Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Fabulous London City Review

HI,  Barry Scott here....  only joking  it's  meeeee!!!!
How ya doing  London  city, how have you been? Tell me  everything  and don't skip bits.

So, let me  tell  you  all about  the adrenalin pumping  week we have  had  in  the  number 1 destination  in SL.... London  City, so get ya  safety harness on  and  lets go!

The fantastic  Carpenters were in concert this  week in Regents  Park.

The Carpenters were a brother and sister vocal duo,  Richard and  Karen Carpenter.
They have a distinctively soft musical  style  that  made  them  among  the  best selling artists  of all  time.

They crossed  many genre including  "soft rock", "easy  listening", and "adult contemporary"  and have sold  over 100 millions  records.

Their  recording career only spanned 14 years, which ended  in 1983 when  Karen Carpenter died of cardiac  arrest  following an eating disorder.

Karen  Carpenters  unique and  instantly recognisable  voice  spanned  over three octaves, she also  played  the drums  while her  brother  Richard was an accomplished  keyboard  player.

Karen's  voice  is  crystal clear and  very unique .

 Everyone  loves  this  concert  in   London  City, we all sing  along to  the fantastic  tunes.

We also  had a fantastic  time  on  the  Victoria  embankment.... taking  in  the long awaited  sunny rays.

We would  like to  say a huge  Happy  Birthday  to  Second  Life  ( SL10B)

Ten  years  since  Second  Life virtual  world landed, developed  by  Liden  Labs in  June  2003.

In 1999 Philip Rosedale  formed  Linden  Lab, with  the  idea  everyday  people could  immerse  themselves  into a virtual  world, and  the community has  grown,  in 2008 there was  on average  38,000  logged in at any  one time, which  caused  huge media  coverage. Since  Second  Life has  gone form  strength to strength.

That's  all from  me  this  week, I'll see you  for  more fun and  frolics  in  London  City  number 1 destination  in  Second  Life ....accept  no imitations.

Roving  reporter  Ruby xxx

Friday, June 07, 2013

The Carpenters in Concert on Saturday

The Carpenters were an American vocal and instrumental duo. They were the worlds biggest selling group of the 1970's. 

Although only mainly active for that single decade, by the time of Karen's death in 1983 aged just 33, ten of their singles become million-sellers and by the millenium over 100 million albums had been sold.

Join us for The Carpenters in Concert. This event is sponsored by DX Exchange.

Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) and The Carpenters in Concert begins at 1pm SL.

Win 500L for Best in Life & Soul of the Party!

TP Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/122/112/23

London City - Most Popular Destination in Second Life.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Fabulous Weekend Review

#London  City....

Simply  the best.

London  City  brings  you  the  best entertainment, linked  with  real  life,  through  the wonderful portal of  SL. Always  topical, we follow the real  life events  that happen  in  London, keeping  us  current and up to date, which  is  one  of  the reasons  we are ranked  number  1 destination  in SL.

Fun, Enjoyable, Current, Different, Amazing, Best , Awesome <<< these are  just  some  of  the Buzz words  people use  when  describing  London  City, and  I for one have to agree with  all  of  them, and  its  constant, everyday  in London  City  there's  something  happening, with new  Residents  arriving, and  old  friends  coming to visit  London City  is a metropolis of activity.

So,  this  week we decided to  treat  you all with our  wonderful  version of  Glastonbury..
Complete  with the great  British  weather...maybe  this photo will sum up how  the festival  goes  each year .....

Yes,  MUD...lots  and  lots  of  mud..

But,  this  doesn't  effect the hundreds of  thousands of people who attend, the  last  concert was held  in 2011.
Musical  acts  line  up to perform here at the festival, stating how "alive"  the atmosphere is.

Started  in  1970, and  started with a kind  of  hippie  feel, a bit like Woodstock.
The festival  is  usually held  over four days in  the open air, and  most  people  camping  in tents despite  the weather.

Although Glastonbury  is  found  in Somerset, we thought  its such a huge affair, we would  like to party along  too.

