Friday, September 30, 2011

The London City Dungeons - Now Open!

The London City Dungeon is our exhibit for Halloween.

Nine underground chambers for you to explore!

The London Dungeon is a popular London tourist attraction, recreating various gory and macabre historical events in a grimly comedic 'gallows humour' style, attempting to make them appealing for family audiences. The dungeons date back to the 1500's and were opened as an attraction in 1974.

Explore them for the first time in Second Life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Season Begins....

Visitors to London City will notice some spooky goings on over the next few days as the Halloween Season arrives in style.  Join us on Saturday for the opening of The London Dungeons under Regent's Park!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday: Prince In Concert

Party in The Park this Saturday!

The excellent Britt McMahon will be appearing as PRINCE in CONCERT at 2pm SL (10pm UK)
London City Sims.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend in Review - 23-25 September

Another weekend of craziness in London City.  It began at Madame Lala's London Revue following a Best in Leather party at Bar Soho.  The incomparable Ruby Babylon gave a tribute to Dolly Parton that was a hit with the crowd that assembled.  No one could take their eyes off Ruby's dress; in much the same way that people can't take their eyes off a terrible accident.

The crowd look on anxiously as fireworks are unleashed so close to so much hairspray...

So much 'talent' that even the microphone didn't know where to put itself
The Saturday Party in the Park witnessed the return of a tribute to Swedish sensations ABBA.  Party goers descended on to Regent's Park en masse, with numbers on the sim peaking in the nineties for the concert and Best in Flares contest

Revellers frolic on the dance floor as ABBA perform a selection of their hits.
On Sunday night the action moved to Comptons pub for Open Mic night.  The usually rowdy audience became unusually reticent at the thought of performing.  Thankfully, Brian Narstrom was on hand, well on mic and guitar actually to provide some entertainment.

Brian Narstrom
As well as Brian, we also had an impromptu visit from Lehman Shinn, who made his debut on Comptons stage and was well received by the audience.
Lehman Shinn
London City's own Madame Lala stormed the stage for a tribute to Dame Edna Everage, but thankfully Brian returned for an encore performance to round the evening off in style.

Madame Lala plots her assault on the stage (in towering hair and voluminous gown)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open Mic Night at Comptons

It is Open Mic Nite at Comptons Pub.   Come and entertain the residents in the pub for 100% of tips.
Singer, Dancer, Old Indian Rope trick... anything you would like to wow the crowd with, just turn up within the next 2 hours.

R. Merlins - Fashion for Men

Ever noticed how small the selection is for quality male clothing in Second Life?

London City is thrilled to welcome R. Merlins, Mens Retailers to the Cannon Street Station in London City 1.

Selling the very best Hoorenbeek creations, exclusively for male clients, this store is bound to be very popular with the guys on the grid.

You can visit R. Merlins here:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Space Station Lands on Regent's Park

That's just our luck.   We'd opened the beers for the weekend and a space station fell on our heads!

Your London Weekend Starts Here!

Hurrah for Friday, the start of the weekend.  It's been a looong week.  Unwind and have some fun with us in London City.  

From 1pm Bar Soho has great music and a Best In Leather competition!    Don't have any leather?
Grab some from the freebie store and join the competition.

From 2pm Madame Lala's London Revue is open, playing some great sounds with a very special guest tonight,  Ruby Babylon as DOLLY PARTON in Revue!

Saturday sees another Party In The Park with dance music from 1pm and ABBA on stage from 2pm.

Compton's Pub on Sunday has another magnificent line-up with our Open Mic performers singing you their best songs.  Everyone is welcome to perform at Comptons and open tip hats means that you get paid for your performance.

Also, The Palladium Dance club is open throughout the weekend.   Cute girls and guys dancing for your pleasure, 24 hours a day.  A dance club where everyone can work.  Open tip hats for all.

Ruby as Dolly Parton

The Palladium, open all weekend

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ZsaZsa's House Of Beauty

We welcome a brand new store to London City run by the lovely ZsaZsa Withnail.

ZsaZsa's House Of Beauty can be found along Marylebone and stands out with its pink feather exterior.

Inside you will find finely crafted but fun drag accessories, Big hair, extreme Eye lashes, fearsome face Make-up and other accessories for anyone who wants that wow factor Fancy Dress accessory. 
You will certainly stand out at any parties you go to!

Visit the store and have a look at some fun products

Weekend in Review - 16-18 September

Wow...that was such a great weekend in London City that I am a day late with my posting - the Soho beer has just worn off...

As always our weekend started with a warm up at Bar Soho and then we headed on over to Madame Lala's London Revue for a live concert by BG Singer.  He has a good rapport with the audience and an impressive song selection that kept us all entertained.

BG Singer at Lala's
Saturday's party in Regent's Park saw the return of camp favourites Boney M, which always gives us the chance to dress up in gaudy outfits and big hair.  The audience were resplendent in their afros - I have lived in places that were smaller than some of the hairdos that were waving about on the dancefloor all evening!

Boney M in glorious technicolour!
The audience had been backcombing their hair for most of the day...
On Sunday at Comptons we were treated to an evening of live music.  Phiona Ember was up first followed by Maximillion Kleene.  It was Phiona's second show at Comptons and she proved to be a great success once again with her warm vocals and humour.

Phiona Ember and the audience of mad hatters!
Maximillion was performing his first concert at Comptons and was a hit with the audience.  He has an easygoing style and a fantastic range of songs in his repertoire.

Maximillion and his cow tipping jar!
This coming Saturday we have the return of ABBA to the park.