Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Newsagents

Ever run out of toilet roll, cat foot or cornflakes in the middle of the night?
London City 3 Victoria has a 24 hour emergency grocery and newsagents crammed to bursting with goods to fill your larder and most of them are in date.

Whatever you're looking for the chances are that it is available here in this one stop store.  Check it out!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Transport for London

Need to get somewhere in the London City regions but don't know which way to go?

Hop on the 69 Bus in Regent's Park for Trafalgar Square, Bar Soho, Madame Lala's and the Regent's Park depot.   Change at Bar Soho for the 88 bus to all desintations in London Victoria (LC3) and London West End (LC2).

All the main clubs and sites in London are now connected by automated systems.  Just jump on a bus to get to wherever you want to be.  Grab the Greenline Bus to go only to the clubs.  Easy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend in Review - 12-13 November

Following the usual insanity of a Friday in London City as the weekend was welcome first at Bar Soho and then Madame Lala's London Revue, Saturday proved to be a mixed day.

We were saddened when we learned that the schedule artist for the concert in Regent's Park, the amazing Mapoo Little, had to cancel, but thrilled that our Tina Turner tribute was able to take over the performing honours at short notice.  Ms Turner did a fantastic job of rocking the audience who all looked resplendent in their outfits for the Best in Gold contest that was running throughout the concert.

The audience assembled for Tina's show
Sunday morning saw the usual party revellers in a more sombre mood as we gathered at the cenotaph for a short Remembrance Sunday service and observation of the two minute silence at 11am GMT.
Gathered together in an act of remembrance
On Sunday evening, Adevina Citron-Gearz returned to the stage in Comptons for a live set featuring a selection of songs from a wide variety of genres.

Revellers partying to the amazing Adevina

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remembrance Sunday

Thank you everyone for coming to the Remembrance Sunday Service held by the Cenotaph in London City.

Friday, November 11, 2011

LIVE Performers in London this weekend

We have two great LIVE concerts in London this weekend for you.

On Saturday in Regent's Park, the hugely popular and immensely talented Mapoo Little returns for a LIVE concert.  Party in the Park starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with Mapoo taking to the stage at 1pm SL.

On Sunday, at Comptons pub, making a her first return visit to London City is Adevina Citron, a diverse performer singing a huge range of songs and taking requests from the audience. Concert at 12pm SL (8pm UK).

Plus regular weekend entertainment from Bar Soho, The Palladium Club, Madame Lala's and the brand new World's End Pub in London City West End.

See you for a great London Weekend!

Armistice Day

Armistice Day is observed every 11th November, to commemorate the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany on 11 November 1918.   This significant treaty brought an end to World War I.

It is marked by two minutes silence at 11am on the 11th November in respect and remembrance of the 20 million people who died during the conflict.

You can visit the Cenotaph in London City to pay respects and to collect a poppy to wear.  Clicking one of the wreaths will send you a link to the Royal British Legion.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekend in Review - 4-6 November

Auntie Bailey here again after another insane weekend in London City.  A crowded dancefloor at Bar Soho on Friday meant we were all hot and sweaty in our leather and latex gear as we partied our way towards the weekend.  A quick shower and a change of clothing later, the party continued at Madame Lala's London Revue.  Thanks to the new transport system in place, people were able to journey between the two venues without risking their lives aboard Billy's bus - which hopefully reduced the number of skidmarks.

On Saturday morning we all awoke to find that a funfair had arrived in Regent's Park.  A couple of rides and some 'refreshment' vans and stalls had taken position around the main concert area, no doubt as a cunning ploy to tempt drunken revellers from the concerts with their produce.  I was accosted by a couple of guys who tried to tempt me with their meat, but as is always the case in such situations their meat looked a little suspect and they didn't have very big portions.  I would advise pet owners to be sure of the whereabouts of their animals while such vendors are around; though I cannot prove the produce is less than high quality, I for one will certainly be keeping my pussy secure.

The funfair in Regent's Park
On the subject of cats - and other animals - I hope everyone made sure their pets were tucked safely away on Saturday as their was a bonfire and fireworks extravaganza in Regent's Park.  Numbers were consistently in the upper 90s, with the sim maxed out for a large part of the evening.  An additional draw came as the result of the weekend's big concert, which featured pert and perky pop princess Kylie on stage in her famous gold hotpants.

Kylie in those hotpants

Fireworks abound as Kylie takes to the stage
The night sky ablaze with colourful fireworks
Not content with drawing huge crowds on Saturday, Sunday continued in a similar manner with the first signs of winter creeping in to London City with the arrival of the ice skating rink.  Comptons pub later played host to Elvis - in the shape of Helvis Xue who treated to the assembled masses with a selection of hits made famous by Mr Presley and some interpretations of other songs in the style of Elvis.

Helvis Xue as Elvis on stage
An adoring audience appreciating live music at Comptons pub
Next week in concert we have the fabulous Mapoo Little performing live!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Sunday

What a tremendous turn out to Bonfire Night and Kylie!   London City was filled to capacity with 100 people throughout and it looks like you enjoyed yourselves.

Don't forget that this evening at 8pm UK time (that's 1pm SL time), Helvis Xue will be performing LIVE in Compton's Pub.  This is a very popular entertainer, so if you had problems getting in last night, please arrive early today!

Also in the news, London City 3 is nearing completion of its initial build.  Yesterday saw the opening of Parliament and today, four brand new bespoke houses are available to rent for the first time.
Check out the progress of London City3 "Victoria", here.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The World's End Pub

Introducing the new pub in London, The World's End Pub, in London City2, based upon the oldest pub in London!

Pop in to this friendly pub any time you like. 

Landlady Loulou has decided that the main thrust of this pub will be for voice chat, games and competitions and model it around how a pub works in real life, a drop-in centre for the latest gossip.

Staffed before and after the clubs open and and close, World's End is a great addition to the London City scenery.

Situated on the Thames, this pub has a classic interior and a great outside boating area.  Be sure to check it out!

Bonfire Night in London City's Regents Park

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Your Comments

Thank you to everyone who signed the London Dungeon Guest book.

Here are your comments, good, bad and indifferent.   Names have been partially blanked to protect the innocent (from spam).

