Advertising in London City


Advert Boards

Adboards are located in all London City regions.   Board prices vary depending on the location and popularity of each local vicinity. 

Click the region name below for a list of available boards and click an available board for Slurl link to the location.

Click this link to display available adboards

After you have paid the adboard you can upload your textures, notecard and landmark.
Please note that all your items must be 'full perm'  (in properties check that Copy, Modify and Transfer is ticked).

To copy your items across, hold down the CTRL button as you drag the items from your inventory to the board.   Release the mouse button to place the item in the board.

Once you have copied all the items across to your adboard, click the board again to activate it.

The adboard will time out after five minutes if you have not completed dragging your items.  To restart it, or to change your advert at any time, click the board again.

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