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The purpose of the Portal Park in London City is to offer a variety of established and popular destinations for new residents to visit.   Your destination must be friendly towards new users.

Currently we accept destination submissions from the region owner only and destinations must be on an owned region, not a rented portion of a region.  This is because rented regions have a disposition where the renter of a parcel may move more frequently than we wish to update our destination offer.

We only aim to offer a small selection of places to visit, so please understand if we cannot accept your submission right away.   Each successful destination added to our portals will be valid for 90 days.  You must re-submit every 90 days or your destination will be considered expired and will be removed from the portal park.  We do not send reminders, you will need to keep your own notes to keep us updated.

Please note we will not accept destinations where there is obvious evidence of widely used camping to inflate traffic.  This service is to offer new users a wider range of choice, and not to prop up businesses that are experiencing low turnout.


1) Is the suggested destination on a wholly owned region, or rented parcel in a region? (currently only submissions for owned regions are being accepted)  Owned Region / Rented Parcel

2) Do you own the Region? (currently only submissions from regions that are owned by you are accepted) Yes/No

3) How long has this destination existed in years and months? (Only established destinations are currently being accepted)

4) How long has the destination existed at this same location?

5) Is your establishment New User friendly?

6) How many days a week is your destination populated, please give details of events? (If you always have active real people on your region you can state 24/7)

7) What is the name of the group that you offer users as they arrive at your destination? (For internal metrics)

8) What is the tag of this group? (For internal metrics)

9) Have you ever had issues with London City in regards to governance/TOS? (For example, have we ever banned you or your agents for mass Teleports, Spamming, Group invites etc?)

10) Suggested Category for your destination: (Community, Freebies, Fantasy, Games, LGBTQ, Scenic Places, Adult, Clubs)

Your legacy name:

Today's date:

<Please attach Landmark>

If your destination submission is declined, it does not mean it is a permanent declination.  Reach out to us again with any modifications, that make your suggestion more viable or tantalising.

Please return this form to Torric Rodas.  You may wish to ping me an IM too to make sure I received it as inventory can be hit-n-miss at this time.

Thank you for your interest. 

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