Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Season Concerts

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... and Saturday is the first day of advent, so the season is well and truly upon us.

We have a fun line-up of concerts for this year with some great audience participation events.

Starting this weekend Boney M are back with their festive show and the prize is 500L for Best in Disco.

Rolf Harris returns to the stage the Saturday afterwards singing his most famous songs.

Demis is going to be dancing on some specially reinforced Ice in a special Christmas show singing some gorgeous carols.

In tribute to Andy Williams who died in September and in keeping with the tradition of being the last Saturday before Christmas, The Andy Williams Christmas Show, is a brand new Concerts for fans of the veteran crooner.

Fabulous live vocal artist, Adevina Citron returns on Sunday 23rd December sing Christmas Songs in her Yuletide Show and on the night before Christmas, we see in the day itself with the London Proms.

With extra shows and our nightclubs open throughout the Christmas Season, London City remains the place to be see in Second Life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spotlight On Style: Delphi's Designs

I have chosen something for the men out there this week again.  I paid a visit to Delphi's Designs, which has three shops spread across London City.  It stocks a range of male and female clothing including outfits, accessories and tattoos.

I chose the Grax II outfit which comes with black leather pants and a top layer containing a red and grey argyle pattern sweater over an untucked white shirt.  Both the pants and jumper come with prim cuffs and the outfit is nicely textured.  The outfit is reasonably price and is transfer so you can buy it for the man in your life if not for yourself - well Christmas is approaching!

Delphi's Designs can be found in London City 3 - Victoria here and in London City 1 - Soho and Regent's Park here and here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Fabulous Weekend Review 23rd ~ 25th November 2012

Hey  London City peeps, how you doing? Good? Sure you are.
 Woo-hoo what a weekend in the Best Destination  in SL. London  City Rocked !!!  ( as always ) as we all met up  in the hub.

Plus an unwelcome vagrant, which we moved  on to elsewhere

On Thursday 22nd  November, London City celebrated Thanksgiving , in Honour  of  our  American friends across the pond, each London  City venue took to  Regents Park on a road~show, first up  Bailey took to the decks, then Dj  Lily took the stage  for  Bar Soho bunch, then yours truly for the Juiced crowd. What a fabulous  night, 5 hour  non stop party, everyone  loved it with best in Festive and a Linden prize to win for the best outfit. A Packed , Full-on  Night.

Friday in London  City is always  Fun, and super busy, 3 sims of entertainment....
 In Victoria,  our  Adult sim, the night kicks  off at The Crown  Pub,  this is is a great place where Adults can  let their hair down and  join in with fantastic, and saucy adult fun.

Then  Juiced, also in Sim 3, London  Victoria, swings  into action with Dj Rosie and  me as  host.

Here Dj rosie  takes  your song requests  and  chats over her microphone to the crowd.

Over  in sim  1, Soho, Roy and Coffee Queen were partying  in Substation, with all the residents  who love retro sounds. Substation plays  the best in golden  oldies and  run fun events with a chance to win Linden Dollars.

Then on to Bar Soho, this week I was Dj, and  I  play the Best Hardcore sounds, the Bar was pumping and full to the brim, with Katty as my fantastic  host, she kept the party going with fun chat.

Saturday  in  London city, we kick off at The  Worlds  End  Pub.
Worlds  End  is a fun venue, here you will find  Coffee Queen and  Katty, they are a fun chatty duo, and host nights  like  Bingo, or cheeky truth  or dare. Always up for good chat and fun banter.and great contest, Worlds End  is  a must place to visit.

 The evening continues  in Regents  Park, here  the  London City team hosts a Free LIVE EVENT  every week. Here  the park fills to capacity of fun party people.

This week, the awesome  Frankie  Valli and  The  Four  Seasons took to the stage.

Frankie Valli, born Francesco Stephen Castelluccio, May 1934, he's  known for  his unusual, powerful falsetto voice. He has  had 29 top40 hits, like  "Sherry",  "Big  Girls Don't Cry" , "Walk Like A Man", "Can't Take  My Eyes Of You" plus many more  that we all sang along with.

What a fantastic  night, this pint sized singer really packed a punch.

Then we hot foot  over to Juiced. Juiced  is  a fun  Themed Singles  club, here the residents enjoy themed d├ęcor, and great events, this week we saw, a 1920's  Gangster Night,
and a Come  Dancing  Night.

Sunday we started  of  in Madame  Lala's  for  the Sunday Smooth. A civilized way to start you Sunday off right.

Later we head  back  to Substation,
with Roy and  his team   for  more retro sounds.

Then we head back to juiced for a fun night, great themed music and  fun chat.

Well that's all from me  this week, I'll see you through the week for  more fun and frolics  in London City THE NUMBER 1 DESTINATION IS SL. xxx

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxx

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mesh Avatars from RGDW

RGDW Men in London City3 (Victoria) has rolled out its brand new line of mesh avatars for men.

The clothing store which specialises in muscle clothing with sculpt attachments has added mesh shapes to their range.

So if you fancy enhancing your finest assets, this is the place to visit, where you can try the mesh shapes in Demo mode for 1 Linden and just 249 Lindens for the full product.

Visit the store here

Friday, November 23, 2012

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, this Saturday

Kicking off the start of our Christmas Season here in London City, the most popular destination in Second Life, we present for the first time ever, Rock'n'Roll legends, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in Concert.

Known for smash hit songs including, Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Beggin', Working My Way Back To You, Grease and many many more chart toppers, Frankie Valli is an enduring  phenomenon and has been performing on stage for over fifty years.

This year he toured the UK in celebration of the Broadway and West End hit, The Jersey Boys, a musical chronicling his rise to fame during the 1950's and 60's.

We invite you to experience Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, this Saturday.  The Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK), with the show at 1pm SL time.

Win 1000L for "Best in Rock & Roll"

Visit London City here:

This event is sponsored by DX Exchange.  Money transfers at the best rates in Second Life.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Spotlight On Style: devicious

Located in a corner of London City - Soho and Regent's Park just off the main hub stands the building that houses the devicious store.

devicious with the slogan of 'The best choice for the rockstar in you' features a variety of leather and latex outfits and dresses, some with suede and denim embellishments.  A lot are available in a range of colours within the pack allowing you to mix and match the look you want.  The outfits come with matching shoes or boots included to complete the look.

The Insidious outfit in the pic is in four colours - black, red, dark pink, cream, which all come in the one pack.  It comes with a top, pants and matching boots (with an alpha texture).  It is latex with a subtle printed design and cutouts that enhance the contours of the body and show off your skin to maximum effect without revealing everything.

devicious can be found here.

Happy Thanksgiving

London in Second Life would like to wish all our friends across the pond, a very happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Fabulous Weekend Review 16~18 November 2012

Hello London  City peeps. How are you doing? Good? ~I bet you are after such an incredible weekend  with us.
Doesn't it feel like the weeks are just flying by at an alarming rate? It will soon be Christmas, and whether you celebrate  Christmas or not, you can be sure to have a good old knees up with us  in  London  City, we cater for everyone.
I have seen the  Christmas  line  up, and are you in for a treat!!! Happily we have already started the whole Festive vibe, so, where better to celebrate  than  with us :)

As you know London  City brings  you the best and  unique entertainment on the grid, whether it be a full on action packed interactive stage shows, or awesome tribute acts, or fantastic  LIVE artists, amazing events, themed events, or closely followed RL events, they are all in one friendly, bustling community in SL, the records show you really do love it, as we top the leader board time and time again for the Best, Most popular  Destination in the whole of Second  Life... beat that !!!

How, what makes a sim so popular? The answer is simple ... YOU... all our thousands of residents who visit us constantly and have the best time returning time and time again.

 So, here is a huge  thank you to all  LONDON CITY Resdients.....  we are so happy to see you and all your friends.

Right, lets get down to business,

We kick start the weekend, meeting all our friends  in one  of two Hubs.
The  Hub is a fantastic place to meet old friends, and make some new ones, always busy and  bustling, great chat, gestures, dancing, all equal  FUN. That's what London City is about, having a damn good  time.

Then we all shimmy over to Substation.

Substation is a Fun, Quirky, Retro Club dating back to the 50's & 60's, playing all the best Golden Oldeies from those decades, here you will find  Roy, Coffee Queen and  Bailey in high spirits to start your weekend off right.

After a wicked  time at Substation, we Dash along to BAR SOHO, set in the heart of Soho ( sim1 )

Bar Soho promises cool music and chat, and delivers time and time again day  in and out, playing choice cuts from all music genre. Bar Soho see's a different Host Dj combination every night of the week,which keep the vibes and moods fresh. If you like good music and high spirited chat, Bar Soho is definitely for you.

Ready for  bed? .... No way!!! The fun continues  in  London City as we hot foot  it to Madame  Lala's...

based on real life Madame  Jojo's, Lala's is the kind of club that slaps  you round  the face with a kipper....

Sharp wit and music, fun, kitsch cabaret, think old school music hall meets the glitz of Vegas, and  that's part way to describing this popular club, it has a warm and  intimate  atmosphere teamed with fun cheeky banter, with Dj Fierce  spinning the outrageously fabulous  tunes  and yours truly hosting.

Over in Victoria, London City Adult sim, The crown springs  into action, with saucy adult fun and themed events, this venue plays an array of different music to suit all tastes and  the residents are fun and daring... a must place to visit.

Then on to the NEW Dj Request night at Juiced, here we have a come  as you are event, in the Night Club version of Juiced, regulars to Juiced will know exactly what that will mean .. giggles , Juiced is a club with a difference, every night we run Themed Events, the difference with Juiced is that the building is themed too, so every night the club is transformed in to an amazing setting for fantastic events.  ( makes sense  now eh! )

All this and  its still only Friday !!!

Saturday in  London  City is always a little bit more special, we always come rain or shine, hold an open air concert in  Regents park, we have seen such artists as Cher, Elton  John, Mika, Queen, BeeGee's, Amy MacDonald  the list goes on and on, all fantastic and fabulous, and totally free to attend... can you imagine, people love these events so much so. the sim fills to the brim with people literally queuing to get their spot  on the dance floor to see the incredible artists... and this week was no exception...

No stranger to London City, we had the wonderful and talented  Ms Adevina Citron singing Live for all her fans.

This feisty pocket-rocket belts out her songs effortlessly and sounds  fabulous to boot, taking requests from the audience, Adevina is one of London  City's Favourite singers, we love her to bits, she is always one to have fun and giggles with the crowd  of adoring fans, her style  is always refreshing and  uplifting.

If you were unlucky this time, do not miss her next time, believe me you wont be sorry  :)

Then we head back to Juiced, where this Saturday we had a best in Tattoo's events, the club was transformed in to a Tattoo parlour, where you could sit and get new ink.

 Sunday, time to wind down and take  it easy, you could do some retail therapy in the hundreds of shops we have  in  London City, that suit every taste  and  pocket, before heading back to Madame  lala's  for the Sunday  Smooth with  Bailey  on the decks.

Everything is geared towards relaxing, and taking you Sunday eeeeeeasyyyyy.
 Bailey plays a heady mix of smooth grooves and easy listening, its a perfect way to sort you out after such a exciting night before.

Then we are ready for a blast of retro again at Substation, cozey and relaxed this week we saw Roy and the gang in their jeans for a best in Blue  Jeans event, what a hoot.

Then we head back to Victoria, to Juiced to bring the weekend to a close. The theme was best in Winter, BBBrrrrr it sure was chilly  in the club, everyone came decked out in jumpers and their  thermals .

 So , that's it from me for another fun packed week...  I will see you around  London  City for more fun and frolics in the best sim in SL xx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx