Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Kitties Lair

This week the style spotlight travels across London City to London Victoria and lands upon Kitties Lair.  The store features dresses, outfits, separates, swimwear, underwear and accessories including boots and shoes.  The shop is located a short walk from Juiced nightclub, where a DX Exchange ATM terminal is located in case you need to top up your L$s so you can splurge in the shop!

As the clocks change and the autumn weather continues to cool down, I found an outfit to help keep me warm on those strolls through the London City parks.  The outfit features a smart sweater with a chunky knit design and sculpted cuffs and polo neck collar, jeans in two lengths (the short ones with sculpted cuffs), black tights, leg warmers and a pair of ankle boots.  The ankle boots have button, zip and toe cap detailing.

Kitties Lair can be found here.

Happy Halloween from London in Second Life.

Happy Halloween from all of us at London City.

Be sure to check out all the parties tonight at Bar Soho, The Crown Pub and Juiced Nightclub, from 12pm SL time.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Weekend Review Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October 2012

It's the Halloween Weekend, and what a weekend we had in London  City.... Full on and  Fun packed celebrations right across three busy sims, and why not?...London  City is  the Number 1 destination in Second  Life,  with record amounts of people coming to party with us, to make  this Halloween's events the best in the grid.

To start the awesome weekend  of Halloween events , we visited Substation, found  just off the hub in Soho,
this is a fun, Quirky venue, with retro sounds and great chat, here you will find Roy and his team ready to start your weekend  off right.

Then we dash across the sim to Bar Soho, decorated to the nines in Halloween theme, this club is top notch and swanky having a different  Dj Host combination every night.

Then on to Madame  Lala's, here you can expect cheeky banter and a unique blend of music from Dj Fierce and  yours  truly as  Host, always  the best  fun to be had  here.

Meanwhile, across the sims in Victoria, London City Adult, The Crown held an Adult themed event, ooooh saucy  :)

Every Saturday we host a Live  events  in Regents  Park, and this weekend saw  Amy Whinehouse, then a Rocky Horror extravaganza.

Everyone came dressed in either Halloween or Rocky Horror outfits for  chance to win Lindens. What a hoot everyone  looked so good, with a custom built set just for the event, its just  a jump to the left, and a step  to the right.

Then straight to Juiced in London Victoria, best in scary, the club was transformed into a spooky graveyard, with ghoulish music to enhance  the whole event.

Sunday, we start the day with  Bailey at  Lala's for the Sunday Smooth, such a great way to ease yourself into a lazy Sunday.

We then join Roy again for more fun and retro music.

We now head back to Juiced to bring the weekend  to a close, where we held a seance  in a spooky old  Victorian house, where ghosts and  ghouls ran riot ...

Thats all from me this week, I'll see you for more fun and  frolics in London City ...the number one destination in Second  Life xx

Roving Reporter Ruby  xxx

Friday, October 26, 2012

Amy Winehouse & Rocky Horror on Saturday WIN 2000L

On a special set built just for this weekend's big Halloween Show, we invite you to join us at 12pm SL (8pm UK) for The London City Halloween Party.

This year, singer Amy Winehouse will be in concert at 1pm SL singing her atmospheric songs to get you in the mood for the dance-a-thon of The Rocky Horror Show, right afterwards.

The theme for this Saturday is Best in Halloween.  Win at least 2000L for best in costume.

Halloween in London City is sponsored by DX Exchange
converting Linden Dollars inSL at best rates.

The party is here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DX Exchange makes London City its exclusive UK HQ

** Press Release 25th October 2012**

DX Exchange has moved its Official UK Headquarters exclusively to London City.

DX Exchange, the leading provider of In-World Currency Exchange, has decided to make London City its Official UK Headquarters in Second Life.

This exclusive arrangement means fast, easy and safe access to In-World currency for visitors and members and a high level of support for all your currency needs.

Although satellite stores remain available in other UK destinations in Second Life, the official home of DX Exchange in the UK, is here at Soho in London City.

As a part of this exciting new partnership, DX Exchange will sponsor all future Saturday evening entertainment each week launching this Saturday with the Halloween Rocky Horror Show Party, with many more top acts and bands to follow each week.

UK Director for DX Exchange, Olivia DX, says she is delighted to move the UK Headquarters to London City with such a diverse, energetic and expanding community which serves both newcomers and experienced residents alike.

London City Owners, Torric Rodas and  Billy Arentire said they are elated by this dynamic new partnership and look forward to an even brighter future with DX Exchange.

DX Exchange offers many secure options for the purchase of Linden Dollars.

   -  Direct from your bank, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Giropay, Paysafe, Paypal
   -  Via your telephone.
   -  Secure options available via First Direct, HSBC, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland.
   -  You can also sell your Lindens via DX Exchange for the very best rates!

See London City on the DX Website                   Visit The DX Exchange Website

Visit the Official UK Headquarters of DX Exchange here in Soho

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Halloween Special - Death Row Designs

Just to the east of Bar Soho is a shop with a dark and forbidding look.  The black and green decor with a hint of blood seeping out on the pavement houses Death Row Designs.  Inside is a small shop packed with treasures for those who like gore, grunge, distressed and battered looks.

The store features a range of items including:-

  • Mouth accessories
  • Belts, leg and arm straps
  • Armor
  • Unusual piercings
  • Avatar appearance items such as eyes and horns
  • Male and female outfits
  • Male and female boots

Everything is reasonably priced; some outfits cost a mere L$99 with others ranging up to L$399 for 'fantasy' costumes such as Undead Snow White, Undead Tink (Tinkerbell) and Undead Alice (Alice in Wonderland), which would make excellent choices for the Halloween season that is now upon us.  The urban decay look of the items is perfect for roleplay in such areas.

Undead Snow White complete outfit with eyes.
Skin and hair are models own.
These boots come with the Undead Snow White outfit.

The Undead Snow White outfit comes with top and pants clothing layers, eyes and prim parts - collar, hair bow, sleeves and boots (with an alpha layer for the feet).  A poisoned apple with a pose built in is also included for dramatic effect!  The prim skirt is grimy and bloodied and has a torn hem.  The boots have excellent detail for stitching, buckles and laces.

Steampunk outfit

The Steampunk outfit comes with top, corset, gloves, pants and stockings on clothing layers and prim parts for the hat, bracelet, collar, vest, sleeves and multi layered skirt in different patterns.  The hat and bracelet, which attaches to the upper arm, feature a chain link and cog detail.  The outfit is in subtle autumn hues of green, brown and copper.  Footwear is not included, but as the outfit is priced at a mere L$99, you can always treat yourself to boots in store!

Death Row Designs can be found here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Direct Teleport HUD now available

We have created a one click TP HUD device for all our visitors, to enable them to move around London seamlessly.

The HUD is available free of charge from the Freebie Store in Regent's Park, here:

Just wear the HUD and scroll through the various locations in London City, and click to Teleport from anywhere in Second Life.

We hope you enjoy it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekend Review 19th - 21st October 2012

O.M.G,  .....I'm so excited..... Sit down.... I've got something to tell you .....

Were you  in  London City over the weekend? If not  you missed the mother  of  all weekends.... Honestly, you are not going to believe it....

A Total First for  London In Second  Life, Saturday in Regents Park....We bought you an  I-n-t-e-r-a-c-t-i-v-e-  Live Show, where the  London City residents  were all invited to take to the stage dressed in Nineteenth century clothing and  play a role  in this epic and adventurous adaptation of War Of The Worlds. How exciting!!!

There were Special Effects, Martians,  Sounds, Music, Explosions, Fire, Dancing, Lasers, Lights, Costumes.... can you even imagine... I know what you are thinking... How  did they pull that off?

Well,  let me  tell you, we have the best  team  in the whole of Second  Life, all working together to bring New, Bigger and  Better entertainment to our residents....

We have upped  the game of entertainment in Second  Life, we are the forerunners and  inspiration for all the others, so expect us to give  you more fantastic  shows like no other....

If you want your Second Life  experiences to be exquisite, fun and have the WOW!! factor....

 London  City is  the  Only London In  Second  Life.....

 to deliver all the above  .. and  more .. ' Oh Yeah!!! ave some of that!!

 And as always in London City we had more entertainment for you, Substation had best in Noob, which is always fun and brings giggles.... Bar Soho playing the best mix of genre for every taste...

Madame  Lala's for fun and cheeky banter with great songs to sing along to. Not forgetting the Sunday smooth too.

Juiced, like a chameleon, changing its décor daily to enhance the fantastic events ....

 Then finally the Crown, one  of  our Adult venues with its Adult themes,.

I can not believe the whole weekend, for me  this has been the best time I  have had in SL, and I look forward to more outrageous and adventurous  times and sharing them with you xxx
I'll see you next time for more fun and frolics in London City ... the TOP destination in SL x

 Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween at London in Second Life

A huge thank you to everyone who turned up in period costume for the premier of War Of The Worlds last night in London City and stormed the stage as part of the cast in this interactive show.

Sorry to those who couldn't get in, the show was extremely popular and the region was constantly at capacity.  Get here early next week :)

Next week its Rocky Horror, a traditional Halloween Party, so get those broomsticks out of the closet and stick some rice crispies on your nose.

London City - We are the Joneses.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Spotlight On Style: Toritire

This week the Spotlight On Style falls upon a London City shop supplying something that can provide the foundation for a male outfit - underwear.  Toritire features a range of (mainly) underwear for men - boxers, briefs, jocks, tanks, hats and some saucy little outfits.

Toritire Box Cut Stripe Boxers
The boxers pictured above come in a range of colours (both plains and stripes) in store.  The pair on the left are in pink; the ones on the right are in black and are available as a freebie, so you can try out the quality before shopping for some more colourful well fitting underwear in the range for those cold winter nights in front of a roaring fire with someone special (or someone totally random if that works for you).  The underwear is on both lower clothing layers and features an additional prim bulge to help you standout!

Toritire can be found here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Chinese Pagoda, Victoria Park

The Chinese Pagoda, Victoria Park

Original Chinese Pagoda

What's a Chinese Pagoda doing in Victoria Park? Well it's certainly not a silly question!

China opened to the west during Queen Victoria's reign and in 1842 the original Chinese Pagoda was built as an entrance to the Chinese Exhibit in the London Parks.

After the exhibition, the Pagoda was purchased for display in Victoria Park. The two story Pagoda stood on an island in the center of one of the parks lakes but suffered considerable damage during World War II. Over the years it fell into disrepair and was eventually demolished in 1956. 

The Real Life Restoration

In 2010 the Borough was awarded a £4.5m grant towards a programme of major improvements to Victoria Park. The funds were used to restore the landscape and a new Pagoda was introduced.

The new Pagoda is built on the original location in Victoria Park and features a new bridge. The Pagoda and newley restored features of the Park were a backdrop to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In honour of this historic building, London City is proud to display the Chinese Pagoda in Victoria Park. Situated amongst the lush landscape and fragrant flowers, the Chinese Pagoda is a lovely spot to meditate, or relax and enjoy the ambient surroundings. When in London City Victoria, be sure to stop by this not so well know bit of London Heritage.

The Chinese Pagoda on Display in London City's Victoria Park

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend Review 12-14 October 2012

Hi there everyone, how you doing?  You know, Second  Life is a BIG place, so for us to be the top destination is quite an achievement to say the least, and because we are the best,  we are always going to get people who  try to copy us... which always makes us chuckle, and actually feel sorry for them, trying so hard for what comes so naturally for us... and they may try to ride our  coat tails, but You all  know, as our fantastic residents, there is only ONE  London City, and you are all part of it , BIG hugs all round for the most amazing sim in Second  Life. Big Up London  City xx

This weekend we had a blast, what a wicked time!! Throughout the whole of October, London  City has the  Halloween vibes, where all the fantastic venues are taking on a spooky feel.

We saw Roy and his team  hosting a Gothic evening at Substation.

 Bailey has decorated Bar Soho with ghoulish trim to enhance each event,
Madame Lala's ... well just Lala herself is spooky enough  ~:P , and Juiced themes are so scary they could turn your hair white  :O . All with one thing in mind... to have as much fun as you can Shake a stick  at....

Also,  as you know, London City brings you the best entertainment in the grid...FACT!! ...
Every Saturday evening we play host to fantastic Live entertainment in Regents Park... From Live singers from Second  Life, to fabulous Groups, and Soloists, and this weekend - what can I say ... it was "THRILLING" to have the Prince of Pop with us for an amazing show.

Yes Michael Jackson in London City...Wow!!! did you lot flood the sim, arriving in droves, queuing to get in to the venue to watch Michael Jackson.. usually about now I give a brief outline of the artist, and some facts about them ..... but unless you have  been living as a hermit under a rock for the last  few era you already know this awesome star and most of his fantastic hits.

Although last last few years of his life were turbulent to say the least,  Michael Jackson made a huge contribution to today's music as we know it.. and  London City just wanted to share this awesome artist's music with you, and boy! what a night it was, a record number of people wanting to see  this concert.
1 word .....AMAZING!!!

then straight after  time to hot foot it across the our Adult sim to  Juiced... a singles, themed club, a new night a new décor, Saturday we saw "best in Horror"  everyone turned up looking so scary I nearly hid behind the sofa! :P

Sunday is a time for rest .. phffft not in London City it isn't!!!  Straight in there Bailey helps us into the day with the Sunday smooth, playing all the best  easy listening tunes pacing yourself for more fun to come...


like meeting friends in the hub, or a Ouija board in the Adult  hub.... or a visit to the  London City Dungeon ....squeals and hides .....

Then back  to substation with Roy and co early evening....

then back to the Adult hub, for The Crown Pub and Juiced  to bring the weekend to a close.

That's all from me this week, I'll see you next time in London City for even more fun and frolics xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx