Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hey, whatsup   London  City  hows  your week been ?
Here in  London  we have had a great time, its been a fun  and  exciting week for all.

When Friday rolls  around  there's always  that weekend  buzzing  in  the  air  ( virtual  air ) people  bustling about  just  like  the  Real Life  London  City, people hanging  out and about  heading  off  into  town to clubs and pubs or meeting friends, catching  up  on  the gossip,  and  putting the grid to rights  with good conversation.
Look  at  this  crazy bunch  of  misfits.... 

Whatever  you decide to do in  London
City, you can always  find a friendly  face  in one  of  our  hubs, the hub is as  it sounds,  a hub of  activity people  hanging  out  chatting  dancing  and generally having a great  time ...

So, in from work, settle back for a great evening with  out leaving  the comfort of  your  own home. We have 4 great areas in  London city called sims, each  sim is ,creating one dynamic estate all geared  for  everyone's  taste, so to kick start your weekend you can head to  one  of  our many destinations.

First of  the mark  is  my featured venue  this week

"The Worlds  End  Pub".

The Worlds End  Pub is is  found  in  Sim 2 , It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry frequent the Worlds End, resulting in a light-hearted, diverse crowd. It’s rowdy and it’s loud, but it’s good  fun. Its  host both themed  events  for  you to get dressed  up  and have chance to win  some $L's, but also  it has  Bingo,

a cheeky  little  Truth or dare, and traditional  pub  quizzes.  like all the the best pubs  in  RL do :). With its lively atmosphere, this pub is a good place to start a night out. It might get messy but most people at the Worlds End like it that way.

I asked  Katty , Hostess there, what she  liked  about the pub, "The Worlds End Pub, well its my fav place in SL and its what a typical London pub should be, cosy, fun and totally insane....."
Well we can't argue  with that :)

Over on sim 3 Victoria, The  Palladium Striptease springs  into action, that's if you like your action  hot and  steamy, with the most beautiful dancers  in  SL working here for your pleasure, it's fair to say  you'll get more  than  a  little  hot  under  the collar when  these  sexy dancers have finished with  you. 

As your  night progresses next in  line  is  The Substation  a quirky club  found  in sim  1,  Soho, if you like good chat  and  golden  oldie  tunes  this is  right up your street, found  underground  this club is a pure  gem.
Roy and his team  are both welcoming and  fun, holding yet more events  to win $L's.

The  club  has a warm cozy feel and is  very welcoming, fantastic after a hard day at the  office.

Back across to sim 3, The Crown swings  in to action, this club  is definitely for  Adults  who like no strings  fun, saucy events to wet your whistle, not for the faint hearted, pure fun and laughter all the way  here. ( Pics  just too saucy to show  you )

No time to waste time to zip back to Soho in sim 1, to Bar Soho. Swanky and cool, definitely the place to see and be seen.
Every night Bar Soho  has  a different Dj Host combination keeping the whole feel fresh and exciting.

On  a Friday  you will find  me playing the best Hardcore and trance  know to man ( and woman )... with  Katty as Host  we have  an awesome time, though a word of warning.... arrive early as  the club fills to breaking  point and  we don't want disappointed you cant fit  in. 

Still got some party in  you?? Of course you have ..... its  then time to hot foot it over to  Madame Lalas, based on  the real  life  Madame  Jojo's. Here  you will find  Dj  Fierce  on the decks, playing what can only be described as a flamboyant mix of tunes.

There's  something very special about this club, and its well worth a visit, you will have one  of  the best times  possible spent laughing and dancing.

That brings  the events to a close  for Friday  but there's still  loads  you can  do here  in  the best  destination  in Second  Life, London never sleeps.

 When Saturday rolls around, we are already in  the weekend spirit, and the cherry on the cake is  the fantastic  LIVE concerts held  in Regents  Park, ALL FREE and for everyone to attend, we have seen the most wonderful and diverse acts here from  Famous  SL singers to the sublime, acts  like Queen, Frankie Valie, Amy MacDonald , Tina Turner, The Carpenters to name  but a few.... this weekend we saw  the famous duo ... Simon  and  Garfunkle, **amazing**.

The sim was packed hundreds of people teleporting in to watch another fabulous  concert.

Paul Simon and  Art Garfunkel rose to fame  in 1965, with their smash hit  "The Sound  Of Silence", well know for their  vocal harmonies  the duo were among the most  popular recording artists  in the 60's. They have a very turbulent singing relationship, breaking up and reforming once every decade, the most famous  in 1981, in Central Park, where they attracted  500,000 people, making  it the 7th  most popular concert in the history of  music, now we didnt attract  that many in  London ,  but close  :P.

Then  its all change as we head to Victoria again this time to  our chameleon club Juiced, know for it daily change  of décor this club is a must for a great night out.

When Sunday rolls around  the last thing you want to be thinking about is  Monday morning... so its  Baileys  turn  to keep  you amused  and unwind form the night before  with the Sunday smooth at Lalas. Bailey play the smoothest jazz and easy listing grooves perfect for a relaxing time.

Time for a spot of shopping in our extensive array of fabulous shops  something for every taste and  pocket, no need to walk either.... there's buses  on set routes to take  you on a tour, or a taxi, or why  not drive yourself , its a great way to get around  this huge  place, and  you'll  look super cool.

Time to head back  to Substation and more fun chat and dancing.

Then its left to juiced  to bring your weekend  to a close,   Sunday we were all aboard  the  Titanic ...  it was a very challenging build,  but as  luck would have it, it  I threw a few prims  together and  it didn't look too bad ... though I was thinking, if it was too hard  I'd have a room full of  water, and say it had already sunk  :P#

So, that's  it from me for another week, I'll see you  in  London city for more fun and frolics xxx

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxx

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Simon & Garfunkel on Saturday

Simon & Garfunkel in Concert on Saturday at 1pm SL at London City.

Simon & Gurfunkel shot to fame in 1965 after composing and recording the musical score for the film "The Graduate".   Their hits include, The Sound of Silence, Homeward Bound, I am a Rock, Cecilia, Mrs Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Water and many many more.

Win 500L for Best in 1960's this weekend as we go back in time.

Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) and the Concert starts 1pm SL.

This event is sponsored by DX Exchange, money transfers at favourable rates.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Weekend Review Friday 11th - Sunday 13th January 2013

Hey London  City  what's  new  with  you  ?

Shall  I tell you what's  new  with us?.... well grab a coffee  put ya feet up  5  mins  and  read  on ....

We have great new  staff who have  joined  the already fab Support  team, these  guys  are  there to greet you when you arrive at  London City, and  can  help you get around four  fantastic,  full working, busy sims.

And  talking  of  4  sims,  London  Adult is taking shape and  looks  totally awesome  thanks  to our  builder extraordinaire  Billy  Arentire, the area  is  of  Covent garden and  looks totally fabulous, go take   a  look  you will not  be  disappointed, yet another area  of  London you can virtually visit.

Also  new  to  London  City is  The  New London Palladium Striptease, as  the name  suggests  this is for  adults  who like no strings  fun  in SL.

Gorgeous  dancers  offering  Live steamy chat, for  both  ladies and  gentlemen visiting. It's  opening night was a roaring  success, all kinds  of people coming to hang out, dance  and  interact with the steamy dancers.
If you would  like  to become one of  our dancers  please  IM me  Rubyjones Resident  in - world.

This week end  we saw  Billy  Joel come  take  to the custom built stage  in Regents  Park, Billy  Joel, born William Martin in May 1949, since  his  first  hit release "Piano Man" Billy  Joel has  become  one  of  the top 10 recording  artists  in America  of all time, so it was great to see  him in the Top  sim in Second  Life.

He has a world  wide  fan base  and  is  in  the "Songwriters Hall Of Fame".
Billy  Joel took to the stage  at  9pm uk time, and sang an hours worth of his greatest hits, "Uptown Girl", "Just The Way  You Are", "An Innocent  Man" to name a few, the park was packed, people TPing in as fast as  they could  to get a good  spot  on  the dance floor, dressed  in  "Best In Rocker" the atmosphere was alive  with fun  loving people enjoying themselves.

As always London City is a metropolis of Live events, Great  clubs and  Pubs, just like  the Real  London City, there is always  something happening, life  is never  dull... and with all 4 Sims actively busy  its easy to see why London  City is the Number 1 destination  in SL.

There is literally something  here for everyone,  it might be chatting with friends  in 1 of our hubs, dancing  the night away with Live dj's  playing anything from 60's classics in  Substation, or Bar  Soho  offering a different genre  of  music  each night, from  the latest  chart releases to Hardcore Dance music, if  you cant find  it  in Bar Soho its  not worth  listening to!, or maybe  you  like  your  evening  themed  as  in  Juiced the chameleon club  that changes  décor every night to suit the very different themes  to  the norm, plus  music  to match you can really get engrossed and have  fun.

Maybe  you  like  more  of a fun chatty pub,  like   a  local,  The Worlds End  is  the place  for  you, bingo, pub quizzes chat and  dancing, a great place  to meet people and  have  fun. Or maybe  the  The crown  is  for  you with  more adult  themes and  no strings  fun, full of  great people living  the dream.

Then we have  Madame  Lala's based  on real  life  Madame  Jojo's, this  is a great place  for fun cheeky banter, with  Dj Fierce playing an array of  songs that really gets  your foot tapping.

All in all London  City is  your  home from  home, friendly  staff, awesome  venues, great concerts, if  you want to sample real  life London without leaving  your seat this is the place  to be xxx

So that's  all form me this week, I'll see you soon for  more  fun and  frolics in the best sim in Second  Life xx

Roving  Reporter Ruby xxx

Monday, January 14, 2013

Growing Pains

The London City estate has relocated to a less cluttered area of the grid.

Our old grid location was getting a bit crowded, with sims above and below and to the left and right of us, in effect boxing us in.  So this move helps futher expansion of the estate and allows for growth in all directions.

Landmarks will work exactly as they did before and will take you to the correct location.   Slurl's and the map will take a day or more to update, so please use Landmarks until the grid settles us in properly.

Now, a sneak preview of what's in store.. This is the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden, currently under construction and is located in our development Sim, "London Adult".

Friday, January 11, 2013

Billy Joel on Saturday

Billy Joel american singer, songwriter and musician who shot to fame in the early 1970's with Piano Man and who followed it up with a dozen more hits, is here in London City this weekend.

Join us from 12pm SL (8pm UK) for Party in The Park, with Billy Joel in Concert at 1pm SL.

Theme this week is "Best in Rocker", with a prize of 500L.

The Party is here

This event is sponsored by DX Exchange, money exchanges at favourable rates.

Monday, January 07, 2013

The Weekend Review 4th ~ 6th January 2013

The first week into New Year, always a limp balloon after all the festivities and  celebrations, but not here in London City... and that's what makes  us  the most successful  top destination  in  Second Life.
2013 in  London City promises to be  the best ever, with new look clubs, brand new leisure facilities, and  more fun than you can shake a stick at .

Friday, in from work, shoes  off glass  of wine, log into London City SL,  meet up in the hub and  chat with friends, catching up on all the gossip from the week.

We really do have the best fun with a full range of clubs and venues to suit everyone


The oldest pub in all of London.  This bright and breezy pub has a sea view and some wonderful characters visiting to relax and spend some time together.   Voice chat, competition and quizzes every day. Open Mic cabaret on Wednesdays.  Now with Beer Garden.


Located underneath Comptons Pub and connected to the Subway, Substation plays 1960s music and is decorated in this era.  Step back in time and enjoy!


Comprising of Pub, Nightclub and Terrace. Check out the rooftop pool!
This friendly venue open 7 nights a week, is fully staffed with resident and guest DJs, competitions, themed events


Staffed by the famous Barbettes, this weekend Revue has a short cabaret act around 11pm in the UK (3pm SLT).  Playing show tunes and holding West End theme nights, this high class, camp and tasteful club is based on the club with a similar name in London's Brewer Street, W1.

JUICED! @ The Astoria

Fabulous club with Chameleon type interior that changes daily to suit its fantastic themed events.
Friendly and lively atmosphere playing club music. Open nightly (except Monday and Friday) from 2:30pm SL.


The Crown  Pub is a venue for open minded adults, wishing to meet and hookup with similar people for  no-strings action.  Also contains Adult Freebie area and posed seating.  Regular entertainment. from 2am SL til 2pm SL.


Open 24 hours a day, this is the place to be entertained!
Opening Party Monday 14th 7pm /11am slt
Super sexy dancers ready to entertain  you, dancing and with  LIVE CHAT, and "specials".

On a Saturday Regents Park plays host to a Live open air concert with custom made staging, and Fantastic Artists performing for huge crowds.

This week we saw  the  Glorious TINA TURNER in concert.
Tina Turner, born Anna Mae Bullock,  in 1939, her career spans  more than  half a century, we joined her in Regents park singing a whole array of her top hits we sang along to, "Simply The Best", "Private Dancer", "What's Love Got To DoWith  It"

We all had  a fantastic night with this Awesome American  Diva.

That's it from me, I'll see you in  London City ,  Top destination in SL, for another week of fun and frolics. xx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

Friday, January 04, 2013

Tina Turner Concert on Saturday 1pm SL

Join us this Saturday for the return of Tina Turner in Concert at 1pm SL (9pm UK) in London City.

Contest this week is "Best in Animal Print Clothing", win 500L

This event is sponsored by DX Exchange, money exchanges at favourable rates.

The party is here:

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Christmas / New Year Review 12/13

Happy New Year London City Peeps.

SO, how have you been?  It's been a while since  I've seen you.

Well over the past couple of weeks , we have celebrated Christmas and New year, and we all had a cracking time in  London  City, The Best Destination in SL, and with record amounts visiting us of the festive period we had a whale of a time..... could i sum it up in one word? ..ummmmm ...WOW!!!! ....and to sum it up in a photo .....

We had parties galore, special guests un the park such as the awesome  Adevina Citron, singing  LIVE,
Andy Willams and his Christmas show, and Demis Russos singing all our favourites

We had pogo races, and  the fantastic Proms  in  The Park

We had Pans  People dancing at One Night  In  Heaven,to a mega mix of fantastic tunes from over the last few decades.

Then for new year we started in Regents park, at 12 pm slt, following the celebrations  around the world  Live, wishing each country a Happy New Year from  London  City, when 12am rolled round we celebrated with a record amount of people in the sim, all with fantastic party moods, wishing friends a Fabulous New Year. we partied on until 3am.

New Years day we celebrated with s wonderful beach party. Paddling and splashing around while the fantastic Seekers sang a medley of their greatest hits.

All in all, London  City as always was the place to be. Thank you to all for  making our 2012 and the start of 2013 the best ever .


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Starting Now - New Years Day Beach Party

Happy New Year and Spring is Sprung in London City.
Join us for the traditional New Years Day Beach Party today at 4am SL (12 noon UK) as we relax with summer sounds.
Win 500L Best in Beachwear!
Special Guests, The Seekers in Concert!
Here's the TP: