Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Trash goes Gatcha!

How often have you see someone wearing something that you really like, and asked them where they got if from, and they have answered "I got this out the The London City Trash-Can" ? 

Well probably never, but that is beside the point.  Hidden in the trash is a wealth of amusing and popular tat that some residents would give their eye teeth for!

The problem is that the trash-can only lets your rummage once or twice a day at most, and it is total pot luck what you will win.

How frustrating that can be if you are trying to win the Siamese Cat, Elise's Umbrella or the highly prized Oculus Rift accessory.

We share your pain and your frustration and we have come up with a revolutionary idea.   All the trash from the bin is also now available in "The World's Worst Gatcha" at 5L a go.

You can now have as many tries as you like to win the items that you covet the most.  And what is more, they come with transfer (only) perms, so you could even sell this junk and build an empire!

What a wise investment at only 5L a pop!   Happy Gatcha-ing!

The Trash-Can and the Gatcha, are located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/88/204/23

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