Wednesday, June 29, 2011

London Pride in London City!

London Pride in Loncon City is now a Featured Destination! Join us for a weekend of non stop parties!

London Pop Festival in London City!

Join us thorughout the month of July for London City's Pop Festival as featured on Second Lifes Destination Guide!

London City - Destination Guide

London City is now a Featured Destination!

London Pride this Weekend in London City

Although Pride was originally formed to promote gay equality, this annual festival held in RL London around the Soho district, has become a Mardi Gras for LGBT members of the community and their friends. 

Each year, tens of thousands of people of all persuasions take to the streets and enjoy a carnival atmosphere with entertainment from some of the top performers and to dance the night away.

Here in London City, Mainland London, we will be celebrating London Pride this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a street party, parade, fairground and concerts including,  Cher, Dolly Parton, Judy Garland, Better Midler and a very special brand new concert from AMY MACDONALD on Saturday night - All on a mega stage in Trafalgar Square.

So get your rainbow coloured outfits on and party on over to London City this weekend!

If it happens in London, it happens first in London City.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Regent and Ruby's Day Out

Showbiz royalty and London City regulars, Regent and Ruby have enjoyed a wonderful day out in Mainland London enjoying the facilities on offer for all visitors to this wonderful region.

Ruby with Regent

Flying over London in the Helecopter

Regent shows off his new line of deluxe limos

Ferrari Rezzer and Golf Cart Rezzer

Try the Microlite

The Mopeds

The couple relax before going skinny dipping...
If it's happening in London it happens first in London City. 
Often imitated, never duplicated.

The Circus Comes To Town

Visitors were treated to another super concert this weekend given by live performer Mapoo Little.

Mapoo had created a circus top, complete with elephants, giraffes, high wire and trapeze, especially for her Cher concert here in London City.

Singing like a pearl as usual, Mapoo involved the audience as more and more people flocked to London City when they heard the circus was in town.

With 83 people at the concert, more than twice the capacity of our old sim, this was an extra special night for all.  Good company, superb music and spectacular show.

Mapoo returns to London City on Saturday 23rd July with an Amy Whinehouse concert.  Don't miss it!

The Sunday sim race was one of our favourites to date.  This time we decided to flood the sim and have a power boat race.

It was the start of a heatwave in real life London and with many of our visitors coming from england in RL, some water to paddle in was especially welcome.

Don't forget, its Amy MacDonald in concert next Saturday.

Have a great week, whichever world you are in.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Concerts in London City This Weekend

This Friday after Bar Soho, head over to Madame Lala's London Revue for a late night evening of Cabaret.  Madame Lala will be playing her famous Disco Remixes and the Barbettes will be inviting you to spend some time with tonights legendary performer, Neil Diamond, who will be on stage at 3pm PDT (11pm UK).   Lala's doors open at 2pm.  Bar Soho opens at 12pm for an evening of Dance music.

Our Main Event this weekend is on Saturday.  Join us at 11am PDT (7pm UK) for Party In The Park hosted by Bar Soho.  Performing the hits of Cher, we have LIVE singer Mapoo Little returning to London City.  Mapoo is an extremely popular singer in Second Life and not to be missed.  Her stage set includes some tremendous pyrotechnics, which add an amazing wow factor to an already incredible show.

With many other events throughout the weekend including Power Boat Racing, Cash For Questions and a Parachute jump, London City is the number one place to be.

Next weekend in Concert, brand new for London City, Amy Macdonald tribute!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SL8B Backstage Pass

It's SL8B - Second Life's 8th Birthday and London City celebrates SL8B with a one of a kind exhibit!

In honour of this event we have created this commemorative 'Back Stage Pass', available from the Freebie Store in Regent's Park.

Clicking the badge will pop up a map that will magically teleport you to the London City exhibit and all the festivities. But hurry, this party only lasts a week!

Monday, June 20, 2011

London City's SL8B Destination Guide!

Here in London City, we were astonished when 73 people turned up for the ABBA concert night. 

We had always been aware that the limit of 40 avatars on our old Mainland sims meant that often some people had to wait forever to get in, but we hadn't realised it had become so much of a problem.  Hopefully that is all at an end now, as London City supports 100 avatars at the same time.  This is particularly good news as 397 individual people visited London City on Saturday alone.

We are thrilled to announce that every one of our 65 stores on sim is now rented to the top merchants in Second Life.  This means that potentially London City has everything you will ever need in Second Life in the one region.

For those London themed parties, check the latest merchant to join London City, the fabulous London Girl store, selling Union Jack styled boots, dresses, leotards, t-shirts and much more!

To style your home with a British flavour, why not visit The Brit Shop which sells, Beds, Fridges, Rugs, Phone Box Shower,  Posters and other accessories for your home.

Which ever street you wander down, you will find it teeming with life and vibrant stores, selling the very best products available in Second Life.

This all adds up to making London City/Mainland London your preferred choice for London in Second Life.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your London Weekend in London City

Last night a wonderful crowd of faces made it into Madame Lala's to see the wonderful BONEY M in concert.

It was the same Lala club but on our new London City Sim.  It was absolutely wonderful to see 67 people in the club at the same time.   On our old sim only 40 could attend, so it was really great to see that everyone who wanted to be in the club, could be there!

Tonight, The ABBA Party in Regent's Park.   Starts at 12pm PDT (8pm UK) with ABBA in Concert at 2pm (10pm UK).  Hope to see you there.    To be there, click here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mainland London / London City Celebrates SL8B!

We are delighted to have been invited to participate in SL8B, Second Life's 8th Birthday celebration.

Participants in this years event were asked to create something that conveys the Magic of Second Life.

What could be more magical that a recereation of the real life London as only Mainland London could do! The focus of our exhibit is the City Of London Festival and is a must see!

SL8B opens to the public on 20th June but you dont have to wait that long to get a peek at Mainland London's feature, just have a look at the video below filmed by Regent:

Mainland London is located on the region of London City, and our exhibit is located on the SL sim of Impressive. Visit us in London City now and be sure to check out the exhibit when it opens!