Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Summer in The City

Get ready for the greatest Season of them all...  Summer in the City with Disco Spectacular.  Starts this weekend.

This Saturday we have Donna Summer as a Pride / Disco season cross over!

Sunday, June 26, 2022

This week in pictures

We had just a laugh last night at the expense of tragic Dorothy Squires in concert singing every song, not matter how softly it was intended to be, at volume 11.    We found ourselves waiting for the gear change half way through and to the delight of the revellers, she delivered each time, bang on cue.

See you today from 11am SL for Substation!


Friday, June 24, 2022

Dorothy Squires Concert, Saturday 12pm SL

A largely forgotten legend, compared as the British voice of Ethel Merman and all the tragedy of Judy Garland is appearing in London City on Saturday.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with the show at 1pm SL. 

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/105/111/23

It is hard to believe that Dorothy Squires, now so forgotten was once the highest paid British singer.

Famous for her belting voice, her outrageous ball gowns and an unbridled and profane temper, Dorothy Squires was a sensation that swept the country in the 1950's and beyond.

In 1953 she married the then unknown actor Roger Moore who was 12 years her junior and used her substantial clout with the right people in Hollywood to get him into movies and television series.

As Roger Moore's career took off, hers began to slide.  Throughout the 1960's she tried to keep her career in momentum, but she suffered from the emerging popularity of the sounds created by new and  younger singers, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield and Sandy Shaw.

Squires and Moore separated in 1961, when Moore left her to move in with Luisa Mattioli.  Squires refused to divorce him without a substantial settlement and Moore could not re-marry until an agreement was reached and the divorce was finalised 8 years later in 1969.

Now aged 55 she managed to chart one final time with her own cover of "My Way".  New concerts followed at the Palladium, which Squires had hired herself at substantial cost, but her shows sold out in hours and she managed to cover her costs.

By 1971 Dorothy Squires career was almost at and end.   She undertook the first of 30 court cases which would keep her as the focal point in newspapers for the next 15 years.

She successfully sued the News of The World for a story they printed about her and Moore entitled "When love turned sour".

Her new career of suing people for libel began to turn bad when she dragged actor Kenneth Moore through the courts for accidentally referring to Mattioli as Roger Moore's wife when Moore was still married to Squires at the time.  She lost the case.

In 1973 she was charged with high kicking a taxi driver when he threw her out of his cab for being disorderly.  The same year she was charged with trying to "bribe" a BBC producer to play her records, but the case was dropped.

In 1974 her house burned down and she managed to escape the inferno clutching her jewels and love letters from Roger Moore.  She moved to a new house in Bray, which flooded three weeks later.

In 1982 she was banned from the high courts.  The high court declared her to be a Vexatious Litigant due to the number of bizarre cases she had taken out against other wealthy people seeking compensation for things said about her.  This move by the courts ended her ability from commencing any further legal action without the express permission of the court.  She never got this permission and she was never able to sue again.

Now broke due to the enormous amount of costs incurred losing nearly all of her court cases, Squires accepted the home provided by an adoring fan in Wales.  She retired there and lived out the rest of her life as a recluse.  She died of lung cancer in 1998 at the age of 83.

She is probably the chief architect of all her bad luck, caused by an obsession of pursuing the fame she had once enjoyed, which had come and gone.  Her refusal to realise that fame is fleeting was perhaps her undoing.

That said, she puts on a magnificent (if not a slightly bizarre camp comedy) show, so we hope you will join us for a rather tongue in cheek cabaret concert, celebrating the superstardom of Miss Dorothy Squires.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Pride, Week 3

Pictures from last night's show.  See you at 11am SL today for Substation Retro with Bailey and Coffee.


Friday, June 17, 2022

Its the Weekend Newswire

The weekend Newswire has arrived!

New Show:: Queen + Adam Lambert

Poor Freddie left us for a higher plain in 1991 and ever since, the band Queen has hosted various guest artists including George Michael, to sing a variety of their songs in a somewhat ongoing eulogy to the late singer.

Back in 2014, Adam Lambert came to the attention of Brian May and Roger Taylor for his amazing vocal performance of Queen songs on XFactor USA, which Lambert went on to win.

Adam Lambert had enjoyed a reasonable career ever since, but has been catapulted into the stratosphere as Queen's new front man in various tours over the past five years.

He opened HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee concert in June 2022.

We are hoping you will join us for the show this Saturday, with all the classic Queen songs performed by Queen and Adam Lambert.  

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Second Life Birthday

The Second Life Birthday festivities have begun as the Social Platform celebrates 19 years!

It is SL19B.  Any event about Second Life just would not be the same without a speech from Patch Linden about the vision, achievements, where SL has come from and where we should all be going with it.   Catch Patch's talk at 12pm SL at the SL19B Arboretum region.    

As always, there will be numerous opportunities to meet the celebrity employees, who run the world and make all the decisions, so hop over and see if you can get them to engage with you.

London City is exhibiting as we always do, on the region Astound  where the theme this year is Steampunk.

Have a great Birthday.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Pet Shop Boys, Saturday

Pet Shop Boys are a British pop due formed in 1981 and still actively performing.

Having sold more than 50 million records world wide, they are the most successful duo in British history and are best known for songs such as,  Go West, It's a Sin, West End Girls, Domino Dancing, New York City Boy, to name but a few.

Performing for the first time ever in London City on Saturday, come and enjoy our tribute to Pet Shop Boys.

Concert area: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/97/108/24

Party in the Park begins at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with the concert an hour later at 1pm SL.

Sunday, June 05, 2022

Holding a magnificent ball

We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we all did with the Queen's Jubilee and Pride concert last night here in London City with Pracatan!

Her Majesty's Jubilee Pageant is at 1pm UK today, rounding off 4 days of Jubilee Celebrations.

You can watch it on BBC1 or anywhere in the world on Youtube on the Sky News Live stream. 


Friday, June 03, 2022

Pride: Pracatan on Saturday: "I lub ewe"

Something camp to kick off Pride!

This week it's Margarita Pracatan  a Cuban singer and gangster who found unexpected success in the 1990s.

Her big break came on the Clive James TV show where each week Margarita would play out the show, singing  her own unique rendition of famous songs, but performed on a Casio electronic organ, often with an unusually fast beat, and often playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

Now, in London, she  performs a breath taking show with an unusual orchestra provided by a Casio organ.

A show not to be missed!  Trust us!

Party starts 12pm SL (8pm UK) with the concert an hour later at 1pm.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Platinum Jubilee, Pride and the Long Bank Holiday

Whether you are a staunch monarchist or proud republican, there is no getting away from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

From Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5 the UK is enjoying a bumper four-day bank holiday weekend to mark Elizabeth II's historic 70 years on the throne.  The RL Platinum Jubilee Pageant and Concert at the Mall will take place on Sunday 5th June and is open to everyone. It will be live-streamed online across the world.

Here in London City we will be celebrating London Pride and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee from Wednesday evening (UK time, noon SL time), as the very long weekend gets off to a flying tart!

Congratulations if you were savvy enough to book 3 days annual leave from Monday to Wednesday, giving you a delightful nine day break!

Please drink responsibly at the Drink-a-thon, but make sure you have plenty of grog.  It is essential and her Majesty would approve of such shenanigans. 

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - What to watch

The four day national Holiday to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, begins on Thursday,  or Wednesday evening for those counting the minutes!

As exhaustive as this list may appear, it is only a fraction of the programming on British television this weekend marking the event.  Programmes not listed here include, how to make a jubilee picnic, the Queens favourite food and how to make them and a multitude of movies about the Empire and the Queen during the war.

However, these are likely to be the most watched and attended parts of this Jubilee weekend..

Thursday BBC1 10.00am - 1.15pm  TROOPING OF THE COLOUR

Starting off the special extended bank holiday jubilee weekend, live coverage of the platinum jubilee Trooping the Colour. This year, the 1st Battalion Irish Guards will troop their colour on Horse Guards Parade to celebrate the official birthday of HM the Queen. The morning’s events culminate with the annual appearance of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a special jubilee flypast to celebrate the Queen's 70 years on the throne.


