Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Weekend Review 5th-7th October 2012

Hello London City peeps... Here's a question for you..... Who has the most popular sim in Second  Life ? .....

WE DO!!! yes London City is the most popular destination, and you are all part of it!!

So, how do we do it time and time again? Is it magic tricks? Is it padding the numbers out with robots?( like so many other sims do ) Is bribery and underhand dealings ?

NO! to all the above.
 We have 3 great sims, packed full of fun things to do  every day, we have the best team of people working very hard from Greeters and Support Staff, to Host's and Dj's , fantastic Club and Sim managers right up to the Best MD's found anywhere  in SL , all here to make sure you have the most fantastic time with us.
We hold LIVE open air concerts, we have daily events in the clubs, we have a dedicated full adult sim , we have fully stocked shops to suit every taste and pocket... cars and helicopters free to use, a new user experience to help all new residents into SL, fun events where you can win linden dollars....and we have YOU !
We all have the best time together.

SO, what clubs do we have in London City? ....

There are 4 clubs, Substation
                           Bar Soho
                           Madame Lala's

Usually the weekend starts off in Substation, quirky and fun, Substation is a retro bar, with retro music, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. Roy Geddings is the manager he and his team will start your weekend off with a bang.

Bar Soho, cool and swanky, Bar Soho is right on trend with today's night club scene in RL, playing music from wide and varied genres, from rock, pop, trance, techno, R&B and many more. Bailey Saxmundham is the manager, and there is a different DJ/ Host combination every night.

Madame Lala's  is closely based on Madame Jojo's which is the jewel of Soho. Small and compact,  but don't let that fool you, Madame  Lalas is full on fun evry Friday night, with Dj Fierce playing the most varied tunes and yours truly as host. This is a must for every one.

Juiced, found in the adult sim, is one of the newest additions to the  London City club family. It's a themed club, where the décor and music changes daily to suit the "best in Events", not only that Juiced is set up for singles to meet, dance and have fun.

We have two pubs The Worlds End and The Crown

Worlds End is found in Sim 2, It's one of the oldest pubs in London, here you will find Coffee and Katty in high spirits, playing a cheeky little game of truth or dare, also Bingo, which is always great fun.

The crown found in sim 3 Adult, this is a club for open minded adults, who want to have adult fun.
Saucy, naughty, but always fun, packed with essential freebies, and top adult animations, you can really let your hair down there.

Every weekend, London City plays host to an open air  Live concert, we have seen such artists as  Freddie  Mercury, Bon  Jovi, Mika, Dolly  Parton, Elton John....this list is huge, and       all Free!! This is what Saturday nights were made for!!

This weekend we saw Amy MacDonald in concert.
Amy MacDonald, born in August 1987, she is a Scottish self taught musician and singing sensation.

No stranger to London City, Amy really does pull the crowds in, people from all over the grid coming to see her perform such songs like "This Is The Life", "Run", "Don't Tell Me That It's Over" and many more.
We are also running along side the concert a best in scary night where everyone turned up in their scariest attire... Spooky  :P

You would think the sim quietens on a Sunday after such a great night previous... are you mad?  This  is  London  City... we have more fun here than you can shake a stick at...

Sunday first on the agenda Madame Lala's with Bailey on the decks spinning the best easy listening known to man ( or woman )... usually with a best in come as you are ...if it was any more relaxed it would be horizontal....

Then we can go hang out in one of the two Hubs, always busy with people chatting, dancing and making new friends.

Then on to Substation, with Roy and his team, for more 50's & 60's music.

then back to juiced to bring the weekend to a close ...

so that's all from me this week... I'll see you next time for another great time in the best sim in Second  Life xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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