Friday, July 19, 2019

Moon Landing Anniversary

Back in 2016, we ran a poll, just for fun, asking visitors, "Has man really been to the moon?"

Back then, 71% of those polled believed it to be true, while 21% believed it to be false.

With the anniversary of the first moon landing today, we thought it might be interesting to run this same poll again and see if public opinion has changed at all.

Like last time, we ask you to consider a couple of points before you vote..

It was at the height of the cold war and the Russians were making all of the significant steps in space, leaving the rest of the world behind.    The Soviet Union had launched the first orbiting satellite, the first animal, and first man into space. They had logged five times the amount of hours in space than anyone else.

The launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, and the potential of Soviet weapons in space, lead President Kennedy, in 1961, to declare that America would land a man on the moon. In 1962, piloted by John Glenn, Friendship 7 completed an earth orbit just 120 miles above the planet.

High above the earth at 1,000 miles and extending to 25,000 miles lay lethal bands of radiation called the Van Allen radiation belt.  Every manned mission in history since the first in 1961 to the present has been well below this radiation field, except Apollo.  In order to survive the hour and half journey through this radiation field, solid lead shielding would be required. Instead a thin sheet of foil was used as the only protection.

The furthest man had ever been in space was 250 miles in low earth orbit and the moon is 235,000 miles away.  The international space station orbits the earth at 245 miles.

A pocket calculator has more computing power than computers in the 1960s

In modern times, we have never returned to the moon.

So... "If you believe they put a man on the moon"..  Please vote yes!

And finally, here is video of me on that time I went into space..

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Landaree Levee said...

I went to the moon myself (in fact I’m constantly there), no biggie. Passed through the Van Allen radiation belts, too, no biggie —in fact, I passed thru them several times just cuz... they tickled funny! Anyway, yes, they mutated me, kinda like the Fantastic Four, but in my case they just made me a heck of a lot sexier.

By the way, the moon itself was a bore. All dust & rocks, no wifi, no Starbucks. Big thumbs-down. I only go there to escape the dirge of telly—all reality shows and too little sex.