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The Weekend Review 28th ~30th September 2012

Hey there, how you doing? Good ? Of course you're doing good, you are all part of the number 1 destination in Second Life .... London City , and it just keeps getting better. We have new builds, new destinations within the 3 sims, new events and concerts, and loads more stuff you can explore... oh and shops did I mention all the shops we have in London City? Top quality, full range to suit every taste and pocket.., we really do have it all.

So, did you have a great weekend?
 We sure did, starting Friday 28th September... woohoo TGIF.
so what's the agenda for tonight...
1. meet friends in the hub
2. all pile along to Substation
3. hot foot it across the sim to Bar Soho
4. dash to Madame  Lala's to finish the night off....
you have to agree that's a full fun  packed evening :) with a chance to win Lindens in every event.

meeting our friends in the Hub

The Hub is a great place to catch up with friends and make some new ones. Here, people gather to chat and dance, it's the hustle and bustle place, great to learn new things too, for all the new second life residents, just off the hub, we have a "new user experience" that will teach you all the basics you need to get around second life with ease  .....

party people at Substation 
Substation is situated just off the Hub, in the Underground ... Roy Geddings  is the clubs manager. So what can you expect from this quirky fun pub ?  ... a definite retro feel,  music from the 60's, events to win Linden dollars, fun and good banter.... in a nut-shell, relaxed and fun, and a great way to kick off your Friday evening in London  City .

next we head along to Bar Soho,

Dancing at Bar Soho

This is almost like the polar opposite, as Substation is retro and a bit "grubby" ( don't tell Roy I said that :O) Bar soho is clean lines, swanky, and polished to perfection.

Bar Soho

Bar Soho is open all through the week, and you will see a different Host , Dj combination every night, playing music from different genre, such as Pop and Chart music, Rock, R&B, Trance and Techno, something for everyone, mimicking the trendy clubs in RL London, Bar Soho is a great place to let your hair down and dance to great music.

Best in Yellow at  Lala's

Dj Fierce, Madame  Lala,and me  :)
And still more to do here in the best sim in Second  Life.... we head to Madame Lala's, for a right knee's up and great banter... Dj Fierce plays the best of weird and wonderful tunes (from Steps to well some I haven't even heard of, and that's saying something lol ).... and I'm the host ( so make sure you drop in and see us  ) ... Quick wit and fun chat here...we really do have a giggle. Again following closely to real  life, Madame Lala's is a great place for open minded adults who love fun and meeting new friends.

And that brings our Friday to a close, but the whole of London City is open 24 hours a day.

What does Saturday have in store for us  ?

Well, every Saturday, London City hosts an amazing  large open air concert in Regents Park, totally FREE and available for everyone to attend, but a word of warning* this is a very busy event, and most of the time people queue to get in to find a good place to see the act on stage, my advice is get there early to avoid disappointment*
The whole sim is buzzing from wanting to see the performers, ranging from groups to LIVE singers famous in SL, and this weekend does not disappoint at all....

This young lady shot to fame after a friend of hers posted a demo of her singing on myspace....She's 24 years old,  she has earned 6 Grammy Awards, including Album of the year, Britt Awards, and American Music Awards, she's even mentioned a few times in The Guinness world records . ( have you guessed yet?)

Adele in concert

Every one  loving Adele

Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins... we simply know her as ADELE.... yes we had Adele in concert, flippinek..did you lot love her, packing the sim to capacity.                                                          

You all arrived ready to watch this amazing lady sing songs like " Set Fire To The Rain", Rolling In The Deep","Someone Like  You" and many more fantastic songs.
We all had the best time, teamed with "best in Mesh" with hundreds of Lindens up for grabs, this is what Saturdays were made for !!!

Regents park with Adele in concert
We then race across town to Sim 3 London City Adult in Victoria, heading to  Juiced.

Juiced is a different kind of club altogether,  we have different event themes every night, how's that different you ask..... well, Juiced also changes the décor every night to match the event, and not only that, the music follows suit and compliments the themed event... now you see why it's so different.... and the only club in second life to do this every single night for each event.

So did you Get Juiced yet?

Boxing at Juiced
This week we saw best in Masquerade Ball, best in Boxing , and quite literally we get all kinds of people at these fantastic events.

Best in  Mythical 

Juiced going Mythical 
Amazing costumes for Mythical night 
party people 

On Saturday we saw "best in Mythical "

Sunday 30th September 2012

On to Sunday... after all that, you would expect Sunday to be a bit of a wet kipper.... not at all,  there is never a dull moment here in  London City...

First up Bailey Saxmundham, manager of Madame Lala's, swings open the doors about lunch time, playing the best in Easy Listening, especially for those who shall remain nameless that partied a bit too hard the night before ( if you know what I mean )


Then its time to hit the Substation again, where we find Roy and his team  in a party mood, and playing you the best songs from the 50's and 60's.

Best in Jail 

Then we head back to Juiced to bring your Sunday night to a close .... Where we invited you to join us in the slammer ...Best in Jail.. we had a hoot. Don't forget we are open all week so come join us.

Well that's all from me this week, I will see you next time for another full fun packed week xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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