Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Fabulous Weekend Review 8th - 12th March 2013

Hey,how you doing? Good ?  Well of course you are, who wouldn't be after such an awesome week  in the one and  only truly Original  London City.... Biggest and  the best, larger than (real) life entertainment,  available to ALL our fantastic Residents.

So...what's on offer in  London  City...Well, one thing we can promise you is a Full on, Fun packed time, teamed with LIVE events, top notch shopping, a bustling atmosphere, all in the busiest sim on the grid.. London City number#1 destination for all your SL needs, accept NO imitations. 

This week in Regents park, we saw  the Legendary Johnny Cash, and  the Highwaymen.... 

The Park was packed to capacity...everyone queuing to see these awesome guys,...Johnny Cash, Willie  Nelson, Kris  kristopherson, Waylon Jennings.

What a great night, the guys singing their top songs we all  know  and  love, not only  that we ran a "best in country" event alongside, where a lucky resident could  win a shed load  of  Linden cash.

Last week we saw  the awesome  Fankie Vallie and  the jersey  boys, a completely different vibe, and another  top  hit  for  London  City, week after week,  the staff at  London City pull it out of  the bag, bringing you  top quality virtual  fun.

Throughout  the week, London city provides  more entertainment than  you can shake a stick at, something for every taste.... great  music, fantastic  conversations, dancing.... Bar Soho one of our original clubs, and going  form strength to strength, keeping up with  all trends, just  like RL London. 

Substation gives you the best  in  great events and retro tunes... 

Juiced  is a chameleon club  changing it décor daily to match the "best in"  events.... fun and challenging... a 1st  in SL and bought to you by London  City.

The Worlds End Pub, typical Brit Pub, with Quizzes, Bingo and  events. Great atmosphere, a wonderful  place to make  new friends and have a good  laugh.

The  Crown, Pure Adult No String fun.... if you like saucy  fun,  the crown  is  the crème-de-la-crème  of  Adult entertainment.

Madame  Lala's club, star turns, tongue  in cheek humour, toe-tapping  music, all  in one fabulous kitsch club, glamorous and  up beat...expect a fantastic  night out here.

As you can see, London  City  IS  the best place  for entertainment...we out shine any other in SL, awesome staff, and wonderful residents visiting us in their hundreds daily.

That's  all from  me  this week, I'll see you next time  in  London City for  more  fun and  frolics xxx 

Roving Reporter  Ruby  xxxx

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Johnny Cash & The Highwaymen

Bringing a brand new show to London City this Saturday,  Johnny Cash and The Highwaymen.

Singer Songwriters, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristopherson and Waylon Jennings unite to perform their most famous songs in one amazing concert only in London City.

The theme this week is Best In Cowboy with a prize of 500L sponsored by DX Exchange.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with The Highwaymen on Stage at 1pm SL.

Don't be late! http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/114/115/24

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Spotlight On Style: Spazio Piaggio

Lurking around the streets of London City for something for today's blog, I came across Spazio Piaggio.  It is a lovely little shop packed to the gunnels with men's mesh and non-mesh outfits.

The outfit pictured above is called F35.  It comes with a soft cotton t-shirt with a subtle pattern across the chest and (prim) sleeves, a pair of faded grey jeans with a belt and prim cuffs. soft canvas shoes and a set of dog tags to complete the casual look.

Spazio Piaggio can be found here.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Buy Lindens Dollars for a phone call, with DX Exchange

DX Exchange have expanded their UK service, with a facility that allows you to buy Linden Dollars for the cost of a phone call.

Recognising that not everyone has a credit card or perhaps is unwilling to give card details over the internet, this service allows you to make a phone call from mobile or land line which will be charged at £3 and instantly credit your inworld balance with 650 Linden Dollars.

There is also an amazing deal available right now for Skrill.com users.  Pay safe and securely using Skrill and for every £1 you will be credited with 359 Linden Dollars!

No skrill account? Go to www.skrill.com and get one now!

DX Exchange offers many more facilities at favourable rates for buying and selling Linden Dollars. The Official Headquarters for the UK is located exclusively in London City.   You can visit the UK HQ here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/198/142/24

For further information about the services offered by DX Exchange, contact inworld manager Olivia DX.

DX Exchange sponsors of Entertainment in London City - most popular destination in Second Life.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Festival in London City

Let's wave goodbye to a prolonged winter and welcome in the Spring... and about time!

The spring flowers are sprouting and we're even seeing some lily white, corned beef legs in mesh shorts beginning to wander around the regions... but enough about me, lets talk about you.

Join us throughout March in the most popular destination in Second Life and enjoy all the entertainment on offer.

In addition to regular events in all the London Clubs, this month sees concerts by Johnny Cash, Jersey Boys, The Dubliners and a special Easter weekend concert.

A cash prize is offered at each concert for the Best in Theme and is sponsored by our partners, DX Exchange who have their Official UK HQ here in London City.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spotlight On Style: Lonsdale London

Selling Lonsdale merchandise - t-shirts, vests, all-in-ones, boxing gloves, headbands, shoes, towels, silk boxing shorts and neck chains - is the Lonsdale London shop on London City Victoria.  Outfits and accessories for men and women.

The pic above shows the Short Jumpsuit in white, which is in a soft luxury fabric with the Lonsdale logo on the top left.  I added the Lonsdale Trainers also in white to complete the look.

You can find Lonsdale London here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Fabulous Weekend Review 22nd Feb ~24th Feb 2013

Hey  London City, is  it just me, or  has  week whizzed  by ? Maybe  its  because  we've  had   such a fun packed  time, they do say "Time  flies when  you're having  fun" and  WOW!!! did we have fun this week.

When you  arrive  in  London  City, you are literally spoiled  for choice,  4 sims of quality shopping, and  night life second  to none every night of  the week.

Fun  Pubs, Retro Club,Music Lovers Club, Themed  Club, Kitsch Cabaret, Adult Fun Club and  Pubs you name  it we have  it.


Substation  is a  Retro club, playing sounds from  the 50's  and  60's
Roy and his team on hand  to ensure  you evening starts  off on the right foot.
Fun atmosphere, very friendly, and a great place to meet  new people.

Bar  Soho

This is  the  perfect place if  you  love  music.... There's  a different Dj host combination every night of  the week, Friday  see's  yours  truly playing  the  best  in Hardcore, attracting a huge  crowd, so (top tip) get there  early.

The Worlds End  Pub

Fun, vibrant, crazy fun, also Britain's favourite... Bingo,  this is a great place  to make  your  local watering  hole, and  meeting up with friends.

Palladium  Striptease

Adult orientated fun... found  in one  of  our adult sims. Here  you can hang  out talking and dancing with very sexy adult dsn dancers

The  Crown

This is a Wow!! pub  not for  the fainted hearted, this adult pub, is fun adult no strings  fun driven.

Madame  Lala's

Kitsch cabaret, cheeky fun banter,Madame  Lala's  has  it all, with the occasional star turn, it's a must for a great night out.


Juiced  is a themed club, a new  day and  new  themed decor, always  slightly  more challenging events  to get  your  creative minds  working.

This weeks LIVE event  in Regents  Park we  saw  The Drifters, an all male American  harmony group whose  career has  spanned decades.
Wow the amount of people who wanted to see these guys was phenomenal, the park filling so quickly we had  people queuing to get in.
There was dancing ,singing fun and chat... what more  could  you want.
The drifters sang for  over an hour, these guys were one  of  the first  "Boybands", what a hoot, we all had a fantastic time, and can't wait for  The Drifters to come  back to  London  City very soon.


Pisces rez day 20th Feb- 20th march

Don't worry about  un-rezzed  items around  the time  of  tomorrows Full  Moon. With affectionate  Venus  in  your sign from Tuesday, look out  for  Mr or  Miss right just around  the corner from the freebie shop.(where you can rez your items  too)

Aries rez day 21st March-20th April

No matter  how introvert an Aries  you are, this weeks  emotional full moon will make  you want to gather  in places with crowds of  other avi's, and  be  the centre  of  attention. Click dance balls you have never clicked before and shine.

Taurus rez day 21st-May 21st May

Your relationship blooms as Venus  moves  into your chart and love rekindles with a hot couples dance where good music  is  played. Single you will meet a talk dark stranger in a Retro club, where your favourite golden  oldie  is played.

Gemini rez day22nd May - 21st  June

With your ruler Mercury now  in the career area of  your chart, its time to get  to  the West  End  job centre  (sim 2) and  go  get  that job to earn  Lindens. You will fill in application forms and wait to hear news.

Cancer rez day 22nd  June -23rd  July

Because  the full moon cuts across an optimistic axis of  your  chart, it wont affect you as negatively as some, and  you will make new like minded friends in 1 of 2 hubs, where people gather to have fun.

Leo rez day 24th  July 23rd August

You need to get a sense of perspective  this week, get out and about, jump in a car, helicopter, motorbike or golf  cart, and see the 4 sims of  London City in all its glory, why not take a passenger along too.

Virgo rez day 24th Aug -23rd Sept

The best relationships are  those  in which you're similar in some ways  and  different in others, the Full moon in your birth chart this week will heighten this, as you enter a best in event or two.

Libra rez day 24th Sept - 23rd Oct

It's essential that you limit your work load this week , so you are able to spend  more time  in  SL. You have to look after your inventory giving  it a spring clean. ugh!

Scorpio rez day 24th  Oct -  22nd  Nov

Venus,  planet of  love and  laughter is in your sociable angle of  your chart this week and  is  inviting you to a game  of  bingo  where new  love can be found.

Sagittarius rez day 23rd  Nov-21st Dec

The  planets say this week you should try something new, the colour orange  will feature very strongly, you need to inject some  fun cheeky banter  into your life.

Capricorn rez day 22nd Dec-20th  Jan

You may be  tempted to bend  the rules this week, but if  you do, you will regret it as  the Sun will energise your restrictive ruler Saturn on Friday, and you could  end  up on a ban list.

Aquarius rez day 21st Jan - 19th Feb

You've made  a lot  of  plans and started a few building projects  this month, you have  prims hanging all about the place, don't just de-render  them, gather  them together,link  them before deleting  them from your life, you wont be sorry.

Thats all from me  this week, I hope to see you in  the  number 1 destination in Second  Life... London City, for  more fun and  frolics  through  the week xxx
see you next time xx

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxx

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Drifters on Saturday

On Saturday we invite you to a 1960's party, with all the top rock'n'roll and soul songs of that decade.

On stage will be the legendary band, The Drifters.

Spanning fifty years (and counting) and with sixty Drifters members so far, this is America's longest running band.

Their songs include, Saturday Night at The Movies, More Than a Number in my Little Red Book, On Broadway, Kissin' In The Back Row of The Movies, There Goes My Baby, This Magic Moment and many many more.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) and The Drifters are on stage at 1pm SL.

Prize of 500L for best in 1960's outfit.    Sponsored by DX Exchange.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Weekend Review Friday 15th - Sunday 17th

Hey London City what's  up? How's  it hanging?
What is with this weather? ...it's like someone left the weather  on shuffle  and  forgot about it, but that's not a problem  in  London  City  in SL.... no matter what its doing outside, you can always  come  cosy up with  us  and  have  the best night in while going out and about  in  London  City, we have something for everyone, no matter what your  taste  is, if  its  worth doing , we have  it here everyday of  the week.

The  weekend at  last... Friday  night  kick  ya shoes  off, grab a drink, and settle  in for  the best  night  out, from  the comfort  of  ya  own  chair, and  totally free, where else  could you go out, have a fantastic  night, get home any time you want, and  it not cost you anything?

First off we  land  in  one  of  the  hubs, this area  is  where we all hang out, its a place for  chat and meeting friends, showing  off ya  new outfit, meeting new people and gathering together before  you head  off  in to town...no need for  expensive  taxi fares .... tp there in a jiffy... ( did you pick  your  London City transporter  up yet from  the freebie  shop,  just off the  Soho  hub?  NO? what are  you waiting for?  it's free, click  it and wear it, it will attach to your screen like a hud, and  it has every major destination in  London preloaded, so just scroll through, click, and whoooosh, arrive at  you chosen fabulous  destination...I wouldn't  be  with out mine  now )

Ok, you hear  me spouting  off that we have great night life here in  London  City, dont just take  my word  for  it, we constantly hit the most popular  sl  ratings week in and  out making  us  Second Life's  most preferred destination.

So what do we have to offer in 4 fantastic busy sims?
well, put ya feet up and read  on....

Sim 1 .... Soho
sim 1 is home  to  The Hub

Bar Soho

Bar Soho is  open 9pm uk / 1pm sl time

Monday to Friday

Here you will find  the music  lovers, boasting a different Dj,Host combination every night, Bar Soho has  the best music on offer, each night playing different Genre, and  hosting a "best in " event where you have a chance to win Linden Dollars.


Substation  is  open Friday & Sunday
7pm uk / 11am sl time

At substation you step back in time, its the kind of  place  your  mum and  dad  would  have  met  and  hung  out  in, playing all the best  golden  oldies, its bound to get  your  toe  tapping to the tunes we all know  and  love, here is another chance to win Linden Dollars with a "best in" event.

Roy and  his  team are  on hand to start you evening  off with great chat  in a fun atmosphere.

Madame Lala's
open Friday 10:30pm uk / 2:30pm  sl time
        Sunday 2pm uk / 10 am sl time

Madame Lala's  is  based on  Madame  Jojo's  club  in RL London, and  absolute gem  in both RL and SL, playing a wide range of  music all designed to give you the most fabulous  time  in  SL.

 Here you can be whoever you  like, a place to let your hair down and shine. Always  good  for  a laugh, cheeky banter and the occasional star turn, Madame  Lala's is a must for a great night  out.

Sim 2 ....West End

West End  is  home  to The Worlds End  Pub
open Wednesday and  Saturday 7pm un  / 11am sl time

The Worlds End  pub is a typical Brit fun pub, with bingo, Truth or dare and  pub quizzes, making this the perfect local, there's a definite  fun packed atmosphere here, if you like crazy, zany, fun  this is the place to go .

Sim 3... Victoria

Victoria is one of our Adult regions.

Sim3 is home to yet another  Hub  where we can all chill out with friends

Palladium adult Striptease
open Sunday - Friday 7pm uk / 11am sl time

As the name suggests,  this is  saucy adult fun, where not only can you get saucy chat with gorgeous exotic dancers, you get a little bit more steamy naughty fun.

open Tuesday - Thursday Saturday & Sunday
10:30pm uk / 2:30pm  sl time

Juiced  is a different to our  other clubs  in  London city, it holds  the "best in" events but for each event the décor changes daily to heighten the whole experience, its a totally new concept for  interactive fun, found  first in  London City.

The Crown Pub
open 24/7

The crown  is a wow pub  seeing is believing, totally no strings fun driven, its offers a lot  of what you fancy. In your face and  proud of it the Crown pub  is  not for the weak hearted  or  bashful.

It's pure adult fun orientated and far to saucy to show you pictures  here...so  you will have to go take a look.

We all celebrated Valentines Day this week, each venue had valentines themes. At juiced residents were give the choice to have a Valentines event or an Anti Valentines  event, there was a voting booth, where  people came along to register their vote, we found  that London City Residents are all secret romantics, with a Valentines night winning the vote  miles ahead.

On Saturday's Regents Park plays  host to a Live  open air concert. We have had all the big names appearing at the park, from Sl legends  like  Adevina Citron, Helvis  Xue, to Queen, Elton John, Cher, Simon and  Garfunkel, Take That and many, many more.

This weekend  we saw  Beyonce  for  the first  time in concert, bringing fresh new faces to Regents park along with our awesome regular residents.

We had  such a blast, Beyonce sure knows  how to work a crown into a wild frenzy.
Singing for over an hour, London City joined in with songs  like  "Single Ladies(Put A Ring On It)", "Bootillicious", "Independent Woman" and many more.

Beyonce sang, and shared stories with us, fantastic for such a huge, talented star, one thing for sure , London  City LOVES Beyonce  Knowles.

On Sunday, We invited a few Residents  to join us in making a Harlem Shake  video, ( the new  music / dance craze ) what a hoot, Filming  in different venues around  London City, we danced the Harlem Shake in each place, non stop giggles.

Check out the  fished  video  just below  this  post.

That's all from me this week, I'll see you around  London City, the number destination  in  Second  Life, for more fun and  frolics.

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxx