Monday, October 14, 2013

Free Homes in (London City4) Belgravia

Continuing our commitment to new residents in Second Life, we are pleased to announce almost Free Homes in the beautiful and exquisite Belgravia area of our brand new fifth region.

Although still under construction and some way to go before the region is completely finished, the houses are available immediately.

Belgravia is noted for its immensely expensive residential properties and is one of the wealthiest districts in the world.   However, here in London City, a house is available to new residents for the princely sum of just 1 Linden per day.. and if you are currently financially embarrassed, you can follow the Cash Ball as it travels the region and tap it for your rent money!

These houses are intended for players under the age of 6 months, are fully furnished and have a front and back garden, complete with mooring.

What is more, boats will be installed during the week.  You will be able to sail from your home all the way around the region, past Tower Bridge and into the Regent's Park canal in the London City Hub.   Sail from your house to the busiest location in all of Second Life!

From the London City Hub, try out the public transport and catch the number 69 bus to our brand new Freebie Megastore in London City3/Victoria.

With something for everyone in the estate, we sincerely hope that new and old residents alike will enjoy the added facilities as London City continues to grow.

London City, Most Popular Destination in Second Life.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yes! We hear you

Having London City 'Voice Enabled', has been a real eye opener and by and large, very successful.

With hundreds of people piling in to hear other regulars on voice for the first time, each eager to have their say and show the personality behind their avatar.   We have had some splendid evenings and some extremely funny comedy moments throughout this trial.

Then as time progressed, the voice trolls would come and have some fun winding people up, talking in strange accents where you just know you're being recorded for another of those 'hilarious' YouTube videos, where the guy says bums and titties every thirty seconds and everyone else gets very cross and gives him the reaction he craves for his latest film.

But the show stoppers were the people who keyed their microphones and just talked.  And they talk and talk and talk.  Never stopping for an instant, never listening for a response, they drone.  Incessant, indefatigable and without end ... and boring the arses off everyone who had the misfortune to encounter them.   What's more, as people start moving away to give their ears a rest from this infernal slavering of gums, they get pursued for more ear bashing.  It is true.  Empty vessels make the most noise.

That said, the ability to have voice is sheer bliss, finest cabaret and a joy to have this opt-in and opt-out layer of entertainment... so long as you can opt out.

Here in London we want to keep the customer satisfied and we recently held polls, over three weeks in three bouts to ensure an accurate representation of feelings: 191 (46%) of voters thought Voice being on was Good and 222 (54%) thought it was Bad.

With the opinion poll being so close, clearly this is something we will review from time to time to ensure we are still representing the majority.

So it's the end of an ear ache as voice gets hobbled in London City(1) for now, but all is not lost. Last Sunday, we turned on our fifth region.  It is attached to the hub area London City and it has Voice Enabled!    It is not fully built yet, but the voice area is up and running and it is on the doorstep of the London City hub.

To use voice, just cross the bridge, there is a whole new region waiting to hear you.

Bring your earplugs and see you on YouTube.  More about the new region later.

Please add your comment on this story.  Anonymous comments are enabled and being a popular place we're used to trolls, it won't kill us... feel free to be edited :)

London City, The most popular destination in Second Life.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Saturday - Johnny Cash and The Highwaymen

The coolest cowboy of all,  the man in black, returns this Saturday.

Dust off those chaps and put your spurs on for Johnny Cash and The Highwaymen, appearing here in London City!

Singer Songwriters, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristopherson and Waylon Jennings unite to perform their most famous songs in one amazing concert.

The theme this week is Best In Cowboy/girl with a prize of 500L sponsored by DX Exchange.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with The Highwaymen on Stage at 1pm SL.


Saturday, October 05, 2013

London City Autumn 2013

Thank you to the visitors of London City for keeping us the most popular destination in all of Second Life!   We hope you enjoy the video of the activities in September and we're looking forward to the scaring you to death in October!

See you at the Party tonight!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hello  London City, how have you  been  ?
  Can  you  believe  its been a whole week  since  I last saw  you  ?

So, what's  new  with  you? Tell me  everything and don't skip  bits....

This week  in SL's  top  destination,  London  City,  We have seen  a great week, from  awesome  Events,  New Arrivals, Great  Staff, and  Awesome  Residents...which all go  into  the  pot  to  make  London  City  the place to  be.

Yes we  have  it  all,  whether  you are  thousands of days  old  in SL  or brand  new, we have something for  everyone, in our  Fun, Bustling,  Busy  4 sims.

We have  a unparalleled New User experience... here  you will find everything  you need to help  start  you  off  in  you  new Second  Life,  providing top  tips, to make your new experience smooth  and  fun. Found  below the Hub  in  Soho, its has an easy access, and away from  the crows  so  you can learn  just  how to get  the best  from  your avatar.

Love  shopping? ...We have a huge, wide and  varied selection of  shops to  suit everyone's purse and  tastes.... and  BRAND  NEW to  London City, we have a huge Freebie store,  full  of  top quality attire for  both men and women.
Well worth a visit, but be prepared to  spend  time  in  there,  its  huge....

Every week in Regents  Park, the staff of  London  City bring  you a fantastic  event, where you can  see a fantastic  Live show, and  take  part  in a Best In  Event, where a  lucky Resident can  win  a huge  amount of  Lindens, what a hoot...

This week we saw Alecia Beth  Moore, better  known  as  Pink, born September 1979,  Pink started her  Solo career in 2000, her first  R&B album  "Can't Make  It Home" went double platinum.

Pink has  become  one  of  the most successful  artists of  her generation, she has  sold  over 100 million records world  wide.

As she slammed  on to  the  purpose  built  London  City stage  on Saturday, she sang her socks  off, and  boy does  she pack a punch...taking no  prisoners, Residents were all singing along, and  applause rang  out through  the  London streets, along  with  "I Love  This  Tune" remarks.

Pink sang for  over an  hour, entertaining us from start to  finish, and  yes  she  isn't for  the faint hearted,  but  no one could be disappointed with  this show, she sang and danced with  such energy and passion.

Pink will be back  in  London  City for  our Christmas extravaganza... Watch out for  more details  on  that... it's gonna be huge....  unlike anything  you've seen before...

next week  we  look  forward to  STEPS in  concert,  be sure to get  there  early as  this  event fills up so quickly, so don't get  left  out  :)

Thats  all from  me  this  week,  I'll see  you for  more fun and  frolics in  London  City,  the best  place to be  in  SL.

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

Monday, September 23, 2013

Introducing.. Freebie Megastore

London City is pleased to announce the launch of Freebie Megastore.

This colossal store will be on three levels and will contain over a thousand Free items including, clothing, accessories, vehicles, scripts, furnishings, buildings, club equipment and other great products .. all completely free of charge.

It has always been our guiding belief that London City Estate should be totally self sufficient and that it evolves and grows only as demand and revenues dictate. 

Our balance sheet shows that we have the long term ability to devote a significant portion of London City3 region to non-revenue generating purposes, and we have chosen to focus on a one-stop Freebie Store.

Of course, sourcing all the products we want to bring you is very time consuming and this will be a continuing project, but we hope you will visit us regularly and grab the latest products.

Thanks to our 135 merchants, we have managed to obtain many exclusive items which are not available anywhere else on the grid. We believe that obtaining bespoke goods will place Freebie Megastore at the heart of the Second Life community.

Currently we have 400 items on offer and we aim to add another 50 new items each week.

If you are a merchant or reseller and would like to contribute to Freebie Megastore, please get in touch, we would love to feature your creations.

Visit London City Freebie Megastore

London City - The Most Popular Destination in Second Life

Thursday, September 19, 2013

P!NK in Concert, Saturday

Born Agnes Grimes, but better known as Pink....  (actually she was Alecia Moore), she is an American Singer/Song Writer who really hit it big in 2000 with her song Just Like A Pill.

Winning her first Grammy in 2003 cemented her place in popular music and she soon followed up with other songs, Don't Let Me Get Me, So What, Raise Your Glass, Blow Me and Just Give Me A Reason.

With a net worth of over $70m, this young lady can afford Embassy no.1 but has recently quit smoking to preserve the soft purr of her voice!

Catch her in Concert this Saturday in London City.   Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) And the show begins at 1pm SL prompt!

Win 500L prize for "Best in Pink" :)


This event is sponsored by DX Exchange, Linden Dollars at great rates.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hey  London City, How's  it going?

Time to put your feet up with a nice cuppa and relax, as I tell you about  the fantastic  time we had  over the weekend  in  the  number  one  destination  in  SL, London  City.

Here in  London  City, we strive to  bring  you unique idea's and  full  on entertainment second to  none.
We have a great team  of  dedicated staff, form Support and greeters, club hosts and Dj's  right through to  management, all  with  one goal  in mind, to bring  you the best virtual experience and fun in Second  Life.

Each Saturday,  the staff bring you a fantastic  concert  in  Regents  Park, where special guests  take to  the stage  and  entertain  the masses that teleport  in for  this awesome event,  it's always good to  arrive early as  the event fills quickly.

This week we saw  the famous duo, Simon and  Garfunkel.

An american music duo, singer-songwriter Paul  Simon and  singer  Art  Garfunkel, both  born in 1941.

They started  their singing career as  Tom and  Jerry, they had a minor hit in 1957,  but Simon and Garfunkel rose to fame  in  1965, on  the strength  of  their  hit "Sound  Of  Silence".

Known  for  their  superb harmonies, London City sang  along with  some  of  their  huge songs such as  "Bridge  Over Troubled  Water",  "I Am A Rock", "Mrs  Robinson", and  one  of  their  best  know  "Bright  Eyes"  form  the film Watership  Down. (not a dry  eye  in  the place )

Everyone  loved  singing along with  the songs  they  know  and  love.

Tension  ran  high between  this duo, with  them  breaking  up and reforming several times.
 The  last reunion they played  in Central  Park,  New York in 1981,  they played to  a 500,000 strong crowd.

Along  side  the fantastic concert, we ran a best in  60's event where a lucky  resident could  win a huge  amount of  Lindens.  What a hoot,  everyone had a thoroughly awesome time.

On Sunday, we joined  the gang at  Comptons Pub,  one of  the  oldest Pubs  in  London.

Here is a relaxed atmosphere, and chilled, this week we saw  Nat King  Cole tinkle  the ivories and swoon the crowd,  with  his  soft creamy tones.

Comptons is a place  you can  meet friends, hang  out and  join  in the fun.

Well  that's  all from  me  this week,  I'll see  you  next time for  more fun and frolics in  London  City.... Number 1 destination  in  SL.... accept  no  imitations.

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

Monday, September 16, 2013

Church Social at Saint Marks

Every Monday from 11am SL (7pm UK) Join Coffee and John for a 'Social' at St. Marks On The Park Church for a social gathering.

This week Coffee and John lead the congregation with stories in preparation for the forthcoming Harvest Festival.

Absolution and Soul Redemption is available from just 10L per week.   Please help with the church fund, it needs a new roof and the vicar is tired of his old Daimler Sovereign.

St Marks is located in London City:

Compton's on Sunday

Compton's Pub in London City is most definitely the place to be on a Sunday evening.

It is the best place to catch up with others and find out all the gossip that has happened over the course of the weekend.
With Live Acts, tribute performances and a fun and friendly crowd, its little wonder that Compton's is such a popular place to visit!


London City, The Most Popular Destination in Second Life