Earn Money

There are many fun ways you can earn some Linden Dollars whilst visiting London City in Second Life.

24 hours a day:


Bank notes gets dropped on a random timer. Click the note to win the money.



This is located outside the Freebie Megastore.  It gives discarded gifts to people and also randomly pays 4L.  Collide with it to trigger it. You will definitely win a prize and you may win some cash.


Regular live DJ's and entertainment, plus earn money for keeping the bar clean, Lucky chair, Earn 1L per correct answer in the 24 hour quiz and Cash Dropper!  Catch the cash as it falls from the sky.

Larger prizes at selected times:



Fridays / 1pm SLT
Enjoy the club and enter the fun contest and win up to 200L


Wednesdays / 11am SLT - Prize Bingo 25L for a line (Free to Play)
Wednesdays /1pm SLT - Trivia 3L per correct answer
Sundays / 1pm SLT - Trivia 3L per correct answer


Saturdays 12pm SL time
Contest, win 250L Best in Theme
Cash Dropper collect the cash as it falls from the sky
Freebie Sploder (pay 1L which is always returned) and see if you win a cash prize

We believe that the very best way to get your Second Life off to a flying start is to purchase some Linden Dollars directly from secondlife.com  It is inexpensive. 250L will cost you US$1.00 -or- in sterling, 375L will cost you £1.00 and you can pay by Card, Paypal, Skrill and plenty of other options.

For the more enterprising of you, you might want to seek employment.  But please remember that all money in Second Life has a real life money value, and as such, employers are likely to want residents with experience or with skills.

Best advice, is to buy some Linden Dollars, make your avatar look fantastic and then go looking for work!

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