Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Halloween from London in Second Life

Visit the London City Dungeon

There is a guest book inside the entrace. Here's what people are saying about London Dungeon:
 1: (2012-09-10 10:01) To*** Rodas: 'I pooped my pants'
 2: (2012-09-11 04:35) se***ralbair Resident: 'hello, jacque hardness visited'
 3: (2012-09-12 12:25) Av***r Emerald: 'rofl awsome!'
 4: (2012-09-14 18:40) Ev*** Falconer: 'Amazing with great characters!'
 5: (2012-09-14 22:39) An***evereaux Resident: 'hi, great place'
 6: (2012-09-15 12:28) Pr***vi86 Resident: 'hi'
 7: (2012-09-15 12:31) Sa***n Koba: 'really cool, wud luv that stretch rack for real =P'
 8: (2012-09-15 15:16) mi***j94 Resident: 'Micah J.'
 9: (2012-09-15 17:36) mi***131 Resident: 'Hi, Lady Mimi paying a visit'
 10: (2012-09-15 21:59) Ay***a Huntress: 'Ayesha Huntress'
 11: (2012-09-16 02:32) Pr***yOne666 Resident: 'hello,nice sim'
 12: (2012-09-16 14:46) A***rne Resident: 'Going in.... if you don't hear from me in 30 min. don't go look'
 13: (2012-09-17 11:31) Ma***Smoke Resident: 'Awesome work and design :)'
 14: (2012-09-17 22:07) Ot***Sempai Button: 'Awesome!!'
 15: (2012-09-17 22:09) Da***Bell Ysabel: 'Very Scary'
 16: (2012-09-18 05:44) mo***v Resident: '*hiss*'
 17: (2012-09-18 06:45) ca***ave Resident: 'was here'
 18: (2012-09-18 10:56) No***a Darkstone: 'Pretty not bad at all!'
 19: (2012-09-18 14:23) Sa***10 Resident: 'spooky!'
 20: (2012-09-18 21:09) Sve***li Merlin: 'Saw this place in RL back when I was in my teens.'
 21: (2012-09-19 02:22) oper***re Resident: 'cool'
 22: (2012-09-19 10:06) Cr***ineRIOT Resident: 'RIOT!'s been here ;P'
 23: (2012-09-20 00:35) Ho***ardDj Resident: 'bippity boppity'
 24: (2012-09-20 03:14) Kit***eddmore: 'hello from Kitty'
 25: (2012-09-20 03:57) Gi***e Cedrus: 'looks scary ~Beth'
 26: (2012-09-20 06:07) Gr***ad Resident: 'very spooky'
 27: (2012-09-20 14:18) Ev***Ferryhill: 'Evan Ferryhill was here'
 28: (2012-09-20 20:29) Blu***l32 Resident: 'Hi all ㋡'
 29: (2012-09-20 21:04) Lov*** Applewhyte: 'This place is really cool ^-^'
 30: (2012-09-21 03:04) fo***over Resident: 'foxy'
 31: (2012-09-21 05:15) ali***thryn Resident: 'alinakathryn'
 32: (2012-09-21 06:31) lo***e Heliosense: 'Here goes'
 33: (2012-09-21 18:52) He***one Lefevre: 'I will kill you muahahaha lmao'
 34: (2012-09-23 04:38) Eli***ethMcKenzie Resident: 'Elizabeth Hitte'
 35: (2012-09-23 05:05) lily***ka Resident: 'Very nice job :)'
 36: (2012-09-24 11:47) Ria***n Resident: 'scary!'
 37: (2012-09-24 17:42) Dor***u Resident: 'hi nice dungeon'
 38: (2012-09-24 18:30) ko***tjoe Resident: 'Joe Malone'
 39: (2012-09-24 18:54) ka***coustic: 'whats up book much love kat'
 40: (2012-09-24 22:45) Way***dWolf1 Resident: 'Just a curious soul, searching about.'
 41: (2012-09-25 03:48) Jean***e Milovat: 'oh hi.'
 42: (2012-09-26 04:48) Jeff***o Resident: 'Magoo was here'
