Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend Review 12-14 October 2012

Hi there everyone, how you doing?  You know, Second  Life is a BIG place, so for us to be the top destination is quite an achievement to say the least, and because we are the best,  we are always going to get people who  try to copy us... which always makes us chuckle, and actually feel sorry for them, trying so hard for what comes so naturally for us... and they may try to ride our  coat tails, but You all  know, as our fantastic residents, there is only ONE  London City, and you are all part of it , BIG hugs all round for the most amazing sim in Second  Life. Big Up London  City xx

This weekend we had a blast, what a wicked time!! Throughout the whole of October, London  City has the  Halloween vibes, where all the fantastic venues are taking on a spooky feel.

We saw Roy and his team  hosting a Gothic evening at Substation.

 Bailey has decorated Bar Soho with ghoulish trim to enhance each event,
Madame Lala's ... well just Lala herself is spooky enough  ~:P , and Juiced themes are so scary they could turn your hair white  :O . All with one thing in mind... to have as much fun as you can Shake a stick  at....

Also,  as you know, London City brings you the best entertainment in the grid...FACT!! ...
Every Saturday evening we play host to fantastic Live entertainment in Regents Park... From Live singers from Second  Life, to fabulous Groups, and Soloists, and this weekend - what can I say ... it was "THRILLING" to have the Prince of Pop with us for an amazing show.

Yes Michael Jackson in London City...Wow!!! did you lot flood the sim, arriving in droves, queuing to get in to the venue to watch Michael Jackson.. usually about now I give a brief outline of the artist, and some facts about them ..... but unless you have  been living as a hermit under a rock for the last  few era you already know this awesome star and most of his fantastic hits.

Although last last few years of his life were turbulent to say the least,  Michael Jackson made a huge contribution to today's music as we know it.. and  London City just wanted to share this awesome artist's music with you, and boy! what a night it was, a record number of people wanting to see  this concert.
1 word .....AMAZING!!!

then straight after  time to hot foot it across the our Adult sim to  Juiced... a singles, themed club, a new night a new décor, Saturday we saw "best in Horror"  everyone turned up looking so scary I nearly hid behind the sofa! :P

Sunday is a time for rest .. phffft not in London City it isn't!!!  Straight in there Bailey helps us into the day with the Sunday smooth, playing all the best  easy listening tunes pacing yourself for more fun to come...


like meeting friends in the hub, or a Ouija board in the Adult  hub.... or a visit to the  London City Dungeon ....squeals and hides .....

Then back  to substation with Roy and co early evening....

then back to the Adult hub, for The Crown Pub and Juiced  to bring the weekend to a close.

That's all from me this week, I'll see you next time in London City for even more fun and frolics xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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