1: (2011-10-02 11:17) Txxxx Rodas: 'Nice place you got here'
 2: (2011-10-02 14:36) Hxxxx Resident: 'This is pretty cool, few bugs to sort out but nothing serious!'
 3: (2011-10-02 14:52) Kxxxx Nakamori: 'Greetings from France !:D'
 4: (2011-10-02 15:05) vxxxx Requiem: 'awesome place'
 5: (2011-10-02 19:10) Skxxx Resident: 'this is cool..!'
 6: (2011-10-02 19:56) Maxxx Resident: 'hi from england'
 7: (2011-10-02 21:20) Otakx Button: 'Awesome attraction!!'
 8: (2011-10-02 21:31) Bellx Blanco: 'Belladona Blanco'
 9: (2011-10-02 23:26) Lorali Emerald: 'Howdy from Oklahoma..Lorali Emerald Shamen'
 10: (2011-10-02 23:27) rayxx Shamen: 'send help desperate english man'
 11: (2011-10-02 23:36) Draxx Resident: 'cool place, i enjoyed it alot'
 12: (2011-10-03 01:35) Vxxx Terr: 'Vera Terr'
 13: (2011-10-03 01:42) Raxx Resident: 'thanks :)'
 14: (2011-10-03 03:01) Kaxx Tisane: 'shit sucks big dick. waste of time'
 15: (2011-10-03 03:23) Lixx Kingsley: 'It was fun :)'
 16: (2011-10-03 04:16) Drxx Laville: 'Drae Laville'
 17: (2011-10-03 06:16) Vexx Bloodwing Parx: 'asdfghjk'
 18: (2011-10-03 11:02) Ritter Langsdorff: 'very nice plot'
 19: (2011-10-03 12:43) Erxx Poultry: 'Thankyou !'
 20: (2011-10-03 20:11) Vecxx Resident: 'pretty cool from Vector 303'
 21: (2011-10-03 21:20) Flux Looming: 'Obviously built by someone who has no knowledge of the REAL london dungeons'
 22: (2011-10-03 23:33) alexxx Rain: 'alexia muzick'
 23: (2011-10-03 23:33) alexxx Rain: 'joey muzick'
 24: (2011-10-04 03:01) Magxxx Fang: 'Bug a boo!'
 25: (2011-10-04 03:42) Demxxx Resident: 'this is cool to be here'
 26: (2011-10-04 04:37) Zoaxxx Resident: 'Happy Halloween London!! Zoanon.'
 27: (2011-10-04 05:13) rocxxx Resident: 'very cool'
 28: (2011-10-04 08:14) Ronxxx Resident: 'love it'
 29: (2011-10-04 08:15) Tyxxxx Netizen: 'it needs more cowbell'
 30: (2011-10-04 12:34) yazxxx Mode: 'stu[id lag'
 31: (2011-10-04 13:27) helxxx Resident: 'ZOMBIES HOT GIRLS COMING KILLL U!'
 32: (2011-10-04 23:36) Vanxxx Resident: 'vannli'
 33: (2011-10-05 06:30) Zinxxx Price: 'awsome'
 34: (2011-10-05 07:56) loxxxx Marville: 'this place looks cool i'm sure it'll be good'
 35: (2011-10-05 08:00) loixxx Marville: 'hmm wasn't that great maybe a ride would be better :)'
 36: (2011-10-05 20:14) Wibxxx Bernitz: 'aaaa here is creepy my name is wibbin bernitz'
 37: (2011-10-05 20:20) Racxxx Resident: 'freaky!'
 38: (2011-10-05 21:36) Skxxx  Lewellen: 'lovely thanks'
 39: (2011-10-06 00:02) Ultixx Release: 'Mr and M rs Jumanya was Here'
 40: (2011-10-06 00:16) Ryxxx  Clip: 'sup'
 41: (2011-10-06 03:32) Mystxx Resident: 'MysticalPamelina'
 42: (2011-10-06 06:52) Marixx Resident: 'This place is so amazing!'
 43: (2011-10-06 19:54) Siexxx Debruyere: 'i was here'
 44: (2011-10-06 20:05) Enyxxx Resident: 'boo'
 45: (2011-10-06 21:36) melcxx Resident: 'hey'
 46: (2011-10-07 00:22) JordxxxChrome: 'Greatokace'
 47: (2011-10-07 00:22) JordxxxChrome: 'Great place!'
 48: (2011-10-07 00:38) Harrxx Marabana: 'I was so scared the texture of my pants turned to brown'
 49: (2011-10-07 09:20) loudxx Resident: 'TieKa'
 50: (2011-10-07 09:38) loudxx Resident: 'wasn't scary whatsoever'
 51: (2011-10-07 22:13) Punxxx Resident: 'Punana Resident'
 52: (2011-10-07 22:15) Genxxx Resident: 'genenisMonroe resident'
 53: (2011-10-07 23:16) Zacxxx Resident: 'Cool Place!'
 54: (2011-10-08 03:05) Vanxxx Resident: 'she saw the zombie'
 55: (2011-10-08 03:30) DaTrxx Resident: 'i love it'
 56: (2011-10-08 04:25) norxxx Resident: 'HIYA!'
 57: (2011-10-08 06:01) Saixxx Kittaj: 'thnak you'
 58: (2011-10-08 06:50) Sasxxx Resident: 'This should be awesome. ;3'
 59: (2011-10-08 09:44) chrixxx esident: 'OMG when i saw thwe ghost i ran out then it followed me and almost killed me!'
 60: (2011-10-08 13:35) darcxxx Resident: 'ace!! :)'
 61: (2011-10-08 16:43) Brixxx Silentghost: 'Briar wuz here ;)'
 62: (2011-10-08 17:14) supexx l6810 Resident: 'good'
 63: (2011-10-08 18:39) darxxx Resident: 'them zombies bit me 5 times.HOW AM I STILL SAME!?!'
 64: (2011-10-09 01:55) Feedxx Resident: 'AJ was here'
 65: (2011-10-09 12:33) scnucc Resident: 'The Lord from sahngrla Radio dot Com'
 66: (2011-10-09 12:33) scnucc Resident: 'The Lord from'
 67: (2011-10-09 12:54) Shaexx Resident: 'Shangrla Nude Resort'
