?

What a weekend it has been and still is for that matter.   At this very moment there are lots people in latex dancing out the Sunday in Bar Soho with the excellent DJ Rolday.

Saturday was an absolute blast.  Bar Soho had a fabulous Beach Party with some truly bizarre costumes, my favourite being PC Skizm's mankini. Not everyone can carry off that look, especially in lime green.

Then it was time to get ourselves over to Madame Lala's for an evening of show tunes with Lala's Barbettes entertaining the customers ahead of the main event of the evening, Barry Manilow in Revue.

Barry sung his most famous songs whilst the crowd cheered and sung along.  Afterwards there was another treat as Madame Lala took to the stage to sing her latest offering from her forthcoming album, which has been 20 years in the making.

With a new act this coming Saturday at the same time,  follow this blog for the latest information.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Madame Lala's Makes Destination Guide!

Madame Lala's London Revue

Madame Lala's LGBT club features a nightly revue with live singers, tribute acts and other amusing shows. Between acts, the club plays songs from West End musicals. Madame Lala oversees the events, while her staff (known as The Barbettes) keep the customers entertained.
Visit in Second Life


With Madame Lala's showing on the splash screen of the destination guide, Miss Judy Garland decided an encore performance was in order. As show time approached the cue at the door had begun to stretch down the pavement towards Soho, the crowds energy and enthusiasm was contageous and the Barbettes - along with Madame Lala - sprang into action.

The night began with a selection of show tunes as well as a few fun and quirky songs. Some of Second Life's most noteable residents were on hand including MANDY Veleeva, PC Skizm and Tegan Emerald. "Miss Mandy Veleeva is an amazing clothes designer and her frock was nothing less than exquisit." Noted Madame Lala

Madame continued by commenting "Mr Barry Manilow has agreed a revue of his most popular numbers today at 4pm SLT. Madame had the opportunity to work with Mr Barry Manilow some time back but was unable to attend as I was being fitted for a new frock."

Tonights show will be nothing less than spectacular and we are expecting Standing Room Only for this one of a kind revue at Mainland London's very own Madame Lala's London Revue!

Lucy Has True Grit

To celebrate the UK release of True Grit, a film originally starring John Wayne in 1969 as Marshall Rooster Cogburn, The Curzon Cinema in Soho is showing a classic episode of The Lucy Show.

Starring Lucille Ball and Guest Starring John Wayne, this is a 'must see' for any fans of The Duke and features some terrific comedy performed by both.

Although nominated for many Oscars throughout his career spanning 122 films,  True Grit earned John Wayne his only Academy Award for Best Leading Actor at the age of 62.

To see When Lucy Met John Wayne, visit The Curzon Cinema

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real Life Mainland London Merchandise

Mainland London launches its initial Real Life product line with these 2 designs now available on Mugs and on T-Shirts.  See Cafepress Mainland London Store

Saturday: Barry Manilow at Madame Lala's

This coming Saturday, 19th February at 4pm SLT (Midnight UK) the legend that is BARRY MANILOW will be performing in Revue at Madame Lala's, West End, Mainland London.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star & Garter Pub is Hiring

Mainland London has three distinct venues for visitors to the sims.

Bar Soho is a nightclub playing current commercial club music and is open 7 nights a week from 1pm SLT.  Bar Soho is our most established venue and runs a nightly themed event with prize.

Madame Lala's is open on Saturdays from 4pm SLT and playing show tunes, with a weekly Revue from a famous act.  Lala's is a popular hang out for other performers and is open right through the small hours.

Star & Garter is a new pub, replacing the Drunken Duck.  This public house trades like any real life pub, with people hanging out, quizzes, music, games machines and regular themed nights.  The pub opens from 11am SLT each day to coincide with residents in the UK arriving home from work.  The pub is open until at least 1pm SLT when Bar Soho opens.

Star & Garter is currently seeking Barmen, Barmaids and Management staff who can work on a regular basis for 2 hours a day from 11am SLT, three times per week.  For more information, visit the pub inworld.