Coverage of the beacons being lit around the UK and Commonwealth to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Britain’s longest serving monarch.  Outside Buckingham Palace, the senior members of the royal family will light the principal beacon. 

Thursday BBC1 10.40pm - 11.40pm 70 GLORIOUS YEARS

Recalling an extraordinary period in British history. From the transformation of Empire to Commonwealth. Narrated by Julie Walters, this warm and evocative programme is a reminder of how much the UK has evolved and developed during the Queen’s reign

Friday BBC1 9.15am - 12.30pm  A SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING

A national service of thanksgiving from St Paul’s Cathedral, acknowledging The Queen's dedicated service as monarch in the presence of senior members of the royal family.

Friday BBC1 7.30pm - 8.30pm  THE CROWN JEWELS

Documentary: The Kohinoor is the most famous - and infamous - diamond in the world, but it’s only one of tens of thousands of jewels and numerous crowns that make up Britain’s most valuable treasure, the Crown Jewels.

Saturday BBC1 4.40pm - 7.30pm JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS including:

Documentary: Queen Elizabeth Unseen Footage
Documentary: The Coronation

Saturday BBC1  7.30pm - 10.30pm  PLATINUM JUBILEE CONCERT

The third day of the platinum jubilee celebrations continues with a spectacular evening of entertainment. The concert at Buckingham Palace features a glittering array of global stars and performers from the worlds of music to celebrate 70 years of HM the Queen’s reign.


A spectacular parade that brings together dancers, military displays, musicians, key workers and communities to mark HM the Queen’s 70-year reign. All of the Queen's subjects are welcome to attend The Mall.  Also, coverage of the best of the street parties from the UK. Commentary on the pageant is provided by Clare Balding.

Friday, May 27, 2022

First Aid Kit - A new show

Appearing for the first time in London City, Swedish Duo "First Aid Kit" will be here this Saturday.

The Swedish band formed in 2012, but it was not until their breakthrough single "Emmylou", that they received fame and interest in their back catalogue.

They have released four albums, four EPs and several singles. In 2015, they were nominated for a Brit Award as one of the five best international groups and were nominated again in 2019.  They are a musical women's activist group, who specialise in clever and alluring vocal harmonies. 

The Party in the Park begins at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with the Concert an hour later. 


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Blipvert for London City

Blipvert trailer for London City inSL

London Gateway Facelift

Here are some pictures of the newly designed London City Gateway region.

Based on the Royal Parks of London, the London Gateway has a Second Life tutorial for beginners and clickable information boards for tourists who wish to learn more about the attractions in SL and RL London.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

NEWSWIRE early preview!

You are being spoilt with an advance copy of the Newswire.  Remember the radio version always contains more spite n spice and airs on Saturday at 12.30pm PDT / 8 pm UK.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Saturday - Billy Joel Party in the Park

A tribute to Billy Joel, american singer, songwriter and musician who shot to fame in the early 1970's with Piano Man and who followed it up with a dozen more hits, is here in London City this weekend.

Join us from 12pm SL (8pm UK) for Party in The Park, with Billy Joel in Concert at 1pm SL.

The Party is here  http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/113/116/24

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Eurovision 2022 in London City inSL

Well done to the Ukraine for winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

Congratulations to the United Kingdom for winning 1st place from the jury and winning 2nd place over all.

A truly astonishing result for the UK who have been booed for years and accepted 'Nil points' for a decade.

Eurovision has long been, half about the song and half about the politics.  The year UK left the EU, canned applause and cheers were played to drown out the booing.  

In the UK, we are used to sitting back and calling it a farce as we get awarded sweet Fanny Adams, year in, year out.  It was amazing atmosphere in London Second Life, as the Eurovision fans were so totally shocked as the results started to pour in.  