 68: (2011-10-10 03:39) Vicxxx Chamerberlin: 'My life is changed. This is the cornerstone of scary in ad outside of Second Life. Thank you for this experience.'
 69: (2011-10-10 08:43) Catxxx Woodland: 'Catasha Woodland'
 70: (2011-10-10 08:43) Devxxxx Silversmith: 'Devel Silversmith'
 71: (2011-10-11 04:27) Selxxx Redyard: 'Very very nice . . . thankies :)'
 72: (2011-10-11 09:54) lemxxxx Resident: 'YEAH BOY!!!!'
 73: (2011-10-11 20:57) silvxxx Resident: 'zombies'
 74: (2011-10-11 23:08) Grevxxx Oh: 'Creepy....shake shake ....'
 75: (2011-10-12 16:55) Paxxxxx Resident: 'Paszcio'
 76: (2011-10-12 18:58) loulxxx Lemon: 'spooookkkkky'
 77: (2011-10-13 19:45) Peregxxx Resident: 'Very gruesome and scary, like any holiday. Loved it!!'
 78: (2011-10-14 13:51) Jonnxx  Resident: 'fantastic stuff, well done Billy and Torric :)'
 79: (2011-10-14 22:40) Purpxxxx Resident: 'scary but lots of fun'
 80: (2011-10-15 01:48) bellxxxx Resident: 'Bellofolletti was here! :D'
 81: (2011-10-15 07:51) Dreaxxx Resident: 'Woo....?'
 82: (2011-10-15 08:31) obbyxx Resident: 'obby'
 83: (2011-10-15 15:25) darcxxxx Resident: 'lets keep a tally on how many times i've been bitten by a zombie 1, 2, 3, ..... 47!!'
 84: (2011-10-15 22:56) Katyxxxx Resident: 'hi'
 85: (2011-10-16 07:41) Chickxxx Resident: 'Chickasaur was here~'
 86: (2011-10-16 07:55) bluexxxx Destiny: 'blaaaah'
 87: (2011-10-16 08:19) Strexxxx pine: 'Chapter Master Street Repine of the Scythe Beasts'
 88: (2011-10-16 10:51) Lumxxxxx VanDouser: 'Lumi was here!'
 89: (2011-10-16 18:27) xobxxxxx Resident: '<3'
 90: (2011-10-16 19:55) XXJASxxx Macchi: 'Tash and Jason were here 10/16/11'
 91: (2011-10-19 13:47) Realxxxx Resident: 'haha i liked the zombies but they bited me. ;('
 92: (2011-10-19 20:09) Tuppexxx Galicia: 'looks great thanks for building it'
 93: (2011-10-19 20:55) ASTRxxxx Darkwatch: 'nicest place was funny congratz ciaooo ^^'
 94: (2011-10-20 00:54) Arixxxxx Olivier: 'Aria was here'
 95: (2011-10-20 04:06) Pandemxx Resident: 'PandemoniumX'
 96: (2011-10-20 09:31) aavxxxxh Resident: 'i love this place'
 97: (2011-10-20 13:23) LeeAxxxx Resident: 'hi'
 98: (2011-10-21 00:19) jwoxxxx  Resident: 'hey there how's it going? :D'
 99: (2011-10-21 08:43) Desoxxx  Resident: 'Merry samhain'
 100: (2011-10-21 20:34) meenxx  Resident: 'i enjoyed it although i am feeling sad'
 101: (2011-10-22 06:48) Dellxxn Resident: 'great dungeon!'
 102: (2011-10-22 08:38) Neosxxx Mistwood: 'Pretty good haunted house.'
 103: (2011-10-22 17:38) faIIxxx Resident: 'cool place'
 104: (2011-10-22 21:03) Lavitxx Resident: 'Hello therer'
 105: (2011-10-23 15:30) Autuxxx Resident: 'Hello'
 106: (2011-10-23 16:15) ZenaLxx Resident: 'zena'
 107: (2011-10-23 22:36) Lucxxxx Resident: 'Hey, nice place. Lucien. x'
 108: (2011-10-24 02:25) EmmJxxx Resident: 'Emmjayy was here'
 109: (2011-10-24 18:58) Avanxxx Resident: 'hiii'
 110: (2011-10-25 17:06) Nubdxxx Resident: 'Happy halloween'
 111: (2011-10-25 17:40) Nicoxxx Resident: 'Can't wait to check out the area!'
 112: (2011-10-25 21:01) Sarxxxx Calcutt: 'nice place'
 113: (2011-10-26 10:07) daisxxx Iridescent: 'enjoyed the dungeon very well done'
 114: (2011-10-26 16:50) silxxxx Resident: 'wooo zombies'
 115: (2011-10-27 00:18) Perkyxx Resident: 'cool place ;) ~Perky'
 116: (2011-10-27 21:06) gabisxx Resident: 'gabishoco'
 117: (2011-10-27 23:28) Rosixxx Varnish: 'wicked!'
 118: (2011-10-28 07:35) YT Uxxx: 'Great set up. Happy Halloween.'
 119: (2011-10-28 10:57) rawxxxxx Resident: 'hello'
 120: (2011-10-28 14:58) Eddxxxx Heir: 'London Citty the best entertainmend in sl . Avery nice sim.'
 121: (2011-10-28 15:00) Kiyxxx Zanetti: 'excellent work well done!!'
 122: (2011-10-28 15:01) Erikxxx Sheriffe: 'Great work thank you'
 123: (2011-10-29 21:02) Heyxxxx Voom: 'Boo'
 124: (2011-10-30 01:28) mackxxx Resident: 'cool place :)'
 125: (2011-10-31 05:39) smilxxxxResident: 'how'
 126: (2011-10-31 05:40) silvxxxx Resident: 'weeehooo'
 127: (2011-10-31 05:41) smilxxxx Resident: 'smiley24'
 128: (2011-10-31 16:28) Darrxxx  Stonesoul: 'had a great time'
 129: (2011-10-31 19:34) Mapxxx   Little: 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN LOVE MAPOO LITTLE XXXXXXXXX'
 130: (2011-10-31 20:41) tmuxxxr Resident: 'tristonmulder'
 131: (2011-10-31 23:01) Sauxxxx Gothly: 'velllly creeepy!'