 43: (2012-09-26 21:57) Sy*** Farshore: 'Hey'
 44: (2012-09-27 09:18) Stevi***kabee Resident: 'sounded like an interesting place to visit.I shall explore'
 45: (2012-09-27 13:32) La***Starfall: 'Laney Starfall'
 46: (2012-09-28 05:19) Se***Mistwalker: 'Awesome Place this rocks!!'
 47: (2012-09-28 05:21) mog***wns Resident: 'IM BACK BITCHES'
 48: (2012-09-29 09:50) ran***kura Resident: 'hi'
 49: (2012-09-29 17:00) Flu***horn McHenry: 'An excellent day out for all of the family!'
 50: (2012-09-30 01:19) Cha*** Eyre: 'Very intriguing, I like what you've done with the place. -Morgana Le Fay'
 51: (2012-09-30 07:43) Da*** Briand: 'daria briand'
 52: (2012-09-30 07:43) Bell***Cook Resident: 'Bellaraecook'
 53: (2012-09-30 17:56) lo***at Resident: 'awesome!'
 54: (2012-09-30 21:45) ha***nziah Resident: 'M.Hz Production'
 55: (2012-10-01 02:28) Th***mTad Resident: 'Yay!'
 56: (2012-10-01 03:18) Is***Braham: 'Isla Braham'
 57: (2012-10-01 13:39) ru***rs Resident: 'Mayhem was here'
 58: (2012-10-01 20:43) ell***rdanos Resident: 'im scared let me outtttt'
 59: (2012-10-02 03:03) Z***embrandt: 'Grell?'
 60: (2012-10-03 06:08) DK***an Resident: 'Dade n rita kennedy'
 61: (2012-10-03 06:30) Jac***zler Resident: 'How do you sign?'
 62: (2012-10-03 06:32) Jac***zzler Resident: 'Jack Zizzler'
 63: (2012-10-03 20:30) Nic****a Glenfadden: 'BRILLIANT!!! LOVED IT!!!'
 64: (2012-10-03 20:33) Hat***Humphreys: 'shudders'
 65: (2012-10-04 01:09) AANR****12 Resident: 'AANRa2012'
 66: (2012-10-04 05:24) bab***eeyes4u18 Resident: 'hi signed babyblue'
 67: (2012-10-04 16:37) Lena***e Bloobury: 'Nice to be here Lena Bloobury-Takacs'
 68: (2012-10-04 16:46) Dj*** Resident: 'helo'
 69: (2012-10-04 16:47) joy***ha7172 Resident: 'great :'
 70: (2012-10-05 02:20) Light***ger Resident: 'ezdhzejdzedzedzegfezf'
 71: (2012-10-05 05:22) Tif***y Chiantelle: 'First time here Tiffany Chiantelle'
 72: (2012-10-05 13:01) Lus*** Christensen: 'guest book'
 73: (2012-10-05 21:18) Rox***ythe Resident: 'Hello London!'
 74: (2012-10-06 03:01) foxy***er Resident: 'omg its foxy!'
 75: (2012-10-06 12:18) mpgr***esident: 'MP'
 76: (2012-10-06 12:28) KC Priestly: 'bit slow at rezzing and well, whats so scery about it?'
 77: (2012-10-06 16:35) Ka*** Lordhunter: 'kader war hier'
 78: (2012-10-06 17:44) Hel***r Highwater: 'jack scares me'
 79: (2012-10-06 20:35) Mys***ryn11 Vollmar: 'Interesting place - love the sim'
 80: (2012-10-06 21:24) MisT***e Silverweb: 'great place ^^'
 81: (2012-10-06 22:56) ILL****TEE Resident: 'add me :)'
 82: (2012-10-07 00:05) Jax*** Resident: 'Sup?'
 83: (2012-10-07 00:06) 5ab***Resident: 'hey'
 84: (2012-10-08 02:19) SAU***ODiE Resident: 'saul goodie flexin here so goood'
 85: (2012-10-08 07:31) Tra***Devereaux Resident: 'Horribly awesome!'
 86: (2012-10-08 15:15) ku***i Viper: 'i hope i survive'
 87: (2012-10-10 14:03) Rei***oX1991 Resident: 'Wow...Amazing'

London City - Most popular destination in Second Life

Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday: Michael Jackson

The legendary Michael Jackson is appearing in Concert at London City Party in The Park on Saturday.

This is the first time Michael has graced the stage in London and we just know that you will love this show.

The party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with Jacko on stage at 1pm SL.

Win 500L for "Best in Strange"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spotlight On Style: K-Code

Another Wednesday and another spotlight on a shop in London City.  This week's featured store is K-Code, which offers women's outfits, jackets, trousers, suits and boots.  The clothing is stylish, fun and affordable.

K-Code Cappuccino Glamour complete outfit 
The Cappuccino Glamour outfit in the pic comes with jacket and glitch pants, plus stockings and the boots shown in the inset.  The dress has a prim flexi skirt and additional prim belt/ruffles and sleeves.  Other colours are available in store.  The soft shades are flattering for a range of skin colours and the cappuccino is a great colour for autumn/fall.

K-Code can be found here in London City - Regent's Park and Soho and here in London City - Victoria.

London in Second Life

London City - The most popular destination in Second Life. List your business in the premium web directory for free This website is listed under Massive Multiplayer Online Directory

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Weekend Review 5th-7th October 2012

Hello London City peeps... Here's a question for you..... Who has the most popular sim in Second  Life ? .....

WE DO!!! yes London City is the most popular destination, and you are all part of it!!

So, how do we do it time and time again? Is it magic tricks? Is it padding the numbers out with robots?( like so many other sims do ) Is bribery and underhand dealings ?

NO! to all the above.
 We have 3 great sims, packed full of fun things to do  every day, we have the best team of people working very hard from Greeters and Support Staff, to Host's and Dj's , fantastic Club and Sim managers right up to the Best MD's found anywhere  in SL , all here to make sure you have the most fantastic time with us.
We hold LIVE open air concerts, we have daily events in the clubs, we have a dedicated full adult sim , we have fully stocked shops to suit every taste and pocket... cars and helicopters free to use, a new user experience to help all new residents into SL, fun events where you can win linden dollars....and we have YOU !
We all have the best time together.

SO, what clubs do we have in London City? ....

There are 4 clubs, Substation
                           Bar Soho
                           Madame Lala's

Usually the weekend starts off in Substation, quirky and fun, Substation is a retro bar, with retro music, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. Roy Geddings is the manager he and his team will start your weekend off with a bang.

Bar Soho, cool and swanky, Bar Soho is right on trend with today's night club scene in RL, playing music from wide and varied genres, from rock, pop, trance, techno, R&B and many more. Bailey Saxmundham is the manager, and there is a different DJ/ Host combination every night.

Madame Lala's  is closely based on Madame Jojo's which is the jewel of Soho. Small and compact,  but don't let that fool you, Madame  Lalas is full on fun evry Friday night, with Dj Fierce playing the most varied tunes and yours truly as host. This is a must for every one.

Juiced, found in the adult sim, is one of the newest additions to the  London City club family. It's a themed club, where the décor and music changes daily to suit the "best in Events", not only that Juiced is set up for singles to meet, dance and have fun.

We have two pubs The Worlds End and The Crown

Worlds End is found in Sim 2, It's one of the oldest pubs in London, here you will find Coffee and Katty in high spirits, playing a cheeky little game of truth or dare, also Bingo, which is always great fun.

The crown found in sim 3 Adult, this is a club for open minded adults, who want to have adult fun.
Saucy, naughty, but always fun, packed with essential freebies, and top adult animations, you can really let your hair down there.

Every weekend, London City plays host to an open air  Live concert, we have seen such artists as  Freddie  Mercury, Bon  Jovi, Mika, Dolly  Parton, Elton John....this list is huge, and       all Free!! This is what Saturday nights were made for!!

This weekend we saw Amy MacDonald in concert.
Amy MacDonald, born in August 1987, she is a Scottish self taught musician and singing sensation.

No stranger to London City, Amy really does pull the crowds in, people from all over the grid coming to see her perform such songs like "This Is The Life", "Run", "Don't Tell Me That It's Over" and many more.
We are also running along side the concert a best in scary night where everyone turned up in their scariest attire... Spooky  :P

You would think the sim quietens on a Sunday after such a great night previous... are you mad?  This  is  London  City... we have more fun here than you can shake a stick at...

Sunday first on the agenda Madame Lala's with Bailey on the decks spinning the best easy listening known to man ( or woman )... usually with a best in come as you are ...if it was any more relaxed it would be horizontal....

Then we can go hang out in one of the two Hubs, always busy with people chatting, dancing and making new friends.

Then on to Substation, with Roy and his team, for more 50's & 60's music.

then back to juiced to bring the weekend to a close ...

so that's all from me this week... I'll see you next time for another great time in the best sim in Second  Life xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Friday, October 05, 2012

Party in The Park - Amy MacDonald

Join us on Saturday from our new Halloween set in Regent's Park in Soho London.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) and Amy MacDonald is on stage at 1pm SL.

Amy MacDonald is a Scottish singer, songwriter and composer, who shot to fame in 2008 with her debut album, This Is The Life.  The album made the number one slot in six countries catapulting her to fame.

Join us here

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Nilsy

This week the fashion spotlight turns on Nilsy's store in London City.  The store features a range of fun and sexy dresses and outfits ideal for the woman who isn't afraid to show off her provocative, flirtatious side.

Nilsy Paiette Zebra Dress shown with transparent and solid options, and low-cut back
The Paiette Zabra Dress comes in solid and transparent options and features a sweetheart neckline and plunging back that manages to be alluring while covering your modesty.  The sparkling fabric accentuates the shape of the body and the zebra stripe guides the eye beautifully showing off your curves.

Check out Nilsy in London City here.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Weekend Review 28th ~30th September 2012

Hey there, how you doing? Good ? Of course you're doing good, you are all part of the number 1 destination in Second Life .... London City , and it just keeps getting better. We have new builds, new destinations within the 3 sims, new events and concerts, and loads more stuff you can explore... oh and shops did I mention all the shops we have in London City? Top quality, full range to suit every taste and pocket.., we really do have it all.

So, did you have a great weekend?
 We sure did, starting Friday 28th September... woohoo TGIF.
so what's the agenda for tonight...
1. meet friends in the hub
2. all pile along to Substation
3. hot foot it across the sim to Bar Soho
4. dash to Madame  Lala's to finish the night off....
you have to agree that's a full fun  packed evening :) with a chance to win Lindens in every event.

meeting our friends in the Hub

The Hub is a great place to catch up with friends and make some new ones. Here, people gather to chat and dance, it's the hustle and bustle place, great to learn new things too, for all the new second life residents, just off the hub, we have a "new user experience" that will teach you all the basics you need to get around second life with ease  .....

party people at Substation 
Substation is situated just off the Hub, in the Underground ... Roy Geddings  is the clubs manager. So what can you expect from this quirky fun pub ?  ... a definite retro feel,  music from the 60's, events to win Linden dollars, fun and good banter.... in a nut-shell, relaxed and fun, and a great way to kick off your Friday evening in London  City .

next we head along to Bar Soho,

Dancing at Bar Soho

This is almost like the polar opposite, as Substation is retro and a bit "grubby" ( don't tell Roy I said that :O) Bar soho is clean lines, swanky, and polished to perfection.

Bar Soho

Bar Soho is open all through the week, and you will see a different Host , Dj combination every night, playing music from different genre, such as Pop and Chart music, Rock, R&B, Trance and Techno, something for everyone, mimicking the trendy clubs in RL London, Bar Soho is a great place to let your hair down and dance to great music.

Best in Yellow at  Lala's

Dj Fierce, Madame  Lala,and me  :)
And still more to do here in the best sim in Second  Life.... we head to Madame Lala's, for a right knee's up and great banter... Dj Fierce plays the best of weird and wonderful tunes (from Steps to well some I haven't even heard of, and that's saying something lol ).... and I'm the host ( so make sure you drop in and see us  ) ... Quick wit and fun chat here...we really do have a giggle. Again following closely to real  life, Madame Lala's is a great place for open minded adults who love fun and meeting new friends.

And that brings our Friday to a close, but the whole of London City is open 24 hours a day.

What does Saturday have in store for us  ?

Well, every Saturday, London City hosts an amazing  large open air concert in Regents Park, totally FREE and available for everyone to attend, but a word of warning* this is a very busy event, and most of the time people queue to get in to find a good place to see the act on stage, my advice is get there early to avoid disappointment*
The whole sim is buzzing from wanting to see the performers, ranging from groups to LIVE singers famous in SL, and this weekend does not disappoint at all....

This young lady shot to fame after a friend of hers posted a demo of her singing on myspace....She's 24 years old,  she has earned 6 Grammy Awards, including Album of the year, Britt Awards, and American Music Awards, she's even mentioned a few times in The Guinness world records . ( have you guessed yet?)