Coming first place by the jury was wonderful and winning 2nd place overall was fantastic.   I still maintain, the only thing worse than UK getting nil points, would have been if UK had narrowly beaten Ukraine.   All in all, it was the best possible result we could have hoped for.

The UK song with Sam Ryder was very good, but the additional ingredient was that we received several cheers and comments of thanks from performers for our support of the people of Ukraine.   No longer hampered and delayed by the committee that is the European Union, UK proudly stands out as a country very involved in supporting our European neighbours, with swift action and assistance.   It is also worth pointing out that the main powers in the EU, which have been so very slow to act, were severely punished.  

Germany finished last with nil points and just above them was France.  Interestingly both France and Germany gave their 12 points to United Kingdom.  Was this a guilty conscience for being underwhelming with their assistance to the Ukraine and a nod of thanks to the UK for helping to sort out 'problems' they should be far more  involved with?

A thrilling night, made extra special by the visitors to London City who added a great atmosphere.  Many of whom stayed for the entire six hour marathon.  Now that is dedication!

Thanks to the London City team for all their hard work in making this event possible.   

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Eurovision begins!


Warm up show from 10am SL.

Come as you are or enter the contest, Best in your country's colours.

Contest starts 12pm SL time, 8pm UK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/108/102/23

Exclusive Freebie Flag Dresses

Looking for something to wear for Eurovision later today?

'No Shot' have designed two exclusive ladies dresses for all types of bodies.   A Union Jack dress and a Mini Flag dress with all European Countries.   

Hurry on over to Freebie Megastore to collect these items!


Eurovision Song Contest, Live from London City

World's End Pub is on the road tonight, broadcasting Live from the Eurovision Concert area in London City from 10am SL Time (6pm UK) then from 12pm SL time, we start the Eurovision show!

We'll play you a brief summary of the songs coming up tonight, a choice of best previous Euro entries, then the live show itself.

Throughout the show don't forget to vote Yes or No for each song and we will tabulate how London City has voted.  Our winners will be announced during the Half-Time Show, and the London City Players will perform Bonnie Tyler.

Then its back to the live show for the winners.  Plus your chance to win 500L for best in your countries colours!

This year the live show can be seen worldwide on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/eurovision

We hope you can join us.  It all starts at 10am SL time.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Europe Sings!

Get ready for the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd..

Set a date in your diary for Saturday 10am SL time for the warm up party with the show starting at 12pm SL.  (or 6pm and 8pm if you are in the UK), it will be time to be entertained, horrified, amused and united. It's The Song Contest!

PS: Bring a bottle and a sarnie.  It's going to be a long night.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest, May 14th at London City in Second Life

You are invited to The Eurovision Song Contest 2022, this Saturday!

You can enjoy the grizzly spectacle of the campest show on earth, The Eurovision Song Contest, in London City on Saturday.

From  11am SL (7pm UK) get your space on the dance floor as we celebrate by-gone British entries, then listen to this year's hopefuls as they each croon their way into the inevitable oblivion that awaits them.

Our half time show this year features Bonnie Tyler making a spectacle of herself.  And win some cash, "Best in your country's colours".


Friday, May 06, 2022

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Saturday

This Saturday Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons will be on stage in London City.

Known for smash hit songs including, Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Beggin', Working My Way Back To You, Grease and many many more chart toppers, Frankie Valli is an enduring phenomenon and has been performing for over fifty years.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK), with the show at 1pm SL time.

Visit London City here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/115/110/24

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Who for Half Time?

A date for your Diary!

Saturday 14th May 2022 from 12pm SL time (8pm UK and Europe)

Here at London City, we hold an inworld Eurovision Song contest party where Residents are encouraged to "tune in" and party in the virtual world.  Residents also vote on who they would choose to give their 12 points to.. and who to give their nil point to.

During all the halftime crap where we see the history of the host country, the history of Eurovision, someone dreadful twirling around in chiffon for 20 minutes etc..  we put on a tribute act, an 'homage to  former British contestants.

Please let us know in comments here, or in-world, who you would like to see for those 20 minutes.

Choose from:
Bucks Fizz (winner 1981)
Brotherhood of Man (winner 1976)
Bonnie Tyler  (2013)

We're expecting it to be a particularly interesting year, vote-wise. so if you find yourself watching the contest on your own, or if you are outside of Europe or if you just want to enjoy the banter,  come see us in London City! 

other info..

Try Second Life, a great way to socialise:   https://www.londoncitysl.com/

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Exclusive: Brand New Free Summer Clothes!

The lovely people at No Shot have done it once again, with this lovely spring/summer set of clothing for male and female avatars.  All bodies are catered for, so give yourself a new spring look, "on the house".

Sunday, May 01, 2022

Sleaze on the Newswire!

An alternative look at the entire week's news of the world news in under 3 minutes.
It is your weekly catch-up of things you might have missed.

Here is what we have been discussing this week..

- Tory Sleaze Election Special
- Angela Rayner and her lovely legs
- Member of Parliament watching porn in the commons
- Joe Biden's hairy legs
- Sylvia Browne's hairy legs
- Donald Trump gives an orange inch
- Rudy Giuliani  is disgusted
- Putin loves Donald
- Joan Crawford drama
- Elon on Twitter 
- Richard Simmons is now a man
- Princess Anne and her tractor

Don't forget to vote on Thursday!

Friday, April 29, 2022

Seekers on Saturday

We're having a sing-a-long party with Mavis Cock (who later became Judith Durham).

The Seekers are an Australian up-tempo folk/pop quartet, formed in 1962.

They were the first Australian pop group to achieve major chart and sales success in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The group had Top 10 hits in the 1960s with I'll Never Find Another You, A World of Our Own, Morningtown Ride and Georgy Girl.   The Carnival Is Over is still one of the top 50 best-selling singles of all time in the UK.

Reformed in the late 1990's, The Seekers were still regularly performing until 2015.  However due to the ill health of lead singer Judith Durham, the band has ended their ongoing farewell tours.  Last year a new show on Broadway called Georgy Girl and telling the musical story of the band has reignited interest in the group.

Enjoy The Seekers in London City on Saturday.   Party starts at 12pm SL time (8pm UK) with the show an hour later.

 TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/100/100/23

Monday, April 25, 2022

The Newswire - Everything you missed!

Here are the things we have been talking about this week in London City..

- Angela Rayner Legs Eleven
- Collapse of CNN
- The Queen's Birthday
- Prince Harry another scandal 
- Anne Widdecombe the 80 year old virgin
- Royal Victims
- Corn Pop was a bad dude!
- Joe Biden sues prostitutes
- BoringGate another Boris investigation
- Donald Trump returns to Twitter
- Elon Musk buys the world

Saturday, April 23, 2022

St. George's Day

A true story, of the history of Saint Georges Day..

Happy Saint George's Day.  Saint George is the Patron Saint of England.

Today marks the day that a dragon was slain.  <insert mother in law jokes here>

In old England, brave George is remembered for summoning tremendous strength, courage and determination.  He killed the fire breathing old dragon that had been attacking the villagers, destroying their crops and turning their homes into ashes.

St. George was actually an outspoken Roman soldier serving a Pagan Emperor. He protested the treatment and torture of Christians by his fellow Romans.

St. George, with wife Mildred
He paid for his beliefs when he made a plea to the Emperor Diocletian to spare the lives of Christians. The Emperor decided that if George cared so much for these lowly citizens, then he must also be a devout Christian himself.  He was tortured to force him to deny his faith and when this did not yield the desired response, he was beheaded. Poor George was only 33.

The slaying of the dragon is symbolic of the courage George showed against the Emperor.  It is however a little ironic that George did not win his battle, nor did he ever set foot in England.  He was born in Turkey and died in Palestine.

Saint George's day was adopted in 1222, when he replaced Saint Edmund the Martyr (King of East Anglia) as England's Patron Saint.

You can visit George and The Dragon here in London City: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/60/236/23