Friday, June 18, 2021

New Show:: Queen + Adam Lambert

Poor Freddie left us for a higher plain in 1991 and ever since, the band Queen has hosted various guest artists including George Michael, to sing a variety of their songs in a somewhat ongoing eulogy to the late singer.

Back in 2014, Adam Lambert came to the attention of Brian May and Roger Taylor for his amazing vocal performance of Queen songs on XFactor USA, which Lambert went on to win.

Adam Lambert has enjoyed a reasonable career ever since, but has been catapulted into the stratosphere as Queen's new front man in various tours over the past five years.

We are hoping you will join us for the show this Saturday, with all the classic Queen songs performed by Queen and Adam Lambert.  

Second Life is all grown up

 Happy 18th Birthday to Second Life!

On the 23rd June 2003, Second Life opened its doors and rapidly became the biggest Virtual World (in the world!).  This is an accolade it has, to this very day.

Through the rest of June you are invited to celebrate 18 years of Second Life at Shop n Hop, an event with over 320 merchants, exhibits from the worlds finest builders, concerts, DJ's and a meet with the Linden employees of Second Life.

What better place to start, that at the London City exhibit!  Be sure to collect our free gifts and celebrate Second Life's Birthday in Style!

Our very own Billy Arentire also has a store at Shop n Hop, with free gifts, so be sure to visit!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

And here is the news

Keeping you abreast of everything happening everywhere in the world.. The London City Newswire has done it again!   Everything that happened in the world this week in just 5 minutes!

Enjoy and see you at Substation at 11am SL


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Happy Official Birthday to The Queen

Her Majesty the Queen turned 95 in April, but today is her official Birthday.   This cunning tradition of doubling up on pressies, originated after a bleak wartime childhood where she would receive just a tangerine and maybe the odd country or two to add to her Empire.

Happy 190th Birthday ma'am.  

See you at London Pride in London City at 12pm SL,  for Dorothy Squires!

HRH tries out new Tonka Toy

Friday, June 11, 2021

Dorothy Squires Concert, Saturday 12pm SL

A largely forgotten legend, compared as the British voice of Ethel Merman and all the tragedy of Judy Garland is appearing in London City on Saturday.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with the show at 1pm SL. 


It is hard to believe that Dorothy Squires, now so forgotten was once the highest paid British singer.

Famous for her belting voice, her outrageous ball gowns and an unbridled and profane temper, Dorothy Squires was a sensation that swept the country in the 1950's and beyond.

In 1953 she married the then unknown actor Roger Moore who was 12 years her junior and used her substantial clout with the right people in Hollywood to get him into movies and television series.

As Roger Moore's career took off, hers began to slide.  Throughout the 1960's she tried to keep her career in momentum, but she suffered from the emerging popularity of the sounds created by new and  younger singers, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield and Sandy Shaw.

Squires and Moore separated in 1961, when Moore left her to move in with Luisa Mattioli.  Squires refused to divorce him without a substantial settlement and Moore could not re-marry until an agreement was reached and the divorce was finalised 8 years later in 1969.

Now aged 55 she managed to chart one final time with her own cover of "My Way".  New concerts followed at the Palladium, which Squires had hired herself at substantial cost, but her shows sold out in hours and she managed to cover her costs.

By 1971 Dorothy Squires career was almost at and end.   She undertook the first of 30 court cases which would keep her as the focal point in newspapers for the next 15 years.

She successfully sued the News of The World for a story they printed about her and Moore entitled "When love turned sour".

Her new career of suing people for libel began to turn bad when she dragged actor Kenneth Moore through the courts for accidentally referring to Mattioli as Roger Moore's wife when Moore was still married to Squires at the time.  She lost the case.

In 1973 she was charged with high kicking a taxi driver when he threw her out of his cab for being disorderly.  The same year she was charged with trying to "bribe" a BBC producer to play her records, but the case was dropped.

In 1974 her house burned down and she managed to escape the inferno clutching her jewels and love letters from Roger Moore.  She moved to a new house in Bray, which flooded three weeks later.

In 1982 she was banned from the high courts.  The high court declared her to be a Vexatious Litigant due to the number of bizarre cases she had taken out against other wealthy people seeking compensation for things said about her.  This move by the courts ended her ability from commencing any further legal action without the express permission of the court.  She never got this permission and she was never able to sue again.

Now broke due to the enormous amount of costs incurred losing nearly all of her court cases, Squires accepted the home provided by an adoring fan in Wales.  She retired there and lived out the rest of her life as a recluse.  She died of lung cancer in 1998 at the age of 83.

She is probably the chief architect of all her bad luck, caused by an obsession of pursuing the fame she had once enjoyed, which had come and gone.  Her refusal to realise that fame is fleeting was perhaps her undoing.

That said, she puts on a magnificent (if not a slightly bizarre camp comedy) show, so we hope you will join us for a rather tongue in cheek cabaret concert, celebrating the superstardom of Miss Dorothy Squires.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

The Pride Newsreel 6th June 2021

We have pushed the boat out with this weeks newsreel.  It contains moving imagery of last night's heart starting beat popping Pride Party..  in colour!

Hold on to your hair-nets  .. Its Pride 2021: The Motion Picture.



Head to for more stuffs.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Pride Party

Madame Lala's club played host to our first Pride Party last night.  If you were still settling in from a hard week of grind at the office, fear not, we have a great party again today,  Saturday at 12pm SL (8pm UK) after the Worlds end, which begins at 11am SL.

Kicking off Pride 2021 is the legend herself, Tin O' Tuna and todays theme will be Pride Anthems.

Join us today and dress like a trollop. It's Best in Pride!

Friday, June 04, 2021

Ebbe Altberg, CEO Linden Lab, has died.

It is with huge regret that we repost this story from the community pages in Second Life.

Linden Las has announced the untimely death of their CEO, Ebbe Altberg.

This is the message :

Hello, Community of Second Life

Second Life found new highs in 2020 between a worldwide pandemic taking grip, through the times of a tumultuous leadership change in the United States, and during movements of civil changes that will forever live in history books.  Second Life provides many with the comfort of a normal that continues to exist for all of us, where many use it to escape real life pressures, stressors and day to day challenges.  In Second Life we can be our ideal, our best, celebrate all that is good across the world together.  Sadly we have also seen some people go, and they will never be forgotten as they touched us, gave us their best from their hearts, minds and souls - this thing called real life sometimes knocks on our door and makes a call.   

This is one of those calls.

Ebbe Altberg started with Linden Lab as our CEO on February 5th, 2014.  He took the helm of the company and immediately went to work on reinvigorating our spirit and culture.  Ebbe brought a profound openness, and transparency in his operation which was key and that had many effects on all of us internally, and externally.  Lindens were encouraged to be part of the vibrant community in Second Life, to participate in and to cherish it as part of our daily duties.  Ebbe also worked internally on embracing all aspects of Second Life, learning about its many nuances to understand impacts of decisions we make; while being sensitive to those and utilizing all of our resources, which firstly included you, the community, and many of us who are deeply embedded in Second Life.  Ebbe’s goals for Second Life included promoting Second Life as the world’s best virtual world, community and platform.  He also sought new adventures in building next generation products.

As I am here before you today, it is with profound sadness that I share with you Ebbe passed away yesterday evening restfully and surrounded by the love of his family. 

I commit to all of you to carry forward with our mission of making Second Life the biggest, best, most vibrant virtual world that there ever can be.  Together, myself, Grumpity, and Brett, along with Oberwolf at the helm and the entire team, our mission is clear.  To grow Second Life and to ensure the Residents in Second Life continue to be respected and happy.

Rest in peace Ebbe, our fearless, kind, loving, gentle leader, and friend.

Patch Linden and The Linden Lab Team

All of us at London City, send our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and team at Linden Lab.

Tina at Pride

Starting off a month of London Pride, is Tina!

Born Anna Mae Bollock and best known as Tina Tuna, her musical career got going in the 1940s.

Tina and loving husband Ike Turner had a string of notable hits, River Deep Mountain High, Nutbush City Limits and Proud Mary and enjoyed their success with cigarettes and whisky and wild wild  women.

However, behind the scenes Ike was knocking seven shades out of poor old Tina and they split up in 1976.  Five years later, after getting rid of her junkie husband, Tina hit super-stardom with Let's Stay Together, Private Dancer and What's Love Got To Do With It.  A legend came into being.

Enjoy Tina's most famous hits this weekend, here in London City.

Tina Turner in Concert.  Party starts 12pm SL with the Concert an hour later at 1pm SL

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Bank Holiday newsreel


The weekend is in full swing and everyone has Monday off too!
Here is the weeks newsreel in case you missed it last night.  A reminder that Substation and World's End are todays key events at 11am SL time (7pm UK).

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Diana Ross on Saturday

A cross-over event taking us into London Pride month!

Diana Ross, born 1944 is an American singer, songwriter and occasional actress.  She rose to fame as the lead vocal in the group, The Supremes.

She departed The Supremes in 1970 and embarked on a Solo career and is still recording to this day.

She is best known for songs, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Upside Down, Endless Love, Touch Me in The Morning, I'm Coming Out, Chain Reaction, When You Tell Me That You Love Me and many more.

Come and enjoy Diana Ross on Saturday at Party in The Park. The party starts at 12pm SLT (8pm UK) with the show an hour later at 1pm SLT.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Bank Holiday Eve

Artists impression of this weekend.

It is almost scandalous that it has been almost a month since the last public holiday in Britain!

Here we are again, on the cusp of a bank holiday, 3 days of Weekend, or 4 if you wiggled it a bit and added the Friday too.

Although the real life weather is looking more than a little bit crappy, with the odd hurricane, and some electrical storms thrown in for good measure, you can rest assured that the sun is still shining in London City.

Starting Friday, we have four days of weekend with all the clubs partying hard.  Immerse yourself in the virtual sunshine with us, grab a beer and lets party!

Artists impression of the real life weekend ahead of us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pride is just around the corner..

Pride is on it's way, so it is a good time to start thinking about your outfits and of course your wearable vehicles for the all important parade at the finale of the season.

Pride kicks off in London City on Friday 4th June, with top acts, camp entertainment, free merchandise and a bunch of hunks!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

We was robbed.. 2021 edition

Italy's Maneskin wins Eurovision

It was neck and neck between the winning entry by Italian band, Foreskin, and the British entry, right up until voting started and it went downhill from there.

In many respects a couple of points would have been much more humiliating to us Brits, that the nil points we got from both the panel and the public.

No points at all, showed the Eurovision for what it is.. An utterly hysterical high camp comedy that we absolutely love, no matter how badly they treat us. 

That said, our participation clearly aggravates the bloc, so let us come back and try again next year. We should aim high and try to achieve minus points or sadistically torture them with Bonnie Tyler again.

Thank you for making it good fun again.  Thank you to Bailey, Katty and Billy for making the show possible.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Friday, May 21, 2021

How to be a DJ in Second Life

'Spacial', the creators of SAM Broadcaster, a professional broadcasting suite for Internet Radio stations, has published some help pages on their website detailing how to set-up their software for use in Second Life.

The story has been posted to active internet DJ's, looking to grow their audience figures. 

As we know, Second Life has a massive party scene.  For DJ's bringing their talents to Second Life, it is highly likely that extra listeners will be acquired.

So if you have ever been interested in being a DJ, the following help pages may be just enough to encourage you to take the plunge (with a free trial).

It is worth mentioning that SAM comes in several flavours, the most popular ones being SAM-Cloud for a monthly or yearly fee, or SAM Broadcaster Pro, which you install on your computer and pay for just once, without recurring fees.

Both support Auto-DJ, which means, when you are not personally broadcasting, the software will automatically choose tracks to play to keep your station on-air, even inserting jingles, voice-overs, and promotions at set times or intervals.

How to set up SAM for Second Life

Pricing and free trial


SAM Broadcaster Cloud is an excellent way of streaming to Second Life as each SAM Broadcaster Cloud service includes a 24/7 auto-dj to keep the party going, even when you are sleeping.

With SAM Broadcaster Cloud, a Club Owner does not have to give any access to the Land settings within Second Life, the Club Owner simply adds the Direct link and any DJs associated with this SAM Broadcaster Cloud service will automatically be able to stream to any parcel of land configured with the station Listen link.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

All set for Eurovision voting!

We are pleased (and relieved) to announce that our Interactive vote scoring system, will once again be in use during the Eurovision Song Contest this year.   Residents will be able to award points to whom they think should win.   Expect your scores to differ wildly from the politics of Eurovision!

Here is a replay of the voting system, so you know what to expect.

Eurovision begins on Saturday at 12pm SL time (8pm UK).  Bring a bottle and a sense of humour!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Saturday: Eurovision Song Contest - Live in London City

On Saturday,  it is time for the Eurovision Song Contest again!  The show that is so bad, it is great!

This is the first Eurovision since Britain finally left European Union.   This year, with all the arguing we have done with Germany about the vaccine and the French about the fish, how will voters react?

Are we on target for another UK 'Nil Points'?

You can enjoy the grizzly spectacle of the campest show on earth, The Eurovision Song Contest, in London City on Saturday.

From  12pm SL (8pm UK) get your space on the dance floor as we celebrate by-gone British entries, historic winners and then listen live to this year's hopefuls as they each croon their way into the inevitable oblivion that awaits them.

The half time show features previous Euro disaster, Bonnie Tyler!

The campest show on earth is here starting at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with a prize of 300L for Best in Your Countries Colours.

Don't miss it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Eurovision Week at Lala's

Bonnie Tyler at Eurovision on Saturday!

This weeks events at Madame Lala's:

Tuesday - 1pm SLT

DJ Katty and hostess Lara with the featured artist of the week - Prince.

Thursday - 1pm SLT

DJ DeSantis and hostess Elise with a random mix of tunes and requests.

Friday - 1pm SLT

DJ Bailey and hostess Coffee with a selection of Eurovision tunes.  The contest is 'Eurovision'.

On Saturday, enjoy the entire Eurovision show here in London City, and also vote for who you think should win, on our live interactive scoreboard.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

News of the Weird

Good morning from a sunny RL London, where half the country is off to get their second harpooning this morning.  Good luck if you're one of 'us'.  Take a brolly, it is bound to rain the moment we set foot out of the house!

Last night in London in Second Life, it was standing room only for the marvellous Frankie Valli and the Jersey Boys / Four Seasons.   

The newsreel (below) shows some pictures of our drunken Saturday night adventure and the weeks news condensed to just 3 minutes!

Madame Bailey is down in the dungeon or as we call it, Substation Sunday from 11am SL time (7pm UK) with CoffeeQueen and her famous running buffet of music.  At 1pm SL time, join Katty on the Beach in a drunken stupor playing cool hits to chill to.


Friday, May 14, 2021

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Saturday

This Saturday Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons will be on stage in London City.

Known for smash hit songs including, Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Beggin', Working My Way Back To You, Grease and many many more chart toppers, Frankie Valli is an enduring phenomenon and has been performing for over fifty years.

The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK), with the show at 1pm SL time.

Visit London City here:

Sunday, May 09, 2021

The Sun has got his hat on

Thank you for coming to the Party last night.  Billy Joel filled London City to capacity, if you allow for social distancing.   

Today at 11am SL (7pm UK) it is Substation with Coffee and Bailey (the famous drag act) and then its Katty rolling around drunk on the beach with her record collection from 1pm SL (9pm UK).

Here are some pictures of the activities last night in London City, and the all important newsreel. The only news you ever need listen to!

Saturday, May 08, 2021

VE Day and Bank Holiday

Today is Victory in Europe Day.

This VE day commemorates the 76th anniversary of defeating Germany's aspiration for world dominance, for the second time in the same century.

On 8th May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced on the radio that the second war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before.

We hope you will celebrate VE day with us in Second Life.  Events begin at 11am PDT (7pm UK with Worlds End and then Party in the Park at 12pm PDT.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Saturday - Billy Joel Party in the Park

A tribute to Billy Joel, american singer, songwriter and musician who shot to fame in the early 1970's with Piano Man and who followed it up with a dozen more hits, is here in London City this weekend.

Join us from 12pm SL (8pm UK) for Party in The Park, with Billy Joel in Concert at 1pm SL.

The Party is here

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Worlds End Cash Bingo and Cash for Questions Quiz

It is Wednesday and it's time for Worlds End music, quiz and bingo night.   Come on over to the Worlds End for this popular event.  Starts at 11am SL time (7pm UK) and runs 3 hours.
Tunes by Katty!

The only pub in the British Isles that still serves fried chicken and chips on a red serviette in a basket.  Scampi is also available, as well as Betty Turpin's Hot Pot. How classy is that!?