Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dolly Parton on Saturday!

This Saturday, join us in Regent's Park, London City, for Party in The Park with the sensational Dolly Parton.

Singing all her most famous songs brought right uptodate with brand new musical arrangements, this concert is sure to be a hit with every fan of the Queen of Country.

We have a special cash contest - Best in Big Hair or Boobs, so use your imagination and have some fun with this theme.

Party in the Park starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with Ms Parton taking to the stage at 1pm SL (9pm UK).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines In London City

Once again Valentine's Day is upon us here in London City and Cupid has worked his magic in Regent's Park.

Join us today from 1pm SLT for a night of Valentines themed events including live DJ's and contests through out the night.

Bar Soho opens the festivities with Best in Formal beginning at 1pm SLT

London Lezbo takes over the fun at 3pm SLT with a Best in Anti Valentines contest

Don't miss the fun in London City's Regent's Park today from 1pm SLT

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend in Review - February 10th to 12th

Hello kiddies, it auntie Bailey.  It's that time of the week again...Monday.  Boo!  But at least we had a good weekend in London City.

We started off with a Best In contest at Bar Soho...Best In Spots, Stripes or Checks, in fact.  It provided the patrons with the opportunity to explore their creativity and we saw a range of costumes and avatars.  DJ Torric provided the music and our hostess was Lisa.
The rabble, erm, I mean audience at Bar Soho
Following on from the contest at Bar Soho. it was quick change time and a mad gallop down the road to Madame Lala's London Revue.  As it was the establishment's first birthday, there was a special tribute concert - by Adele.  Not only did she look stunning, she provided us with a fantastic musical treat.
Adele - looking and sounding amazing
The audience at Madame Lala's
 On Saturday we had our usual party in Regent's Park, with the contest theme of Best in Shades.  There were fab tunes and a set by Britt McMahon as Billy Joel.  Some of the London City staff (Lisa, Heather and Coffee) provided support as Mr Joel's band.  As always they were fabulous.

Billy Joel (aka Britt McMahon) and the band on stage
Some of the revellers in Regent's Park
We ended the weekend of with a Best in Slippers event at Comptons and then had a Best in St Trinians at  Lezbo.

A load of old slippers at Comptons
More next weekend - hope to see you there if not before!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

London City - The Community in Second Life

London City is the most popular destination in Second Life. Known for its community atmosphere, Parties, Concerts and Shopping, this 3D City is ready to welcome you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Metaverse statistics for SL puts London City at the Top.

Herewith the official SL statistics for the top 25 regions. 

The Range figure in brackets shows the unique visitors each hour during the monitoring period.   This figure is especially important as it cannot be fudged with bots who inflate traffic and only counts unique (or different) visitors to the region each hour.

You'll see that London City is in 3rd place and the only London in the top 50, knocked off top position by Sexy Nude Beach.  Perhaps our team will have to dispense with clothing next month!

Thank you to all our patrons for making London City such a wonderfully successful community.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Voice chat in World's End Pub, London City West End.

The Worlds End Pub in London City West End is open every evening from 11pm SL (7pm UK) and has friendly people chatting using voice.

Open Mic Cabaret every Wednesday.

Worlds End Pub, London City ~ Find your voice!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend in Review - February 3rd to 5th

Hello luvvies,,,auntie Bailey here with another weekend review.

We started the weekend in somewhat unusual style as we had a different DJ at Bar Soho...DJ Torr.  He streamed live to Bar Soho from Madame Lala's London Revue, before we all pranced and gambolled happily down the street to round the evening off in Madame Lala's establishment itself.

On Saturday we had our Take That tribute in Regent's Park.  Another concert with the sim busting at the seams.  So many knickers were thrown at the stage that it was like working in a launderette.

Take That!  And yes, that is a wombat on drums
Party people shaking their pixels
On Sunday there was an unexpected change to our usual schedule with an early event in Regent's Park.  Cher dropped in for an impromptu concert!  As it was rather short notice, she barely had enough time to dress...but no one noticed the difference.

Cher...or Cher-a-like
Also on Sunday, we had an Irish themed drinkathon at Comptons pub, which helped bring our weekend to a close.

Comptons drinking session

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday in London City - 60's and CHER

A special Sunday event today for all the people who are snowed-in at home and have decided to spend their day in-world in this warm and sunny London.

5am SL time (1pm UK) - Join us for hour of 1960's, plus CHER in Concert, A fairground with rides and 300 Lindens prize for Best in 60's or Hippie!

And this evening, Comptons will be running a sponsored drink-a-thon with Winter Warmer beer and grog, from 12pm SL (8pm UK), the usual time with prizes and great music and fabulous people!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Job Fair in London City

All over the SL, you hear the shout in most every group "I get job in this game????", which is a modern form of job application.

Here in London City, we are always looking for rising stars, but prefer to recruit, the old fashioned way.  As such, we are currently holding a Job Fair, explaining the roles we have available and the ever so handy application form that goes with it.

So.  If you are looking for work, this is a great place to start!

Friday, February 03, 2012

TAKE THAT in CONCERT on Saturday.

TAKE THAT is in town on Saturday. 
Join this most famous boy band in Regent's Park for an evening of their most popular songs of all time.

Party in The Park will start at 12pm SL (8pm UK), with Take That in concert at 1pm SL and Best In Pop Star Competition at 2pm SL.

Then hot-foot it over to the LEZBO club where RubyJones will be playing the latest remixed party music with special contests throughout the night.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012