Although Glastonbury  is  found  in Somerset, we thought  its such a huge affair, we would  like to party along  too.
It's estimated that the thousands  upon  thousands  of tickets  for  the festival  sell  out  within three to four hours of  going  on sale.

In  London  City  our open air  concerts are free for all  to attend,  but  get there  early, else you will be disappointed as it fills  rapidly.

Held  in  Regents  park, we have taken  the Glastonbury theme, complete with custom built stage amidst   the muddy puddles.

This week we saw  the awesome  Boney M in concert. No strangers to  London  City, we  love  nothing more  than grooving along with  this lively band, and  singing along  with  their great  hits.

Boney  M were huge  during  the 70's. Formed  in 1975,  they took off in  the disco  era.

We sang  along  with classics such  as  "Daddy  Cool",  " By The Rivers Of Babylon", "Brown Girl  In  The  Ring" and many many  more
Boney M has a real feel good  factor, everyone  joining in and  dancing  the night away.
 An awesome  night to say the least.

Hey... did you ever watch  the Simpsons?

 Well for  a short  time  Moe's Tavern  is  visiting  us just  for a giggle, situated  behind  Compton's, if  you want a chuckle  make  sure  you  visit.

 Madame lala's swung into action  on Friday  night, with  DJ Fierce,
it was a best  in Red contest, and  that being  my favourite colour,  I just had to attend  :)
A fantastic  fun night, tongue  in cheek, compact and  kitsch, everyone has such a great  time here.

Substation played us a generous  mix  of  golden oldies, great songs that are guaranteed to get ya foot taping and conversations going.

The Crown, with  its  saucy fun strictly for Adults, opens  5 nights a week for  you enjoyment,  playing  the best  Trance music, its a great  place to meet  like minded  people for  no  strings  fun.

The Worlds End  pub and water  front, always  good for a laugh, fun, zany, and friendly  just  how we like it

And  much,  much  more we had amazing  themed events at  Juiced  where  the scenery changes  daily to match  the theme.

Bar Soho for  great  music and  chat,  Dykes  on Bikes where  Lesbian ladies and  their friends can meet  up for a dance and  chat. Palladium  for cabaret and  open  mic  nights, SwetBox for  gay guys only, a place to work out and dance,  plus our meeting areas, where friends  gather to catch  up, hundreds of  top quality shops to peruse, vehicles to drive around in from cars  buses and  helicopters you  name  it  London  City has  it...and  more,  and this  is  why we are  rated  number  one  in  SL,  but don't just take  my word  for  it...come along  we would  love  to meet  you....London  City  in SL... the one  and  only.... accept  no  imitations!

thats all from  me  this week,  I  look forward  to seeing  you  in  London  City for  more fun and frolics   next week xxx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxxx

Sunday, June 02, 2013

DX Exchange Official UK HQ in London City

We are pleased to announce that DX Exchange, Authorised Reseller of Linden Dollars is back in London City, resuming its sponsorship of Events throughout the estate.

Earlier in the month all third party resellers were forced to suspend their businesses as Linden Lab changed Terms of Service so that only the Lindex could trade in Linden Dollars and eliminated all other competition in one sweep.   This meant an end to shopping around for Best Rates with one flat exchange rate for all, no matter how much it was!

Something happened at the top and Linden Lab had a change of heart and asked for applications to become official resellers, which DX Exchange is now.  DX is authorised by Linden Lab to trade in the sale of Linden Dollars.   This is good news for everyone as it means that competitive rates should keep pounds (or dollars) to linden conversions at favourable rates because once again there is competition to provide best value.

DX Exchange in London City re-opens its doors on Monday morning.  Be sure to visit the DX Exchange Official UK Headquarters and take advantage of some astonishing deals for the purchase of Linden Dollars.  With more flexible ways to purchase Linden Dollars, than the Lindex, including (but not limited to) buying Lindens via a phone call, DX Exchange offers the complete solution to purchasing money for use in Second Life.