Monday, July 29, 2019

Another "must have item" straight out the trash!

You asked for it and we have obliged!

It's unlikely that Rolf will be needing his extra leg any more, so it is now available in the Bin and also in the Gatcha for those of you who simply cannot wait for this exclusive prize to come around to you randomly!

Visit the London City trash can or Gatcha at this location for this sterling prize and be the envy of your friends!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Substation today

A reminder that it's Substation today at 11am SL, followed by Katty's Quiz and muzak on the beach as World's End takes to the road again at 1pm SL (9pm UK).

Here's some pictures from the Abba show last night, which concluded the Disco Spectacular month!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

We're melting!

Today in real life UK it is a blistering heat in the mid-90s, with tomorrow looking likely to set a new record for those of us in London.  Temperatures will top 100F.

At a mere 94F currently, London sprung a thankful leak, which let revellers enjoy the coolness of the Thames bursting it's bank for a while.

In fact it was so incredibly hot, that even the Governance team needed to cool down..

Be sensible tomorrow and take care.. and take some water with you.  We hope to see you online for lashings of virtual ice cream!    Enjoy the sun, if you can!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Trash goes Gatcha!

How often have you see someone wearing something that you really like, and asked them where they got if from, and they have answered "I got this out the The London City Trash-Can" ? 

Well probably never, but that is beside the point.  Hidden in the trash is a wealth of amusing and popular tat that some residents would give their eye teeth for!

The problem is that the trash-can only lets your rummage once or twice a day at most, and it is total pot luck what you will win.

How frustrating that can be if you are trying to win the Siamese Cat, Elise's Umbrella or the highly prized Oculus Rift accessory.

We share your pain and your frustration and we have come up with a revolutionary idea.   All the trash from the bin is also now available in "The World's Worst Gatcha" at 5L a go.

You can now have as many tries as you like to win the items that you covet the most.  And what is more, they come with transfer (only) perms, so you could even sell this junk and build an empire!

What a wise investment at only 5L a pop!   Happy Gatcha-ing!

The Trash-Can and the Gatcha, are located here:

Singularity Viewer

The new Singularity viewer has some awesome new rendering effects.   Check out the reflection of the water Caribbean mode!

Singularity can be downloaded here:

Monday, July 22, 2019

Here comes Summer

Interesting week in old Blighty, with the mercury soaring,  Mrs May being put out to pasture, and Boris Johnson becoming the new Prime Minister!   -   School's out for Summer, and all the little darlings are logging in to Second Life.

Come rest your weary bodies in the Olympic sized paddling pool and melt in a group!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Singularity Viewer Shop

Welcome Singularity Viewer shop to London City.  The official new home for Singularity Viewer.

You can grab the latest updates for Singularity here and also meet the team of Developers as classes will be forthcoming with the new release.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Moon Landing Anniversary

Back in 2016, we ran a poll, just for fun, asking visitors, "Has man really been to the moon?"

Back then, 71% of those polled believed it to be true, while 21% believed it to be false.

With the anniversary of the first moon landing today, we thought it might be interesting to run this same poll again and see if public opinion has changed at all.

Like last time, we ask you to consider a couple of points before you vote..

It was at the height of the cold war and the Russians were making all of the significant steps in space, leaving the rest of the world behind.    The Soviet Union had launched the first orbiting satellite, the first animal, and first man into space. They had logged five times the amount of hours in space than anyone else.

The launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, and the potential of Soviet weapons in space, lead President Kennedy, in 1961, to declare that America would land a man on the moon. In 1962, piloted by John Glenn, Friendship 7 completed an earth orbit just 120 miles above the planet.

High above the earth at 1,000 miles and extending to 25,000 miles lay lethal bands of radiation called the Van Allen radiation belt.  Every manned mission in history since the first in 1961 to the present has been well below this radiation field, except Apollo.  In order to survive the hour and half journey through this radiation field, solid lead shielding would be required. Instead a thin sheet of foil was used as the only protection.

The furthest man had ever been in space was 250 miles in low earth orbit and the moon is 235,000 miles away.  The international space station orbits the earth at 245 miles.

A pocket calculator has more computing power than computers in the 1960s

In modern times, we have never returned to the moon.

So... "If you believe they put a man on the moon"..  Please vote yes!

And finally, here is video of me on that time I went into space..

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Today in London

Scenes from last night's Disco party with Boney M

Today at 11am SL (7pm UK) Join Coffee and Bailey in the Substation for vintage tunes, followed by Katty over on the beach in London City West at 1pm SL (9pm UK) as Worlds End goes to the road.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Donna Summer concludes Pride 2019

Saturday is Pride in RL London, the big parade marking the end of a month of celebrations.

Join us on Saturday at 12pm SL in world, when Donna Summer headlines the Pride Event in London City.

Check out the video from last year's Pride

Abranimations Free Gift - The Maybot dance!


You too, can keep on dancing right out of the door...

To commemorate the highly successful premiership of British Prime Minister Theresa May, the lovely people at Abranimations have lovingly recreated some of her best dance moves!  Just like Mrs May's policies, they are in a crate, just inside the shop doorway in their London City store.

These wonderful Bento dances will keep you entertained and reminded of the glorious leadership we all enjoyed for what seems like the past hundred or so years.

Rush on over to Abranimations today to collect your souvenir dances, created especially for you!

Collect your free gift here:

Singularity - Avatar Cloud Issues

This week saw the final removal of the old UDP protocol from Second Life simulators.

Unfortunately it appears that a few viewers, most noticeably, Singularity, still had a few lines of  overlooked code that still relied on UDP.

If you are a cloud, or get lots of "unable to attach", or "unable to rez" messages, it is likely you are affected because your viewer is not up-to-date.

To correct this problem for Singularity head to and download build version 7648.

Please note that the more recent builds 7667, 7676 and 7685 contain other associated problems yet to be ironed out.   7648 remains the latest stable viewer.

For other viewers, check to see if a update for your viewer has been released this week to correct the issue.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

A visit by Philip Rosedale

Always a pleasure when Second Life founder, Philip Rosedale visits London City and answers some questions from intrigued Residents.   Was also nice to see the Lindens, Madori, Lilian, Whitney  and Patch here too.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Celebrating the life of Sweet Enderfield

On Sunday evening, the London City team held a celebration for the life of our friend and staff member Sweet Enderfield, who died on June 23rd.

Sweet joined the team in 2014 and has been here every day since. She is known by the majority of  people who were born in the London Gateway, and subsequently helped by her.  She was also a host in several of the London City clubs and a member of our Players Tribute act.

During the service, we planted a Rose of Sharon (her real name), which will be a permanent memorial.

We know this has been a very sad weekend for many of you who knew Sweet personally, as it has been for the London Support Team.  Last night, we shared stories, whilst enjoying the  play-list made by Katty of Sweet's favourite songs.

We hope that you will take some comfort in knowing that although Sweet died tragically young,  aged just 50, she did so in her sleep, and did not suffer.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Celebration.  Thank you to the London Team who have put on such a brave face, during this most difficult of times.

Sweet would be so proud of the turn-out where so many people visited to share happy memories and kind thoughts. It means a lot to all of us.

We will send your condolences to her family.

She will be missed.