Adele in concert

Every one  loving Adele

Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins... we simply know her as ADELE.... yes we had Adele in concert, flippinek..did you lot love her, packing the sim to capacity.                                                          

You all arrived ready to watch this amazing lady sing songs like " Set Fire To The Rain", Rolling In The Deep","Someone Like  You" and many more fantastic songs.
We all had the best time, teamed with "best in Mesh" with hundreds of Lindens up for grabs, this is what Saturdays were made for !!!

Regents park with Adele in concert
We then race across town to Sim 3 London City Adult in Victoria, heading to  Juiced.

Juiced is a different kind of club altogether,  we have different event themes every night, how's that different you ask..... well, Juiced also changes the décor every night to match the event, and not only that, the music follows suit and compliments the themed event... now you see why it's so different.... and the only club in second life to do this every single night for each event.

So did you Get Juiced yet?

Boxing at Juiced
This week we saw best in Masquerade Ball, best in Boxing , and quite literally we get all kinds of people at these fantastic events.

Best in  Mythical 

Juiced going Mythical 
Amazing costumes for Mythical night 
party people 

On Saturday we saw "best in Mythical "

Sunday 30th September 2012

On to Sunday... after all that, you would expect Sunday to be a bit of a wet kipper.... not at all,  there is never a dull moment here in  London City...

First up Bailey Saxmundham, manager of Madame Lala's, swings open the doors about lunch time, playing the best in Easy Listening, especially for those who shall remain nameless that partied a bit too hard the night before ( if you know what I mean )


Then its time to hit the Substation again, where we find Roy and his team  in a party mood, and playing you the best songs from the 50's and 60's.

Best in Jail 

Then we head back to Juiced to bring your Sunday night to a close .... Where we invited you to join us in the slammer ...Best in Jail.. we had a hoot. Don't forget we are open all week so come join us.

Well that's all from me this week, I will see you next time for another full fun packed week xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New for October in London City

In August we began to extensively rebuild entire areas, update textures and add new content to the Victoria region.  Apart from a little bit of tweaking, the building work is now completed.

All buildings in London City are bespoke and built by us.  Unlike many other places that just rez buildings out of a box, we pride ourselves in taking care to capture the true spirit of London in Second Life and to build our own unique content instead of buying what is readily available to everyone on Marketplace.

During the week we completed The Crown Pub and Keyhole Cinema.  And on Saturday, the brand new Adult Hub was lowered into position.

We have added a lot of the content suggested by visitors, added optional windlight setting areas, animated seating and poses and fully interactive surprise elements to the region.

This new design gives much better flow and an enriched experience for all the facilities and stores on-sim and we hope that you will enjoy visiting London City 3.


Cinema showing films 24 hours a day  in a cosy environment, with posed seating.    

The Crown pub is a venue for open minded adults, wishing to hookup with others for  no-strings fun.  Also contains Adult Freebie area, posed seating and animations.

London City3 Adult Hub in the centre of the region.  Come and meet other over 18's and explore a wide range of services and facilities.

The most grizzly show on earth.
A thousand years of horrible history, Jack The Ripper, The Black Plague, Sweeny Todd and the gruesome and graphic torture chambers of old London City. Regular new attractions and parties in this sinister surrounding.

London City - We are the Joneses.

What Do You See? (Results)

During the week we asked you about your viewer environment settings in London City.

Thanks for taking part. This information is useful to us for textures and building content and allows us to plan then for optimum effect.

161 people voted, and here are the results:

Override - You set Day/Night yourself:  (61) 38%

Region Default - LL's Day/Nigh Cycle (32) 21%  *34%

Region Windlight - Suggested setting when you land (20) 12%

Own Windlight - Your own windlight (27) 17%

Don't Know - Assumed to be Region Default (21) 13%  *34%

Whilst only sampling a small amount of unique visitors to London City, this straw poll shows that currently about a quarter of visitors use Windlight settings.  The majority of visitors prefer to override settings to create their own suitable ambience. The remainder electing to accept the region default.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adele in Concert, 1pm Saturday

Join us for The Best Disco in Town this week and enjoy Adele in Concert in Regent's Park.
Party starts at 12pm SL, and the Concert is at 1pm SL.

Adele is a British singer, songwriter and musician who shot to fame in 2009 with 19, her debut album. The success of this was quickly surpassed with her follow up album, 21, which earned her six grammy awards and Album of The Year.

Win at least 500L for "Best in Mesh" and join the party here: